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Hi, Im Shu from the YouTube channel Dejashu

and I make videos on food, travel and my life in London

and today Ill be guest vlogging for EF,

showing you all of the best cheap eats in the area around your campus.

Ive tried to find places that are nearby the campus,

all within 10-15 minute walk distance and also to stop at some local sites along the way.

The mission today is to find six dishes that are 6 pounds and under

to suit a student budget. Ive got a bit of an idea, so lets go.

The first stop is Japanese katsu curry. Im at Lower Marsh Market,

open Mondays to Fridays from 11am-2:30pm.

Theres a bunch of different street food stores, but this one caught my eye.

This one is actually the small size for six pounds.

You can actually get the bigger size for 7 pounds and theyre both generous portions.

Theyve got some chicken "katsu", some spring onions, carrots, potatoes,

rice, sauce, and some pickles on the side.

Dont worry if youre not into spicy food because its very mild and also very comforting,

especially during the winter months in London.

A little bit down the road theres a place called Greensmiths and here you get your groceries.

Its also a butchers, you get some baked goods, and also some lunch.

Ive got a veggie option here today and this is the mushroom and parsnip soup for 3 pounds.

To get a roll on the side is an extra 60 or 90 pence depending on what kind of roll you want.

Its just a good, cheap option, especially when youre on the go

and you want something comforting and quick and very nourishing as well.

I thought Id also add in a few more veggie options.

Here, you can also get some sausage rolls for 3.60 pounds on its own

or as a meal deal with a salad for 6 pounds or a quiche for 3.60 pounds on its own.

So much choice. Ive also got a pot of tea for 2 or 3 pounds.

Its a good place if youre studying and you want to come somewhere for a quick snack,

a quick, cheap bite, and some tea as well.

This is an honourable mention. This is Maries Café and it's "cash only",

but, during the day, youve got two options of either having a really good old British fry-up -

youve got your sandwiches, English breakfasts, and grills -

or, you can actually have a Thai lunch menu as well and the options are very affordable.

Just remember to bring cash with you. Also, in the evening, they serve Thai food as well

and its BYOD, Bring Your Own Drinks, which keeps costs down.

Theres a big variation in there.

Its like a very traditional "greasy spoon" place, a nice café to pop in,

especially if youre around the area and you dont fancy street food, then this is a good spot.

Im just walking around trying to find some food spots at the moment,

but there is so much going on, all within a 5-10-minute walk from the campus.

Weve got St. Pauls in the distance over there. Weve been walking over Blackfriars Bridge.

Youve got Waterloo, Tate Modern, and South Bank. Theres so much to do.

Third stop. We are at Oseyo Eats.

Oseyo is my favourite Korean supermarket here in London

and I always come here to stock up on my groceries, my Asian noodles, and seasoning.

This one actually serves hot foods and snacks as well, and its all very affordable,

so I have a big pot of udon. This is 5.99 pounds and there is a lot of food in here.

Ive got some udon, fried bean curds, seasonal veggies, fish cakes, beef bulgogi

and also some caramelized onions over the top.

I love noodle soup and I have it at least once a week, and this one looks pretty good, especially for 5.99 pounds.

Theres also an option to mix things up.

If you have your eye on two things from the hot food menu,

if you pay 50 pence more, you can actually have both options.

You can have sweet and sour, you can have some japchae, you can have chili chicken.

The world is your oyster.

Im going to tuck into this one and then maybe buy some instant noodles to take home with me.

Next stop. Im now at Crust Bros and they actually do an Instagram special for 6 pounds,

so theres a special every single day that they display on their Instagram page.

All you have to do is follow them and show them the picture of you

liking the picture of the special of the day, and then you can get one of their pizzas for 6 pounds.

Todays special is a tomato-based chicken, chili and basil pizza, and its huge.

This is my head, and this is the size of the pizza,

so its definitely a good one to share between the two of you or,

if you cant finish it, just save it for later.

But 6 pounds for this is a very good deal and, again, it changes every single day.

Neapolitan pizza is my favourite type of pizza. I love a thin base and a pillowy crust.

Last stop of the day. Were going to end with a sweet treat.

Were currently at Konditor and they sell my favourite brownies here in London,

but, today, were going to go for a slice of cake and a coffee for 5.95 pounds.

It took me a while to pick a cake because theres so much choice,

but we went for the carrot and pecan cake because it smells so good.

Weve got some cinnamon and nutmeg in there,

some mascarpone dressing, and also an oat latte to digest all of the food that Ive eaten today.

What a great day! And its all within walking distance to the campus as well.

Everything is about a 10 minute walk maximum, and its really close to transport links as well.

Lets take a big bite and wash it down with some coffee.

Mmmm. Its so good. Its so full of flavour, but its still light.

Its just the perfect thing for winding down after a busy day of studying, exploring and eating.

Im now so full after all that food, but I hope you find this video useful.

If you did, please give this video a thumbs-up

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