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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Beyhadh 2 - Ep 9 - Full Episode - 12th December, 2019

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'Don't think much, Rudra..'

'Any path you tread with bring you to me.'

'You have no choice but to join hands with me.'

'Accept it, Rudra'

'so that I can proceed with this game.'

No, Ananya.. That's a wrong choice.

Publication industry is dying.

People are reading books on smartphones and iPads.

Everyday a publication house shuts up shop.

Despite all this, if anyone is investing in your company

then that person knows nothing about business

or he doesn't know how to run a company.

Stop Rudra, Ananya. Stop him.

Sir, I know that you don't trust our decisions.

It's okay. No problem.

If not us, at least trust this writer.

His last two books have been international bestsellers.

That's why we have signed him.

That's the reason investors came forth to help us.

All this happened because of this writer.


'Oh my God, you met Maya Jaisingh! - Hey..'

'She's crazy.''

'That crazy woman can breathe new life into our company.'


I have never lost.

Welcome to Ruan.

Good choice.

But I have a condition.

No.. Next.. - Come on..

He is.. - You don't find good boys nowadays.

I wonder where they are hiding.

In your house. Obviously.

Hey, Rishi!

You didn't wish me. Have you forgotten your mom?


Wait. Come here.

What happened?

Women, girls, ladies..

Girls! - So many!

I don't understand.

What's your problem?

You and dad are madly in love with each other.

You won't get me.

You are browsing profiles of losers on a stupid dating app.

This guy is terrible.

Hey! Don't say that. I have shortlisted him.

My point exactly.

You select the wrong guys and reject the right ones.

There are many guys who are eager to marry you.

But you are.. Darn! His teeth are protruding.

Come on, pal. What's wrong with your choice?

Avoid him.. - I think this..

Ladies.. - Women, girls..

I think they don't like the gifts you give them.

She will like it only when she sees it.

She will see it only when her 'gender' issues are solved.

Oh.. So..

What do you think are these 'gender issues'?

Loving someone

but not accepting it.

The fear of love.

She loves me but ask her to confess it and she says 'No'..


She said no. And that is a refusal.

If a girl refuses, it means she's not interested.

Trust me, Grandma. There's no such thing.

She just doesn't know how to deal with me.

That's it, which is why she's isn't answering my calls.

Wait. I'll call her now.

Condition? Another one?

Do you have a habit of placing conditions? You always do that.

What's it now? You want to marry me?

She'll answer it..

Wait.. - Yeah. Of course.


It happens.

She must be busy.

Usually an unwell person calls a chemist up.

But here the case is something else.

The chemist knows who is unwell.


Pass me his number so that, in case, you need it, I can..

Shall we get to work?

Of course.

It is the confidentiality agreement.

Between you and I.

You won't tell anyone about me.

My pictures shall not be published.

I will not participate in any public appearances.

I should not be talked of

on social media or on any other platform.

And most importantly..

Nobody should learn that I have invested in your company.

No one.

No one should know that I am the investor.


How will I sell books then?

How will I publicise them?

My name is enough to sell the books I write.

Let me make something very clear.

I won't teach you how to write, so don't teach me how to sell.

I want your face to feature on every hoarding in this country.

I want people to talk about you on social media platform.

Your interviews, your photos..

And all that, so..

This is not possible.

I wish to sell my work, not myself.


Think about it.

'I will invest in this company of yours and Rudra's.'

'If you don't want your dad's help, it's fine. I don't care.'

'But, at least, find an investor.'


But my lawyer will go through this first.

He will study it because

I don't trust you.

Rudra's lawyer sent this.

Conditions palced by the writer hired by Rudra.

Confidentiality agreement.

Because of this writer, Rudra got an investor

and I am unable to invest in his company

Only because of this writer

I'm unable to get close to Rudra.

But today, this very writer

will cancel her agreement.

I heard that this girl doesn't speak to anyone.

Neither to the press, not to her fans..

Let's see for how long she stays away from her admirers.

Besides, what's the name of the investor, Aamir?

RM Private Ltd.

Aamir, only I'll invest in Rudra's company

nobody else will.

What a masterstroke, sir!

But are you sure it'll be done so soon?

Of course, Ananya.

Rudra wants to stay away from me but that doesn't mean

even I will stay away from him.

Don't tell Rudra anything about this.

Let him work with that writer if he wants to.

He wants to have another investor, let him have one.

I will do what I can.

Let this woman know who she is up against.

Sir, you are a rockstar. I love you.

