Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Aladdin and the Magic Lamp - PART ONE - Story Time at Cool School!

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Hi boys and girls. It's me, Ms. Booksy!

And welcome back to Story Time at Cool School!

Hi Ms. Booksy!


Ms. Booksy! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey...

We have a new student!

This is Katie!

Well hi Katie! Welcome to Story Time!

Hi Ms. Booksy!

Okay, let's see if the boys and girls at home are ready for a new story.

Are you ready for a new story?

Maybe we need a drum roll.

Okay! Aaaand...

Get ready for the story of...

Aladdin and the Magical Lamp!

Aladdin, the dinosaur!


Um, no!

Here we go. Aladdin and the magical lamp.

Once upon a time long, long ago

There lived a totally awesome dude named Aladdin!

Oh, wow hey! I'm a totally awesome dude named Aladdin!

BOOKSY: Awesome, yes.

But also very unlucky.


Aladdin was always getting into trouble!

Like the time he accidentally stowed away on a pirate ship.

Whoa, that's a long way down.


Oh, I like your hat!

Or like the time he got swallowed by a whale!

Oh, they got you too, huh?

No, I quite like it in here!

....Yeah I don't believe you.

Or, like this one time, he almost met a really cool princess,

which by the way was a huge no-no.

You see, the princess's father was a very bad king

And he wouldn't let the princess talk to the poor townspeople!

But Aladdin bravely walked up and said:

Hi, I'm Aladdin! And you must be princess--


A tiger. A tiger. A tiger!!!

Run, Aladdin, run!

If only I could find a clever place to hide!

Whoa, hey!

Oh wow, ha ha... a cave!

Huh... that was close!

Aladdin quietly crept

further into the cave just to be totally 100 percent sure

that the tiger couldn't find him.

Only problem was, it was...


Who turned out the lights?

Jeez, I can't even see my--whoooaaa!

I wish I had a nightlight!

Did somebody say "I Wish"?

Ha! Wooow, how did that happen?

Hey, who're you?

I am a genie!

But you can call me Bob.

You, uh, you fell on my lamp. Must've, uh, rubbed it a bit, 'cause that's how these things work.

Oh, and bonus!

I am also a magician.

Wanna see me pull a rabbit out of my hat?

Oh yeah!! I love magic!

Alakazabrah, ka-pow!


Uh... rabbit spell go!

Hola kids!


AH! Ah! Put it back in there! Put it back in there!

Sorry! Sorry!

It's a small cave!

Sorry, I still have my learner's permit

but rest assured I am a WONDERFUL genie.

Granting wishes is my speciality!

Oh, and you have 2 more wishes, by the way...

2 more wishes!

But! Be careful what you wish for!

Not every wish is a good one!

Like that kid who wished for non-stop pizza!

Uh... too much pizza...

Well, I'm going to wish for true love!

With the most beautiful girl in the world!

The princess!

She's so cool!

I heard she has a trampoline,

and a pool,

and a golden retriever,

and an Xbox.

She's so neat!

Wait! I can't just show up lookin' like this!

She's a princess! And I'm just a poor boy from a poor family.

So even if you cast your love spell,

Everyone will see that I'm not a rich prince

and they'll know my real secret genie!

Well, you still got 2 wishes left.

Number one: wish to be rich.

Number two: wish for the princess to love you.

And three, PLEASE call me Bob!

Uh, sure Bob!

No worries.

Well, this is just all wrong.

I want her to like me for ME!

I'm just gonna wish to get a chance to hang out with her.

Ahem, I wish--

Be careful what you wish for!

I wish

for a chance to hang out with the princess!!

BOTH: [screaming]

YOU wished to hang out with the princess,

so, you're hanging out!

And that's the end of part 1.

Talk about a cliffhanger!

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