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for here or to go probably see you on

bhakti for here we see what we see well

bhakti Luisi will it rain tomorrow s

kill privada MA

no I don't think so no no no Papa s kill

privada MA

no no no papa

what time is it

Keller Attila it's a few minutes after

to see keV commute applica tosser


Attila see keV commute a placket o sir

would you help me remove the


whoo yay whoo made they are only villa


I'm glad to but I'm afraid I don't have

the time sous-vide Zulu measure


ba-ba-boom a they are only villa

refrigerator visa who measure my palate

oh I admire your courage read me over to

Akash and I admire your strength

these at me lot orthos read me over to

Akash is at me vato force

what did the doctor say Caggiula Mitzvah

he says I need medicine and sleep


besoin de midi Kenmore it was some a

kilometer ildikó zebras weren't medic

and more it was some a year are you

still feeling sick to Tucson to Ramallah

I feel much better soon with Sam bucum

you do Tucson to rommel add zoom is

sambuca Moo do you like your job

boozy me votre travail I look forward to

coming to work each day the at duverney

father years I grew boozy me votre

travail the at de venir father yesh true

how many people are in your family come

via tilde pack Sandow but with a medium

we are seven in the family Newsom said

don't laugh Amelia come via till the

pack Sandow but with a medium Newsome

said don't laugh Amy where do you want

to visit most you a lil approval I want

to visit the most is Paris Java visited

/ he looked blue Suva

Oh voila no pre-civil Java visit a party

look blue Suva

how old is your grandfather Kalasha to

compare my grandfather is 91 years old

more compare a captive Amazon Kalasha to

compare moon compare ikat with Amazon

what do you do when you have free time

ephedra Cove was a video dolly but I

play the guitar

guru do lakita ephedra Cove was a

vegetable Zuzu do lakita would you be

able to come to the game Friday for here

Vova knew how much bond ready I'm not


June is sweet basil QP por yova knew how

much bond would soon asleep bazooka P

you should eat more to the romaji please

no thanks I'm full no mercy

juice vehicies he chewed over emoji

please no mercy just vehicies he

my joints ache miss articulation formal

here is some cream to help

voici de la creme of OCD miss

articulation a formal procedure a chem

pour vous CD you have a younger brother

don't you

Mousavi Africa D n'est pas

yes I have we shall if a user via a

caddy nespa we shall if a

they are pretty eel so menial I like

those earrings too Zambian Cebu crude

Ohio see also menial Zambian Cebu crude

Ohio see

where can I find a supermarket

oopy-scoopy and super mushy just around

the corner as you so quaintly washed

away and super mushy you stock went

lovely what's your favorite music

Kalavati music - a rock music music rock

Kalavati music playful music rock do you

think it fits okay to tooth cassava yes

it looks terrific we see magnifique

- tough cassava oui c'est magnifique

does she speak French Paolo tell Fossey

no but she speaks German no Mizell pal


Pablo del cross e no missile pal Alma

where do you live web et vous

I live two blocks from here as a beat a

dual UDC why matteiru as a beat

adieu UDC are you ready for tomorrow - a

pet bodemer no not yet known pisanka

triplet putana known pisanka when can I

visit complete visit a you decide when

save ook etcd calm calm please visit a

save ook etcd calm make up your mind

they see the table I am trying my best


they see the - are you fed muumuu

what's the matter with you gasps kita


I've got a pain in my back Seema Ludo

casket Arriva Seema Ludo

don't make a mistake Newfie buddy huh I

never make mistakes when I play the

piano version affairs and

her conscious Rudi piano new FIBA Deaver

June affairs and

consider the piano how do you feel today

como vas on TiVo Audrey just soso

Joosten pookums sir como vas on TiVo

Audrey Joosten pookums sir excuse me

what kind of sauce is this

excuse me more secret sauce it's a

tomato based sauce setting so Sabah's do

- Matt excuse me more secret sauce

setting so Sabah's do - Matt

our seats available yet tilde plus labor

yes we have four sites we use Evan

Gattis yet yet tilde plus labor we use

Evan Gattis yes what do you want to do

after graduation

Kovalev oof a hop reluctance to endeavor

to diploma

I'll further my study with a continuum

