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I thought that was really piteous, so I seriously considered selling him.

Marley didn't deserve this.

Hi everyone! I'm not at the stables today.

I'm gonna make a 'Draw my life' instead. But not just a 'Draw my life', because that's not so interesting...

I'll be making a 'Draw my horse life'. I'm gonna make a tag of this as well.

So to everyone watching this video: I tag all of you to make a video like this as well.

It's very nice to make a video about where you started with your horse and where you're now.

There are many people asking me whether I had another horse before I had Marley...

...Did you have a horse to groom before you had him, where did you get Marley, all that kind of questions.

I'll be answering them all at once in this video.

By drawing!

Don't mind my drawing skills, because I haven't been drawing for ten years.

So don't mind it, thanks!

Anyway, I hope you all like it. Thanks for watching!

Okay, let's start the 'Draw my horse life'.

We start off with my incredibly nice handwriting.

I'll go through it a little fast, leaving some details out, because otherwise it would be way too long.

We start at the point I was 5 or 6 years old.

My sister already did some horse riding on Shetland pony's.

Who were from a schoolfriend's instructor.

This woman was named Denise and she had Shetland pony's only.

She had two bigger horses, but I never rode them because they were already gone the moment I started.

Denise didn't have real stables, she just had a big meadow where all the pony's were at.

In the beginning she also had a barn and an arena.

I only saw this on pictures my sister made. I can't remember this was all there.

There was a path on the terrain where you could ride.

You always went outside for a ride. My very first time was an outside ride as well.

Denise had a Shetland pony who was multicoloured,

He was named Odin and it was the first horse I ever rode on.

It was really nice: I love multicoloured horses and he was very sweet.

The first time I went outside for a ride, I was bouncing. I didn't know I had to be posting rising trot.

So I tried the sitting trot.

This is Romeo. He's a donkey.

Denise had him since she was little.

Romeo was already at the end of his twenties.

I learned a lot from Romeo. I actually learned how to ride on a donkey.

Romeo was really nice and good.

He could canter very fast as well.

It was fun!

Denise got pregnant (very nice for her of course).

This meant she had to sell the pony's, since she no longer had the time and money to keep them.

Luckily she kept a few of them, including Romeo.

Romeo had been with her for so long! Besides him, she kept one pony named Cassanova.

Because we wanted to keep riding, we decided to go to a riding school (Middenhof) in the place where we lived.

It was a four-star riding school and I've been riding here since I was 7 untill I was 10.

I still remember the first pony I rode there, but I'm not sure about his name.

I do remember the first pony I ever competed with: it was Jessy, a nice black pony.

We finished first in my very first competition, I was soooo happy!

Jessy has been my favourite horse at the riding school for a very long time.

I learned a lot from him, and I also fell off a few times. That's just part of the deal.

Like every riding school (especially in the past, it's not that bad now...)

You ride lessons with a lot of other people, so you're riding one behind the other.

So after a few years, my sister and I were done with it. We weren't improving anymore.

Things like jumping lessons or carroussel lessons weren't possible back then...

So we decided to leave the riding school. My sister quitted completely.

I switched to another riding school: Karperhoeve, not very far away.

I did two lessons here, but when my horse went right while I wanted to go left...

So I was pretty much done with it at that time already.

Then I did nothing for some time.

But then my mother got a new colleague.

She was looking for a place for her horse. Okay, this horse really looks like a hamster.

I'll do it again.

She came at Annemarie, which was 10 minutes by bike from my place.

Annemarie had two other horses, oh well, she had some more. Two friesians...

...a very old Welsh pony...

He was very lean and his colour was white.

His name was Beauty.

And she had a Shetland pony who was meant for her daughter...

But you know Shetland pony's, they can be horrible sometimes.

He was a little too dangerous for her daughter, so my sister started riding him.

I started riding the bigger pony.

I was so happy with Beauty, he was such a good horse.

I could also go outside without a saddle.

He was very lean though, so you were sitting on his spine which was not very comfortable.

But I was so happy anyway! Okay, I stopped drawing this, because my skills stopped at this time.

Beauty was very old, he was already 32. When he turned 33, they let him go.

He just got too old and there were very many things he suffered from.

I was very sad of course, but it was a good decision. Better to let him go than letting him suffer.

Then my mother got another new colleague. I was really lucky with my mom's colleagues.

This was Cynthia. Cynthia had three horses together with her mom.

The first one was Tzigane, a very big chestnut-coloured horse.

He had a son.

Named Timeless.

A very big, black horse. No idea what breed it was.

I think it was a mix.

My sister started grooming Timeless.

And then there was Magic, a super cute Appaloosa pony.

He had a mooneye, and I started grooming him.

How nice it was!

When I first saw him I thought: oh my god, does this excist? A dotted pony?

I liked it so much!

Here my camera didn't agree.

I groomed Magic when I was aged 12 to 15.

I did the craziest stuff with Magic. I swom with him, I really learned how to properly sit...

I've been riding at a riding school for so long, but I learned more in two months with Magic than I did in all my riding school-time.

I went outside with him without a saddle, I learned how to ride without a bit...

...cantering with no hands, that kind of stuff.

I went on vacation trips with Magic.

