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Hello everyone, welcome to my youtube channel.

Today I come to bring you the magazine number 4

with the Dodge Charger from the movie Fast Furious

voice (Dominic Toretto)

As you can see, comes the accessories

and the magazine

in this magazine we have the summary

here as the title "Dominic Toretto"

here to talk about Dominic Toretto

of the movie

voice (Dominic Toretto)

voice (Dominic Toretto)

past of the Gift

A Robin Hood on Wheels

here in this context

spoken by Dominic Toretto

he mentions here, incidentally

he says here "It's typical of street fights.

And it's always the street that wins. "

voice (Dominic Toretto)

another image of Dominic Toretto in the car

on here

Vin Diesel Filmography

talk about the movies he did

Saving Private Ryan

The Iron Giant

The First Million, The Riddick Chronicles

mortal Eclipse

Fast and Furious, Sons of the Mafia

Triple X, The Avenger,

all the films that Dominic Toretto did

here to talk

and now let's do the assembly



and left front wheel suspension

here the material

that this one is in here

a photo of where to go

the assembly

How's the montage?

on here

also talking about the shock absorber

here the fittings

and to the end, the wheel fittings


last result

in this context at the end we have Dodge a legend

here we have

one of the pieces that will be part

of this assembly

what is the wheel

Parts are already flying parts.

Look, this has already gone to the site!

screws ...

They fly!

here we have the parts for the assembly of this issue

to begin

we have to ride

the disk

Of car

that this piece

This piece is made of plastic

along with this

this has 2 stud bolts

holes here

now we have to put.

like this

now let's move on to the assembly of this piece here

we have this

here with little pins

like this


and now put the screw


Let's move on to the next phase.

with this part

and this

this part

so in this position

meter 2 screws

a screw here on this site

and another screw here

the screws is CM

in the same

now let's get it

in this

put that way

pick up this piece

very well detailed

Let's fit here.

and insert 2 screws

in the same

CM in the same

here in this site

Now, wait for this

let's go

in this part here

which is the front suspension tower

and the damper body

that this one here


As you can see, here are some cuts

to fit right there


and let's put the screw


what are these here

we have here the piece 4-F

which is the upper arm

of the left front suspension

the fit is for here in this hole so

and here in this one

like this

it takes 2 screws

it takes 2 FM screws

a screw here

fit there

and a screw here on this side

let's move on to the next step

next step, this is the arm

lower front suspension

on the left side

we also need the crank shaft



pro damper

on here

fit this piece so

be careful not to break the bolt

let's put

here on this site like this

and put another screw in here

what is FM

now we have to pick up this piece

piece 4-M

and put another screw in here


"sound of a shot"


that I fell

now this piece like this

fits here, so

and put in here

the EM screw

stays like this

We'll have to squeeze some more.

I do not know if it is so or if

okay like this

This way it's better already.

Now let's move on to this part.

I think it will be more difficult

But it's not impossible

this has some stops there

This is going to war with me.


here so ...

and point

"sound of a shot"

or! ran away

Ahhh, I hope I do not ruin anything.


now we have this

order here

fit there

and up here

take this stand

then we have to put a screw in there

which is a screw


two long

hooo, the parts are already falling to me

and now let's move aside

of putting the wheel

let's have to use an IM screw

here in this part as we can see

There's a place here.

and fits in there

insert this part

and screw

like this

I think I squeezed it harder

The bolt now does not even move.


part strip part piece

left here

you have to be very careful

in this case left

here the pin

I'll put it now

just like that and at the end

if necessary

I'm missing

and here we have the final part

process concluded

this phase


a spring


the wheel is already walking alone !!

here we have the brakes, the disc

the support

Thank you all

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and do not miss the next issue.

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