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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FIRE ANTS KILL THEIR FIRST LIVE PREY | Surprising Predatory Reaction

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This is it!

Time to witness predation in its purest form.

What youre looking at here is the Phoenix Empire, my 9 week old fire ant colony that

has grown so big now and has become so voraciously hungry, that I felt it was time for the biggest

step of their development, the most crucial event of their entire lives as fire ants:

it was time for them to experience what it is like to kill live, moving prey for the

very first time!

Ladies and gentlemen, today the Phoenix Empire will finally learn what it truly means to

be fire ants, here on the AntsCanada ant channel!

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Welcome to the AC Family!


These fire ants of ours dont know it yet, but theyre in for something pretty crazy!

Youll get to see how eager and happy these fire ants are to kill their first living,

moving prey!

What happens at the end, though, will surprise you, as it did me, so do stay tuned for that!

But before some of you long time watchers start freaking out sayingHey, I thought

live feedings are against your ethics!”

I must make a correction: I personally choose not to feed live prey, if I dont need to,

but there are certain circumstances where live feedings are necessary, for instance,

when feeding arachnids, which require live moving prey in order to trigger their feeding


Also, when the prey can breed and live freely on their own in a setup shared by the predators

that simply hunt them as they would in the wild, as is seen in my weaver antsenclosure,

I also allow live feeding.

Or in this case, when we feed our fire ants here today, Ive found a neat way to allow

my fire ants to satisfy their natural hunting instincts and put their innate predatory faculties

to work, while also being as ethical and responsible as I can possibly be.

Youll see what I mean soon, guys.

But before we proceed to witness our fire ant colonys first killing, lets quickly

check in on the Phoenix Empire and see how theyve been doing since we last saw them

two weeks ago.

This will surprise you, guys!

Looking into their birth test tube, I was shocked to see that theyd finally completely

evacuated the premises.

The water portion had run dry and as expected, they moved next door into the larger, much

more full water test tube.

I love that they did this, as this test tube offers much more space for the colony to grow,

and we can now replace their old test tube with something else.

So AC Family, I need your help again.

I was wondering: what should we connect to this new port to replace this empty test tube?

Another water test tube?

A new sugar test tube with honey perhaps?

Their very first true formicarium?

Or perhaps a larger outworld?

Please take a moment to VOTE here for their next extension to the City of Ashes.

Thank you AC Council for your input!

You guys are like the architects of their ever-expanding city!

The Phoenix Empires brood pile is so huge now!

The queen, our Ember Empress is nowhere to be found, as she took a nose dive as soon

as the cameras were rolling, into the mountain of brood to hide from us.

Sorry about that, AC Family, but with the colony growing bigger now, we can expect to

see her less frequently.

Lets hope to catch her again soon.

The workers have been diligent at feeding and caring for all the brood and each other.

They are now a well-oiled fire ant producing factory.

All of these workers you see here are of the strong, hardy generation, and all workers

coming up will only be stronger and more powerfully built due to more enriched nourishment, especially

from the fresh living meat were going to give them today!

As per the old, first gens, known as the nanitics, the colonys first worker ants ever, theyve

all but died off now.

But check out where theyve placed all the dead bodies!

Peeking into their AC Test Tube portal this week, I was surprised to see no ant cadavres

in their graveyard.

Hmmmwhere have they been stashing the bodies?

Well, the colony has decided to relocate their official graveyard here, into their outworld,

at the furthest corner of the Fire Forest.

This for sure was a strategic move for the health and cleanliness of the colony.

The AC Test Tube portal is now just a bathroom site, note the ant poop that looks like flecks

of paint.

We can expect to see more of such logistic changes as the colony continues to grow in

size and complexity.

Alright and now, the moment weve all been waiting for.

In nature, fire ants grow into absolutely massive colonies very fast, which means they

are designed to eat a lot!

They are top scavengers in the ecosystems they are part of, and up until now theyve

been fulfilling that natural role by opportunistically eating the dead insects Ive placed into

their outworld, as well as sucking up the sugars of their sugar test tube, but nature

has also designed fire ants to be top predators.

This role is so important, that nature has equipped them with a powerful stinger which

can inject a potent neurotoxin called Solenopsin.

It elicits a painful burning sting in humans, earning these ants the namefire ants”,

but Solenopsins alternate purpose other than defense, is to immobilize prey.

Well be seeing this at work shortly.

Now before, when the colony was composed of mostly nanitics, the ants were exclusively

scavengers not predators, and as we saw in past videos, they would run in fear from any

living, moving prey I tried offering.

Its a survival technique, because back then, losing workers could have spelled certain

death to the colony at their critical beginning stage.

