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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: English in the News: Vocabulary about Immigration

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November news lessons so I have here

newspaper and what I'm going to do is

I'm going to take an article or some

current event from the newspaper and I'm

going to pull out 8 or 10 different

phrases expressions vocabulary words and

then I'm going to teach them to you so

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okay so let's jump in so the article I

picked for today is about immigration

and diversity in the United States so

the article basically says that the

United States is getting more diverse

but that this diversity is a divisive

issue in the election a divisive issue

means it's something that divides people

it causes conflict because some people

like it the fact that the u.s. is

getting more diverse and some people

hate it so a divisive issue is one that

divides people's a pin

in a very clear way that sometimes

causes conflict another divisive issue

in the United States is abortion some

people very strongly support it other

people very strongly oppose it

so this well recently immigration is a

divisive issue here and the article says

that in some communities there has been

a burst a surge or an influx of

immigrants all three of these words a

burst a surge and an influx mean a big

increase okay and influx more

specifically means a lot of people or

things coming into an area so if you say

there's been a surge in immigration it

means immigration has gone up or the

economy has surged you can use surge as

a verb that means the economy has gone

up and the article also uses the word

influx to talk about lots of people

coming into an area and this issue is

important because this year's

presidential election is a tight

presidential race let me explain this

expression so we have the word election

right which we use for choosing who is

going to be the president and who are

going to be the leaders and the


yeah the leaders of towns and cities and

states but it's also very common to use

the word race you might already be

familiar with the word race when talking

about cars racing or horses or people

racing literally trying to go fast and

see who wins but we can also use the

word race when talking about elections

we call it the race to the White House

or the race for governor or mayor those

are different leadership positions in

the government at a local and state

level so we have the presidential race

that means the competition for who is

going to win the election who is going

to be

president and the article says that the

race is tight that means that it's very

close the two candidates are both almost

equal in terms of how many people are

supporting them so when the right when

the race is tight it's very difficult to

predict who is going to win so this year

in 2016 we have a tight presidential

race so in this tight presidential race

one candidate Donald Trump has been

talking about building a wall and

stopping the flow of illegal immigrants

mainly through Mexico and this message

has struck a chord with some voters

while voters are people who vote so in

the u.s. American citizens can vote we

can choose who is going to be President

and this expression struck a chord with

if something strikes a chord with you it

means that it resonates with you it

makes you feel like someone understands

you or it makes you it creates a

connection between you and the person

giving that message so the article says

that Trump's stance on immigration his

position on immigration has struck a

chord with some voters meaning that his

message is being liked and understood

and supported by some people mainly

people who are uneasy about the changes

in the country so this word uneasy what

does that mean

it looks like it's the opposite of easy

but it's not if you are uneasy it means

you feel just a little bit uncomfortable

and just not too happy it's not a strong

emotion you know it's not like feeling

hate or anger or anything like that if

you're uneasy it just means you're a

little bit uncomfortable a little bit

worried okay so that's what uneasy means

it's similar to uncomfortable the

article talks about some sizable

Deas where there have been a lot of

immigrants entering the community so

let's look at this expression counties

this refers to an area so in the United

States we have the whole country and

then we have states we have 50 states

and those states are divided into

counties which are like regions and one

county can usually have a few cities or

one city and a few different areas

around the city so a county is like an

area within a state and if something is

sizable what does that mean sizeable

means it's fairly big it's of

significant size okay so if you're

reading or watching the news and you

hear or see the word sizable it means

that something is fairly big fairly

large it's not huge but it's bigger

maybe than average okay so some areas

large areas in the United States have

been receiving a lot of immigrants and

one of the problems is that among other

things sometimes the children of the

immigrants are struggling in school so

what does this word mean struggling that

means they are finding it difficult they

are having difficulty they are having a

hard time so struggling means to

experience difficulty and maybe fight to

try to do something but you're just

really having a lot of trouble a lot of

difficulty so some of the children are

struggling in school because of English

and they need to learn English and so

it's difficult for them to accompany the

class and the problem with this

according to some people is that it uses

or it needs a lot of resources you need

extra teachers and extra textbooks and

so that's why some people are uneasy

about this whole situation because then

the quality of the education goes down

for everybody but some people in some of

these sizeable counties have actually


the newcomers so newcomers are obviously

people who are new to an area they are

just coming in recently and this word

embraced and embraced embrace someone

literally means to hug them with your

arms so you put your arms around the

person and express love or affection but

in this article it's using the word

embraced not literally to talk about

people hugging other people but to talk

about people welcoming accepting and

yeah just fully welcoming the newcomers

so if you embrace something it means

that you fully accept it you are excited

about it you have no problems with it

and you can embrace a person and welcome

them or you can also embrace for example

a new law if there's a new law that a

lot of in the country that a lot of

people like and support and welcome

they're happy about it then you would

say that the citizens have embraced the

new law okay so there is a literal

meaning for embrace to hug to put your

arms around a person and then there is a

more metaphorical meaning for embrace

meaning to welcomed accept and support

um so one person who is quoted in the

article says that I'm going to skip

ahead to number ten and then I'm going

to go back to number nine okay so one

person from one of these areas that's

receiving a lot of immigrants said that

initially he was a little bit worried

but as he got to know the new people he

started talking with them and his kids

were making friends with their kids then

some of his prejudices tend to go by the

wayside now this expression go by the

wayside means that it disappears or it

is left behind so it would mean that he

stopped having the prejudice or the

racism against the immigrants however

the article points out that there are

some real problem

with the cities and the schools when

there is a large influx of immigrants

especially illegal immigrants and so the

concerns of the people shouldn't be

dismissed out of hand so to be to

dismiss something out of hand means to

kind of say forget about it

without even thinking about it or

considering about it so if you dismiss

something out of hand it means you don't

take the time to listen alright so the

article concluded by saying that

basically some of the residents of these

communities are have embraced the

newcomers they're happy about all the

new immigrants but they still have

concerns worries or objections and those

concerns shouldn't be dismissed out of

hand so that means we need to listen we

need to take the time to understand

their point of view before completely

rejecting it alright so that's it for

today's English in the news or November

news lesson I will be coming on Facebook

live again several times a week in the

month of November and if you'd like to

watch this video again to review some of

the expressions then it will be

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