on it did Kovalev of a hop reluctance

tuned over to a diploma with a continuum

on it did she lost her winning lottery

ticket a letter Dushanbe adulatory gallo

it can't be true sunita possibly a la

terre Dushanbe adulatory gallo Sunita

possibly is she American elite American

know she is Canadian no le Canadian

elite American no Allah Canadian I have

cavities Jada carry try eating less


they say a demotion when the boom boom

Jada Carrie they say good morning when

the boom boom

can you please attend the meeting for me

pouvez-vous silver players Estella

revenue pom oh sorry I can't

dizzily is no papa

pouvez-vous silver players Estella

reunion for more dizzily you know papa

do you know the reason kanessa hula

hazel I think she ran out of money

Zuko I can never do that she'll wanna

see hula rizzo zuko I can never do that


where's the closest ATM Willow

distributor very posh it's right next to

the church

c'est juste akuti do legalese willow

distributor very posh c'est juste akuti

dual eglise are you here on business or

for pleasure who's a tseebo a fellow

polar pleasure I'm here for pleasure

just VCC Paula please year was at ISA

por favor Paula pleasure just VCC Paula

please here do you want to work from


vous voulez trevally de Mesilla it would

allow me to spend more time with my



Pasi Pluto avec my sofa

vous voulez trabajado Mesilla Salama

permit read passive Pluto avec my cell

phone does this radio belong to you said

ha Jung Sebastian

yes I think it does we joke wakui

said hey Joe Sebastian we do quack we

does this dress suit me said homophobia

not bad bammel said homophobia the man

how are you feeling today

Kamal Hasan Tavor Audrey I'm feeling

much better than yesterday Juma's

Songbook new Kia como vas on TV Audrey

Jemison book new Kia I feel blue Zulu

Kepha why what happened

pourquoi Cassetti bossy jalloo Kepha

pourquoi Cassetti bossy

what a beautiful flower Kel Bellefleur

pink is my favorite color blue who's in

a cooler playfully Kel Bellefleur Blue

Hose in a cooler playfully do you care

what we get for dinner to those who see

the secona Paula Deen it I'd prefer meat

to fish rockefeller beyond a person to

those who see the second oh hi Paula

Deen a rockefeller beyond OOP Wesson

don't you have my hat

chinnabbai moonship oh yes I have both

your hat and your coat

oui c'est votre Sabu a votre monde to

chinna ponnu chapeau oui c'est votre

sabu a votre monde - are you saying we

need more - Roger King News awful please

you've got the point gherkin

today to Burger King news offer please

accompany litera could you call me

pouvez-vous happily yes I'll call you


Louie Rita Bella hi Suze wha

pouvez-vous happily Louie Rita Bella hi

Suze wha

maybe it's time to hire a professional

le potato totally unprofessional I agree

with you just read that car avec vous le

potato don't engage in professional just

read that car havoc fool you have made

the very same mistake again

chiidren Avoca me exact Imola mammy her

I'm sorry I will not make the mistake

again just read easily you know before I

pass it to her

chiidren Avoca me exact Imola me me her

just read easily you know before I pass

it to her what are you interested in

whiskey booze on Terrace I'm more

interested in psychology Zometa has

loose a lab psychology whiskey Boozer

Tara's sumatera spruce a lab psychology

what's your name Kelly votre no Enric a

mean Ricky Kelly O'Donnell in Ricky

what sort of medicine do you take

control the media company vu anodyne Anu

Dean control the media company vu a new

dean what does your father do

cafe Tampere he is a doctor

he has his own practice he limits sir

he doesn't pop who Kevin a cafe Tampere

he limit sir

alas one pop who Coveney is that lady a

student said damn it you don't know she

isn't no Nalepa said dammit you don't

know a new Leppa

I left my dictionary downstairs jalisa

moans externa humba can you get it for

me - boom la voix jelly semantics to the


- boom revoir

I'm afraid of failure jeepers delicious

you'll be fine

don't be nervous cheat on cetera

plebeian soya paneer vu jeepers

delicious don't Saudi Arabia elsewhere

paneer foo which do you like better red

wine or white wine kescott you prefer

the Hoosier blonde I like red wine

better you prefere volusia guess could

you prefer the Hoosier blonde you prefer

Oliver who's there is a fork missing

eating epitaphs oh I forgot the

fork I will get another zoo bluella for

set service on sexy note in jeopardy for

