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Here is your news for February 5, 2020.

We're starting off today with news from RAW, as though Liv

Morgan, Lana and Bobby Lashley were all present, the fourth

man of their recent angle, Rusev, wasn't on the show.

On Twitter, fans speculated about why the Bulgarian Brute

didn't appear, and following news of a Southern California

wrestler reportedly failing the company's wellness policy, one

fan said it was a bold strategy for Rusev to get suspended in

the hopes that WWE would fire him.

Sarcastically replying that the fan was a great role model,

Rusev also denied a rumor from a separate fan who said the

former United States Champion was injured, without any

actual evidence to this claim.

As for the Southern California star who will be suspended,

Samoa Joe was strongly hinted at being that Superstar,

though WWE have reportedly denied that.

Rusev was last seen on the January 20th episode of RAW,

where he and Morgan lost to Lana and Lashley, and though

he was advertised for being in the men's Royal Rumble, a

storyline fight backstage prevented both he and the

Destroyer from making it to the match.

Another rumor speculated on by fans is that Rusev and Lana

have split up in real life, though that doesn't appear to be the

case if you look at their personal social media profiles.

This picture of Lana comes from the Instagram account for

their pets, and a source in WWE has said the pair are still

happily married.

We'll have to see what happens with Rusev, but the fact that

he reportedly hasn't re-signed with WWE yet could always

play into things.

Though Lana would lose to Liv Morgan on RAW this week, it

was the Ravishing Russian who'd have the last laugh, as the

returning Ruby Riott attacked Morgan.

On Twitter, Morgan processed the return of her former

team-mate, sharing a picture of the two with the caption

"Squad, huh?", as it looks like a feud between the two is in

the works.

Though a singles feud between Riott and Morgan could be

huge, this does leave us to wonder if WWE will be

encouraged to use the often- overlooked Sarah Logan in the

process for a full Riott Squad reunion.

Though Lana would leave RAW feeling like a winner, though

she lost her match, her husband Bobby Lashley wasn't so

fortunate, as he missed out on a WWE Title opportunity at

Super Showdown.

After losing to Ricochet in the main event in a match that also

included Seth Rollins, the former Intercontinental Champion

would be tweeted at by Lio Rush, his former hype-man, who

told Lashley that he's only a phone call away.

There was a time where it seemed like Rush would be fired or

quit the company, but it seems now that the former NXT

Cruiserweight Champion is back in the company's good books.

Replying to the tweet, Lashley said "I hear you brotha," as it

seems a reunion between the two isn't so farfetched after all.

Instead of Lashley, it'll be Ricochet who meats the Beast in

Riyadh on February 27th, and this comes just weeks after he

helped eliminate Lesnar from the men's Rumble match.

For the time being, though, we just have to sit back and see

whether or not WWE themselves decides to take a shot on

pairing these two up again. Either way, we think itd be an

exciting story to tell.

From RAW to SmackDown now, and Goldberg is returning to

the Blue brand this week, and with news confirming that the

former WCW World Heavy weight Champion will be

competing at Super Showdown, the big question now is

who's next.

On Instagram, Goldberg asked that very same question in a

post where he showed off his first spear, and Dave Meltzer

on Wrestling Observer Radio also confirmed Goldberg's

return to the ring.

The last time he was in Saudi Arabia, Goldberg lost to The

Undertaker, and the current favorites to face the Hall of

Famer this time is Matt Riddle or Roman Reigns, and the

betting gurus are leaning to the Big Dog more.

After his Summerslam squash match against Dolph Ziggler,

it's also possible that Golberg will receive an opponent its fun

for him to defeat, and given that there are quite a few heels

who could work well with Goldberg, and due a serious

butt-kicking, we'll find out who's next soon enough.

Goldberg wasn't the only Hall of Famer speculated on for the

show though, as the PW Insider previously reported that

Sting was in strong talks to appear at Super Showdown on

February 27th.