To Friesland and Drenthe.

Doing things with friends, riding outside...

I could do anything with Magic, he was really THE pony for me. Very versatile.

I had a really good time with Magic.

In the mean time I groomed a pony named iris.

She was a little neglected, had very bad hoofs...

I helped her recover.

But out of the blue, she disappeared.

The owner brought her somewhere else and I was no longer to groom her because of that.

In the summer of 2010 I visited her with Magic, it took us a half hour ride to see her.

I just wanted to check if she was alright.

In the meadow before Iris' meadow was a beautiful pony. It was love at first sight.

That was Marley. He was so beautiful, I never saw such a beautiful pony before.

But at that point, Cynthia's mother got into a fight with the owner of the stables.

So they left the stables.

Unfortunately they took Magic, Timeless and Tzigane.

This was supposed to be a hand.

So it's just a hand with three fingers.

They went to the Spalandruiters in Schiedam.

It was 15 km away, which was not an option for me since I had to go by bike and had to go to school as well.

Sometimes I could go by car with them, but it was no longer doable

Because I was used to go three times a week. Marley wasn't entirely out of the picture either.

I really wanted to buy him, but this was not easy. Of course, my parents didn't agree.

They really thought it was too expensive.

Not weird, because it IS expensive.

But I came with solutions: I got a job (walking a paper round).

Not one, but two.

I worked with tomatoes, babysitted some kids and this way I collected all the money to buy Marley.

And so that I could keep him from my own money as well.

My parents agreed with this plan, so I could buy Marley. I was very happy.

Marley became my own pony at November 3rd 2010.

He wasn't ready for the saddle and for riding at that time, so we had to learn him ourselves.

He was 2,5 years old when I bought him, so I started off with lunging him.

He was testing me by running away. He still does that sometimes now though, it's something that's part of him.

And it's part of learning him as well.

A friend of mine helped me a lot. She also groomed him for one day a week.

I started taking lessons at riding school Middenhof (my instructor's name was Jacq).

That was a good thing to do back then, because Marley wasn't really listening to what I wanted. That had to stop.

We competed in FNRS tests and finished first a lot of times

I moved Marley to a barn close to my home.

They mostly had sheeps and cows.

But they had a very good arena, which the stable I was at first hadn't.

Then came the winter of 2014-2015.

I was kind of depressed at the stables.

The weather was bad, the arena suffered from that as well, I no longer enjoyed riding outside...

...I only came to muck out his stable.

And to take care of the other horses there.

I felt really bad for Marley then, because he was standing there in the meadows, looking at me like:

'Won't we be doing anything today?' And I felt so sorry for him, so I seriously considered selling him.

Marley just didn't deserve this.

But this thought made me feel even worse.

When I think about that now, I'm so happy I didn't sell him!

I just came with the idea to move Marley to a stable that would make me happy.

This is a drawing of the Netherlands (very nicely done).

My camera stopped filming just now, so that's why all the doodles appeared.

The big dot is Rotterdam.

The small dot next to it is Maassluis, where I live and where Marley used to be.

The dot in the middle is the Veluwe, and next to it is Rhenen. I was at riding school Blauwendraad.

I picked that one so I could ride outside at the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

They also had an inside arena with jumping materials.

Everything was done for me, so I didn't have to come every day and I took a groom for Marley.

Unfortunately, riding school Blauwendraad wasn't what I expected.

They didn't do what they promised: Marley only got outside for a few hours...

...He was on his own a lot and even when it was 30 degrees outside, he was standing in the meadow without water.

I was done with it pretty quick, and I started looking for another place.

Then I got to know Anne, who was at Roosendaal stables. I went there with Marley as well.

We're so happy here! I got happy again and got excited to do stuff.

Marley's happy because he can go outside the whole day, we have an inside AND an outside arena...

He can go outside whole day, from morning till evening.

It's so nice! We also started competing in KNHS tests (that's nationally acknowledged, so it's called 'official'.)

We're now B+4.

There are a few more contest on the planning and the training is going so well.

I do have to travel a lot to get here. It takes me two hours to get here by train.

And 1,5 hours by car.

It seems very long, since it won't cost most of you more than 30 minutes to get to your horse.

But it's worth it, it's been a good decision.

I got a lot of new friends as well. At the farm were only adults...

...which is different from having friends of your own age.

I got to know Anne...

And Madee...

Anne left the stables, which is not so nice. But Madee came and that super nice.

We ride a lot outside together, she helps me film, we go jumping together...

We do a lot of nice things with the pony's.

Because I was here, I also got my trailer. Someone from the stables sold her old one.

I now have jumping lessons with Marley, I never had that before. It goes very well.

Marley and I do a lot with vacations and visiting other people.

We do a lot of crossing, which we both love.

I have my YouTube channel for a few years now, and I'm now connected to the Penny for which we do a lot.

And this is what's behind felinehoi.

I'm very gratefull to the Penny, also because we had to do a show for them recently.

It was a great experience, and I hope we can do it again next year.

I'm really now, and I'm thanking Marley for all of that. I'm so happy with him.

This is the end of 'Draw my life', I've been going through it very quickly, leaving details out...

But otherwise it would've gotten too long. Thanks for watching, bye bye!

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