zoo briella for set service on sexy

note are you coming with me to the avec


ketchup ravu ha ha hi

Tuvok more ravu ha ha hi

I'm planning to study tonight she'll

anthos Joan did to Jesus wah I do not

want to study I want to go to the

concert version of a positive year

reversal you can say Zhi LAN toast only

to Jesus wah Jennifer positive Yi

reversal you can say do you exercise

regularly fed Vova Julia Mondol x-axis I

try to go to the gym at least three

times a week as I said the lucian ours

boom Wentworth Wasserman

federal regulation del x axis Z said

elusiveness boom wat wat wat assumin

I don't feel like eating out this


Johnny Paul V de mogi das wah I can cook

spaghetti and make a salad hypocrisy

NIDA spaghetti affair in salad Jennifer

Widom OG doses wah super crazy NIDA

spaghetti affair in salad

what did the doctor say

Khedira doctor the doctor said it would

be good to take some medicine

Lumet Siddiqui so i boned upon who the

medic mo car dealer doctor Lumet

Siddiqui so I pulled upon hoodie medic


I like to travel by myself gem voyage


do you travel often vu voyages oovoo gem

voyage Isola vu voyage a Suva

I ate a hamburger and ordered another G

mogea mboga is Ronnie come on danke huh

did you order french fries too vis-a-vis

Lucy come on dee dee fleet G mogea

hamburger is Ronnie come on danke the

visa C come on dee dee Freight do you

have friends there Chua DS immune ABBA

yes a lot of friends we booked with Amy

Chua DS I mean Abba we booked with Amy

where is the library

oh la bibliothèque it's around the

corner from the post office see to

cuando la who do that post

oh la bibliothèque cito cuando la who do

not post

he is introverted he little poverty

maybe I'll write a letter to him instead

shall we Akif a potato in let color plus

a little over T will be a key a potato

in let color plus how wide is this


Khalil allows reducible 20 meters

Vanette Khalil allows reducible vanette

excuse me but may I open the window

excuse moi may presume real fnet yes it

is hot today we if a shortage or do we


may presume real fnet we if a shortage

or do me I'll call again later

Rahab elahype Rita I will be home at

seven o'clock just so high that means no

what is another Rahab elahype Rita just

so high that means the what is another

my headache has gone zooni primal elated

you should rest for a while to divert to

her a new journey primal elated to

the red to who pose the ample do you

have a good relationship with your

colleagues a vivid urban holistic vocal

again my colleagues have turned into

some of my best friends my collection

Dava Newman Mayo's Emmy a vivo de baño

last week vocally my collegues under the

new mayor Sammy

you look pale today Julia Mallory I did

not sleep and I did not eat breakfast

Jenny paid off me visionary du petit

dejeuner Julia Mallory

Jenny paid off me Renee Perry the petit

dejeuner what did you eat for breakfast

Kevi vous montrer Paulo petit dejeuner I

had a bowl of cereal

semaj involved the cereal que viva voce

purépecha tyranny is MOJ involve the

cereal what's the capital of your


kalila capital de votre be the capital

of my country is Mexico City la capital

mu P M Mexico kalila capital de votre

vie la capital mu P M Mexico it looks

like it's going to be sunny on deer I

kill bath elbow yes it's much better

than yesterday we say blue Kaimuki air

oh dear I killed Viterbo we say bukkake


it's a pity that you can't come see

DeMarco to notice pavani you will all

have fun Buzzelli - scusi musi see

DeMarco chin-ups pavani

woozily - scusi musi when did you get up

yesterday morning

conv said rule of a yamato at about 7:00

Vercetti conv said rule of a yamato

ver setter have you seen this movie

who's a reversal film ah yes it was

great we sit original who's a reversal

filmer we sit original how do you spend

your evenings como si vous vous soiree

surf the internet at home your face you

internet alum is ohm como si vous vous

soiree suface you internet alum ism

I am Not sure we will get to the

restaurant on time June sweet paseo

nuevo esta allure it's not so far

soon apostle wa joon-suh paseo nuevo

Hester on allure SUNY pasilla wa what do

you do in your spare time

AFET boudoir photo Libra I like playing

football Zen's real football ephedra da

watan Libre Zen's real football

keep an eye on the bags guardian oh so

LASIK I will stay here with them

Java STC avec ooh

Guardian oh so LASIK Java STC avec ooh