Bye, dear. - Bye.

Okay. Thanks.

The lawyer told me to go ahead.

Nobody will know anything about you, except your name.


Sorry.. I am late.

Hi, I am Ananya. And you are..

Ananya, she.. She is Maya.


Maya Jaisingh.


Do not discuss company strategy in front of talent, Rudra.

She has made 40 percent investment in the company.

What do you mean?

I mean to say that

Maya is a writer and an investor in our company.

Two in one.

Just like we get Chocolate ice cream with Vanilla.

Just like that, she's Chocolate and Vanilla.

Oh God! Wow!

Double wow! When did all this happen?

It happened when your friend chose to dishonour the contract.

It was clearly written in it

that I want to work anonymously.

So there is a confidentiality agreement too?


I need to sit. - I haven't dishonoured the agreement.

Ananya is my business partner.

Every decision in this company needs her approval.

Even this contract is invalid without her signature.

Besides, you have made an investment of 40 per cent

and we've made the remaining 60 per cent investment

which means we both, together, are your boss.

Remember that.


Sign it.

But, Rudra.. - Trust me.

Nice to meet you.

Oh my God! Rudra, you need to tell me what's happening.

Forget it. Knowing Maya won't fulfil any purpose.

She wants to remain anonymous. Let her.

Rudra, we are so dead!

Mediapersons are standing outside to meet her!


Writer wishes to remain anonymous.

But, Aamir, we will expose this writer.

As a result

Rudra's contract will cease to exist.

The writer will leave the company

and the investor will reclaim the investment.

Then if anyone can save Rudra's company

it is..


Today, the secret will be revealed.

Maya, the writer of international bestsellers.

One whom nobody has ever seen.

We will see her for the first time today.

This exclusive press conference is for her.

Today, Maya's admirers will finally get to know

how their favourite writer looks.

And the reason why she chose to remain anonymous.

Maya.. Are you okay?

How dare you!

What do you think of yourself?

You think I'll quietly tolerate this insolence of yours?

That you'll get close to me and I'll give in to your advances?

What do you think I am? - Wait..

Just hang on for a while..

What are you saying?

Powerful is the person who knows his strengths

and others' weaknesses.

Mr. Rudra Roy.

Don't make the mistake of considering me to be weak.

I don't think anyone can ever understand you.

Stop talking in riddles. Tell me what wrong have I done.

You broke my trust.

You broke the contract.

What had I told you?

No press, no media, no publicity.

And you called a press conference.

You think I called them?

Okay. Anyway..

What's the big deal if they are here?

Don't talk to them if you don't want to.

End of story. - It's not over

and it is a big deal.

What if they had seen my face? - Then?

So what if they had seen your face?

You are a writer, Maya. Not a terrorist

who should hide in order to keep her plans a secret.

Why are you trying to hide? Are you here to murder someone?

Or kidnap someone?

Is this some revenge drama or a secret from previous birth?

What are you trying to hide?

What do you want, Maya Jaisingh? That people be scared of you?

Or are you scared of people?



I am sorry.

I am very sorry.

I had called the mediapersons as I was excited.

I had no idea about the agreement.

I got to know now and now it's too late.

Rudra is not at fault. It's my foolishness.

I am not used to forgiving mistakes.

And it's not my habit to talk to people like you.

Then develop one now.

Or start working with machines. That would be better.

Yeah.. - Rudra, can you stop this?

I was talking to her, Anu. - Have you lost it?

Why are you talking so rudely with Maya?

Because she is a drama queen.

We apologised for the mistake. Big deal!

It is a big deal. She is our investor, Rudra.

If we face a problem at this point

all your efforts will go down the drain. You get it?


Firstly, efforts never go waste.


She is an investor, not God.

As of now, she is God for us.

Please understand, Rudra. Please..

Go and explain it to Maya while I handle the mediapersons.


I'll go and talk to the mediapersons.

You should go and handle Maya.


Or shall we flip a coin?

Rudra, please behave. Please do as I say. Please..

You are taking undue advantage of our friendship.


Thank you.

'Some ties are stronger than the ties of blood.'

'It takes great efforts to break such ties.'

'At the right time, Rudra and Ananya's relation will break.'

'And the reason for it will be.. Maya.'

MJ, are you sure that you need to..

Rudra won't like it.

I know but sometimes the decisions parents take

are not based on the likes and dislikes of the kids

rather they are based on what's right for them and what's not.

Mediapersons couldn't meet the writer

at least I can.

It's my job to make the writer realise

her mistake.

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