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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dark Deception: CHAPTER 2

Difficulty: 0


*is briefly focused*


Hello, everybody. My name is Markiplier

and welcome back to Dark Deception

Now, Dark Deception has been updated to chapter 2

so lets find out exactly what lies in store for us

in the new

*oof effects* Horror World

Chaptershere we go. Chapter 2: Into Madness

HohoHOooh yeaah

Okay, new game

oH *dramatic* GAwd *zoom* NOo

Oh hey, Bierce is that you~?

I've already been through this before

That's whAT they aLL say

I alREady been through that joke before

hUrts just aS much :~:

BIErce's BallROOm

Find them and bring them to me


And you'll get your wish

Thank god I don't have the eye tracker turned on right now


Holy shit

B: Clock's ticking!

M: Ah I do have to go through the first one again

Alright I've done the first chapter already

so it shouldn't be too much of a problem for me to do it again (sure Mark)


Oh godammit damn you damn you to hell

You stupid monkey

This is gonna be slightly boring as I get through everything else

Not completely boring, but slightly boring

No no i'm gonna die


Alright easy peasy, not gonna die ever again

What does the big red shard do

oh thats handy

Oh okay

uh oh

I can make it



(And now we see the majestic markiplier, attempting to find a mate with it's strange breeding call)

(More strange noises)

What? No! AWW!

Resume? Yes please, resume, resume on that one.

Resume. Yeah just RESUME

*hellspawn noises* AH! NO!

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