Though the Stinger retired during his 2016 Hall of Fame

induction, Sting did hint at another match, and though there

were rumors that his Super Showdown appearance could

have started at the Royal Rumble, that clearly wasn't what happened.

Now, it seems that the Icon is out of the show, as PW Insider reported:

As noted, several weeks ago in The Elite section of, there had been a push for Sting to be used at

the 2/27 event, but as of last night, we are told those talks

have died down.”

Perhaps WWE and Sting will come to some agreement one

day that'll allow the former WCW World Champion to wrestle

again, but for now, we know that the Icon won't be appearing

at Super Showdown.

Back to RAW now, and Asuka and Natalya fought a

snug-looking match this week, a match that left some serious

war wounds on the Canadian.

Though Asuka's victory earned her another shot at RAW

Women's Champion Becky Lynch, all that Natalya earned was

a bruise around her eye, which she posted online for fans to see.

Watching the match back, several of their early lockups do

seem more like legit grappling than normal. and after the

bell, a heated Nattie said that they're

only getting started.

It's possible that Natalya's bruise happened when Asuka

kicked out of a powerbomb, as the Canadian quickly clutched

her face afterwards.

As RAW went to commercial, the ref can be seen trying to

calm Natalya down, and after the commercial, the lump on

her face is clearly visible.

Given how professional both women, with a combined 36

years in the wrestling business between them, it's highly

unlikely that either woman tried to turn the match into a

shoot, though it wouldn't be surprising if WWE had this

incident become part of a storyline.

Though this week's RAW ended with Ricochet being crowned

the number 1 contender for the WWE Championship and

promptly being attacked by Brock Lesnar with an F5 to close

out the show, this wasn't the end of the high-flyer's night.

After RAW went off the air, Seth Rollins offered a handshake

to Ricochet, which got a big No! chant from the Salt Lake City

crowd and the Monday Night Messiah defended himself,

saying he's not a bad guy or a liar, just someone who wanted

to show the number one contender some respect.

Of course, Rollins wasn't true to his word and attacked

Ricochet, but after the Architect attempted a stomp, this was

ducked by the new #1 contender who hit a codebreaker,

sending Rollins packing, and sending the Salt Lake City fans

who had braved the terrible weather home happy.

Now, there's been a lot of talks about the tweets sent out by

Wrestle Votes recently, which has led fans to speculate that

Samoa Joe has possibly been suspended for violating the

WWE's Wellness Policy.

During the January 27th edition of RAW, Joe exited

mid-match with what was reportedly a concussion, though

Wrestle Votes tweets led some to conclude that this was a

work to write him off TV, similar to the way Andrade's

storyline addressed his suspension.

Other outlets though are reporting that there is nothing going

on with Joe other than the concussion, and the PW Insider

was told that Joe wasn't at RAW in Salt Lake City, because he

hasn't been cleared following his injury.

Their sources quote "vociferously denied" that he was

suspended, and the same was reported by Fightful, as Sean

Ross Sapp tweeted that top staff within the WWE have

vehemently denied Joe's suspension.

Neither of those sites are reporting who is supposedly the

one suspended, so there may be more news coming soon

about this situation.

We're looking at WWE's tag division now, as the Revival have

turned down huge contracts, reportedly worth over $700,000

a year each, for five years.

With the former Tag Champions not signing new contracts,

there's talk that the pair could soon be out of WWE, and

possibly in AEW.

One person who knows all about contract negotiations is

Booker T, who discussed the Top Guys, and gave them some

sage advice on his radio show. He said:

They turned down 700 thousand apiece, thats a lot of

money man. If I can give them any advice, Id say take the

money. If they came to me and saidHey Book, were going to

give you a million dollars a year, you aint going to win no

titles, well give you TV time, well give you a 15-year

contract,’ Im gonna shut the hell up.”