where is the bookstore weightily Brady

just around the next corner on your left

hand side juste that long list Yvonne's

your photo Guiche Wael Ali Brady juice

talentless Yvonne's your photo gosh do

you need to take care of your parents

Aviva besoin de puntos wander Papa home

my brother is with them for today

mujer Etive ikuo Chaudhary avi boo-boos

wonder pond was wonderful bajo more fair

at avocados Audrey

do you know how to play chess savvy

Vujicic yes I learned when I was a child

we share preconscious a zone for savvy

wushu is a check we Jerry comes it is on

phone never tell a lie Nadja madeira

massage Ashley always tells the truth

Ashley D to do lividity Nerja madeira

massage Ashley D to do lividity would

you like some coffee

Willie would you cafe yes please oui

s'il vous play Willie would you cafe oui

s'il vous play what do you usually do

for exercise ephedra a beachy element

propelled Alexis swimming and running

and my favorite types of exercise Lana

toss you Ella coos so me tip digs axis

playfully ephedra a beachy element of L

del x axis la not assume Ella coos so me

tip digs axis playfully how was the

movie como a telefilm oh I was moved

je T aime comme a telefilm Oh je T aime

does Anthony live here ah Tony Abbott

ici he doesn't live here anymore

you know V blue si si

Oh Tony Abbott ec you know V blue sea

sea when is it convenient for you

concern abou coffee until I'm free on

Sunday just believe ha dommage concern

abou coffee until just believe ha

demolish the lecture lasts for three

hours la confianza Plaza

it's so boring see tell mommy you

la confianza brother si tell mommy what

did the doctor say

hadiyyah-lah doctor he said there's

nothing to worry about

Elodie Keeney avait pas de quoi Sankey

tea-caddy la doctor Elodie Keaney avait

pas de quoi sand Kitty my work is

finished mantra VII fini

now can we go to the shopping mall and

put a noose on a commercial

Motaba if any and put a noose on a

commercial what time are you coming home

I kill her horn for to Allah missile

around five o'clock Verdi setter

I kill her home Tortorella missile Verdi

setter approximately how much is your


Kelly Lou moto approximate if de votre

BG my budget is 1000 yen mangu je and

million Kelly Lamont Oh approximate if

de votre BG mu mu J and million would

you like something to drink

voulez-vous boire Kel cashews coffee

please and Kaffee

we'll play

voulez-vous boire quell cashews a cafe

s'il vous plait

do you enjoy going to the cinema was

Emilio cinema yes

watching a movie relaxes me we regard

their film mudita

was Emilio cinema we regard a film

mudita she made her own dress Elif is a

Papa haba very nice

Rizzoli Elif is a Papa Rizzoli may I go

to the movies tonight

Rogerio cinema so soir

yes please be home at 10 o'clock

we silver play swag ether Amazon a

Deezer usually you see nemesis wah we

silver play swag ease our Amazon a

Deezer whose cell phone is this IKEA

super table

it's my new phone sim or new vote any


IKEA sofa table

Simone novo telephone

did you telephone him do we have a

telephone a yes but he did not answer we

missing that party Pandu va-viva

telephony we missing that party Pandu

may I go to the toilet

escucha polio toilet it is down the hall

next to the drinking fountain Seto

Buddha couloir a cathedral a Fontana


escucha pure wallet

Seto Buddha Kunwar akuti de la fontaine

des bois what kind of sports do you like

can draw despair mmm ooh I like swimming

gym Nagi can draw despair me boo gym

Nagi I'll see to it

Ravi Monica P I appreciate you

sir who's on TV

Coon is au réveil mono keep a guru sorry

Akane so don't you think we should break

up to necrotic underwear oppa is that

what you really want

c'est vraiment so could you do to

necrotic underwear on per se for I'm

also could you do

she looks very lovely Idol Arabella I

love her dress

j'adore Sahab Electra Bella shadow Sahab

are you watching TV now chocolate

element no no I'm listening to the music

no g-code la musique chocolate element

no no Jay Cutler music do you have a lot

of sleepless nights reserve a book with

an eerie blush not recently but I did

before Bacchus mo Missouri fair devil

whose every book with a nuit blush

Bacchus mo Missouri fair devil could you

do it a little cheaper please for evil

affair I'm Pam Moore chef s'il vous

plait sorry but that's the lowest we can

go dizzily missile

and presently for evil affair ample

moisture s'il vous plait dizzily mr.