But now that the colony is this big, with this many workers, all stronger and more capable

than the nanitics, I knew the colony was much more different now, and more like the fire

ants we all know in our minds.

Now I hate feeding live animals especially to fire ants because the prey will always

lose and I hate watching the prolonged struggle to the moment of death.

But on the other hand, I also knew these ants might benefit from actually learning to kill

something, and might be an important experience for them.

So after further contemplation an idea came to me.


Growing up, I remember it being said that if you cut an earthworm in half, the two pieces

would survive.

Well, after researching this up, apparently this is partially true.

If you cut off the tail end, then the earthworm can survive and grow a new tail.

The tail cant grow a new body, but the great thing is, the tail is technically still

alive and moving, which would be great at allowing the Phoenix Empire to engage in their

first predatory response, as the worm will definitely be fighting back and react to the

antsevery move.

This would be unlike anything the Phoenix Empire will have ever experienced or eaten


The fire ants will be able to use their natural weapons, i.e. stingers and mandibles, to subdue

the prey, and well be able to see them actually swarming, and guys, I loved what

the fire ants did at the very end, when the worm was finally dead!

I know youll love it, too.

AC Family, are you ready?

Lets do this!

Heres the fresh worm tail!

And placing it in.

Now lets watch!

It wasnt long before a worker smelled the earthworm and came to check it out.

It then ran back to the nest to inform the colony of what it found.

Soon a couple more ants came to check out the worm, and the worm coiled back when it

felt the ants around it.

A third ant came along and immediately delivered the worms first sting.

Instantly, the worm coiled and rolled in pain.

This act of coiling and rolling only caused the surrounding ants to go into a greater

frenzy, as workers latched on and began to sting the worm even more.

Other workers began wafting the area withI found living food!

Come help!” pheromone.

Back at the nest, workers were being informed now of the prey in the Fire Forest, and that

they needed backup.

As more ants began to surround the worm, the worm continued to coil and roll.

This is the biggest creature theyve ever come across, and it was moving which is nothing

theyve ever seen before in their previous food collections, but it was amazing to watch

sheer instinct kick in.

The ants seemed to proceed cautiously but eager to get in and kill this thing.

I watched wide-eyed the whole time as they moved in to kill the worm!

Eventually, it became evident that that worm was weakening now and beginning to die from

all the fire ant stings.

A few minutes later, the worm was completely motionless and the fire ants had come swarming

to begin the consumption process.

The Phoenix Empire had made their first kill, well sorta seeing as the tail was bound to

die eventually, but it still allowed the fire ants to initiate a kill response which is

what I wanted them to experience.

And guys, this completely surprised me when I saw it.

Check this out!

The moment the worm was killed and stopped struggling, the nest went completely berserk!

Workers were running around everywhere like crazy!

Was this what ants celebrating looked like?

Id never seen anything like it.

While the worm was still alive, the nest did not look like this but the moment the worm

was dead, the ants were running all around and some out of the nest in excitement.

To say that this dead worm made these fire ants happy was an understatement.

How interesting, right?!

The fire ants began to dissect the worm and bring the pieces back to the nest for further

consumption, and look, it seems the news brought our Ember Empress, the queen out of hiding.

Shes going to feast tonight!

What surprised me about all of this was that the next day, the Fire Forest was completely

devoid of worm pieces.

I figured OK so they dragged the worm into the nest, but no, there was no earthworm in

sight, neither was it in the AC Test Tube Portal.

This to me amazingly meant that the Phoenix Empire had consumed the entire worm piece

in just 12 hours.

Now I knew that earthworms left no garbage behind, unlike insect prey with their inedible

exoskeletons which are usually found the next day, cast off in the colonys garbage sites.

I think Ill be feeding earthworms more often now.

Overall, I was super happy that the Phoenix Empire had undergone this natural process

of predation.

I felt it was an important thing for them to experience and definitely something Ill

make sure theyll experience on a regular basis.

What other things would you like to watch the Phoenix Empire eat and react to?

Let me know in the comments section, and though I cant promise Ill feed it live, Ill

definitely try feeding it to them and film the process as weve done in past videos

with my previous fire ant colony, RIP FIRE NATION.

I appreciate that a lot of you seem to be as invested in these fire ants as I am.

Thank you so much for supporting them, guys.

I do feel like we are caring for the Phoenix Empire together, and isnt it funny how

satisfying it all is to watch them grow and give them everything they need to thrive and

flourish into the mighty fire ant colony we know theyre destined to become?

Its an amazing journey of discovery for sure, and the very essence of ant keeping.

Thank you all for watching and loving the ants!

Ill see you next week on another update from the Antiverse.

Its ant love forever!


AC Family, look!

I cant believe theyve arrived!

AC Family, wasnt that cool?

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