It wasn't too long ago, that The Revival and Harlem Heat

teased having a match at the Royal Rumble, and whilst the

match didn't happen, Booker is still paying close attention to

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawsons activities as they are still Top

Guys to watch.

All we know is that in a few monthstime, Booker may be

watching the Top Guys wrestle outside of WWE.

Back to RAW now, and this week's show saw the main roster

of Angel Garza, though fans are wondering what the WWE's

endgame is.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that Garza

was brought in simply to replace Andrade, who is serving a

30-day suspension of his first Wellness policy violation. He said:

"For right now [Angel Garza] is here because Andrade failed a

drug test and they needed something. Thats what hes here

for. I know he should stay and he may, and theres no rule

that he has to go back [to NXT], but right now the idea is that

hes still gonna be on both shows and hes an NXT guy, but

hes a fill-in for 30 days now.”

The former NXT Cruiserweight Champion did impress on his

RAW debut, and whilst there's a chance that WWE have

something more planned for him, right now it doesn't look

like any plans are in place after 30-Days.

Fans may not know it, but this week saw history be made in

WWE, as the Kabuki Warriors have become the longest

reigning WWE Women's Tag Team

Champions of all time.

Although the titles have been around for just under a year,

the Kabuki Warriors reached the 121-day mark yesterday,

bearing the IIconics reign of 120 days.

This news was confirmed by the WWE on FOX's Twitter

account, as there's currently no sign of Kairi Sane and Asuka

dropping the titles.

The inaugural champions, Sasha Banks and Bayley, who won

the titles at Elimination Chamber 2019, have the shortest

reign at 49 days, whilst Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross held the

titles for 62 days, before losing them to the Kabuki Warriors.

We're looking at the future of WWE now, as for years, WWE,

specifically William Regan and Canyon Cemen, have been

interested in signing former Evolve and wXw champion

Timothy Thatcher.

For years though, the 36 year old has rejected past offers, but

now, Squared Circle Sirens first reported that Thatcher was at

the Performance Center, and this was followed up with

confirmation by PW Insider that the former Evolve star has

signed a deal with WWE.

A 15-yer veteran, Thatcher has been considered among the

best in-ring performers in the world, and has honed his craft

across the globe, and will now bring a wealth of experience to

WWE as both a wrestler and potential coach.

During his title run in Evolve, Thatcher was managed by

Stokely Hathaway - now Malcolm Bivens in NXT. A reunion

could be a good way to get both men on television.

WWE confirmed the signing of Thatcher, as well as former

Impact star Killer Kross, and time will tell how far both men

will go now in WWE.

We've got some great news to share with you now, as whilst

the WWE careers of Mike and Maria Kanellis-Bennett have

been full of drama, including contract disputes and Mike

getting sober, the pair are currently celebrating following the

birth of their second child.

After their daughter Fredrica was born in April 2018, the pair

welcomed their son earlier this week, as Mike shared that

Carver Mars Bennett was born on February 3rd, weighing in

at 8 pounds.

We'd like to send our best wishes to the Bennetts at this

joyous time, and we just hope that Carver never sees his

mom speak to millions of people watching RAW, that his dad

wasn't man enough to get her pregnant.

And finally, today we're ending with news from WWE's Paige,

who has spoken openly about leaving Total Divas.

After several seasons on the show, the former Divas

Champion quietly left the reality show, and isn't upset at all

about the decision, according to an interview on the Chasing

Glory podcast.

Speaking to Lilian Garcia, the anti-Divas said it was the right

decision for her to leave the show, saying:

"I feel like with Total Divas theres a lot of memories that I

want to forget. Ive had ex- boyfriends on there, and I was a

party animal. I want to have a new show where they can see

the new me, the more adult me, and [how] focused and

sober I am."

Paige certainly seems to be in a better place, after a series of

rough years, and even though she's retired from the ring, the

British Superstar remains an active part of the WWE's

on-screen team.

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