Bluebird country Sally it's all my fault

- today my foot please don't blame

yourself suitably Newton Papa - today my

foot see to play Newton papa

do you have one in a smaller size lose

all my they aren't those in tight blue

petite sorry but the smaller sizes are

out of stock it is early

merely petite I sort of hope to you to

stock was on my way aren't those in type

la petite

it is early merely blue petite I sort of

hope to you to stock what time shall we

leave I cannot battle new in about five


Donald Young Saeng minute I cannot

battle new Donovan sank minute can I use

the lift

Roberta Lizzy la Salsa sorry

it's broken you have to use the stairs

dizzily sicker si Jin where to diesel is

this candy wrapper Chile's la Salsa

diesel II see Cassie did well to diesel

is this candy

please take care of yourself pulse

wander twice Italy I will you to sort of

thought hey 12c pulse wonder - I see to

play should've thought hey Josie I just

got married

random amahi congratulations and best


felicitations in May Yahoo yonder memory

Felicita soon in a yahoo go and take out

the garbage

versatility Bella ok I'll do that right


that car was a vain affair to the sweet

versatility Bella that car is a vain

affair to the sweet what a nice tie you

are wearing quelle Belle covet vous


thank you your dress looks good on you

too ravu home LC the hob to varanasi

quelle Belle cava true bhakti ravu homer

see the hob - VAT Genesee where were you


wait Vani I was born in a little town

not far from here just three Nathan's in

petite field nor Wendy see wait Vani

just three Nathan's in petite field no

Wendy see I have won a few awards

gigantic L Capri don't be so modest

NAWAPA see modest gigantic L Capri mapa

see modest why are you studying Chinese

for quietude evolution wa for my

business boom is a fair poor quietude

evolution WA boom is affair

you should follow your doctor's advice

who do is really concerned about her

medicine my doctor is always right mum

it's a to rule his own would've is

really concerned about her medicine mum

it's a to rule his own would you like

one-way or roundtrip

voulez-vous Annalise amp one Ally go to

round trip Ali who to voulez-vous

Annalise amp one a level two Ali who -

what's your address

Kelly vodka dress 44 Lincoln Street

count cat breeding Gun Kelly vodka dress

can't cat reading gun

he was robbed of all his money only we

have only to Samarra was he hurt

electively see only we have only to


detective Lee see do you have any idea

who's on my baby needed I have no idea

soon on a okuni d who's on my baby

needed soon on a okuni d this room is

very dirty set PSE trestle let me help

you clean it up less more today an it ye

set PSE trestle less more today an it ye

what would you like to drink

kübra what do you have couscous Evie

guru liver bra couscous RV is there a

bank around here

Ian bunk down Lacroix yes go straight

down this road and turn left at the

second traffic light we continue to do

pass you set hood atonia gosh Oh dizzy

and further signal is assumed allowing

bonked on Lacroix we continue to pass

you set hood atonia gosh Oh dizzy and

further sneezes you do you live with

your parents who Vives of Abajo no I


my own house no juvie demamp optimism

ruvi visible bajo know juvie Donna Papa

me zoom you look tired

is everything okay - Ella fatigue you to


yeah everything's fine

way to Fabian to Ella fatigue you to rub

you way to Fabian why not go out for a


but when a puffer empanada I'm a little

sick juice reason / Malad pork when a

puffer empanada just feasible malade

have you finished reading the novel a to

finish early homo the ending was not

what I expected laughs fern

cell alakazoom a donde a chief in

italiano homo laughs funny t past cell

alakazoom a donde anything to drink

Calcasieu sebuah a small glass of

whiskey place and put aver the whiskey

s'il vous play

kalca shows a bra and put aver the

whiskey s'il vous play how long will you

stay here

Combee under tourists every see i will

stay for three weeks

dressed to hate Wasserman campeón de

tourists we see gesture a blossom and

why are you so angry with him for quite

juicy on Quora come holy he did not

invite me to the party

you know my passivity affect poor quite

you see on Culiacan holy you know my

passivity an effect

we would like to stay here tonight Musa

Miriam pasilla UEC you are welcome to

stay in the extra bedroom vous pouvez

rested on a jean or suplement a news

Emery on pasilla UEC vous pouvez rested

on a jean suplement a do you interact

with your colleagues frequently antara

Jusuru fakemon avec vous colleague we

send many emails and eat lunch together

each day nozawa young beaucoup de Kui

additionals on Sombra schedule antara

history c'mon avec vous coleg news my

young beaucoup de Kukui a dissonance

ensemble schedule what's your trouble k

little problem stomach ache g Malu vault

k level problem similar vault how do you

like the food come om evil enricher it

tastes fantastic sign

fantastic come on evil enricher Sangu

fantastic do you think you're healthy to

to combine something I ate vegetables

each day and exercise regularly Jamal

the legumes shahru is a federal exam or

tutor combine something Jamal the

legumes I drew is a federal exam oh I

can't find you

janitor to the pub it's only 8th floor

see - Vicki Emmett our janitor to the


see - Vicki Amita

do you smoke film a rule no smoking is a

bad habit no to me it in movies a bit


EW no fiume 18 movies a bit weed

you really shouldn't use pirated

software una de vivre mobile is Adela

GCL Piatti

I do my best not to get caught as you

fade mom you born a Bama fair pond

una de vivre Mobile is Adela GCL Piatti

Safed mom you poor Nibbana pawned

don't make the same mistake again Neffe

phone call Mme hiya

I will try my best to pay close


forehead muumuu Brad would try that on


no fee per coulomb Amy her rooster head

moo moo forget what try that on teeth

what's your size Kalavati


they're um

Kalavati they um

my stomach is growling more Nestor

Magana we should stop for some lunch

gravity probe Disney

moniece - magana and eraser 80 put


I wonder if the plane will arrive on


Jim adamancy love you Arriba holla

I hope so


Jim adamancy l'avion Arabic Allah surely


are you John's brother who's at

Laphroaig dijanna no I'm not

no journalist Rita

was at Laphroaig dijanna no journalist


I'm fit as a fiddle just fees on plan


good for you I'm trying to be healthier

to Tom newport wa just said that

homemakers aunty aussie

just fees on plan former tom newport wa

just said that amma asante OC

you have no appetite do you to Nevada PT


I can't taste well because of my cold

Janet baboon gubeck was the moon cream

- Nevada PT nespa jenipa bungu becuase

the moon cream

I must be going rude yle okay goodbye

deca revoir

rude yle deco Beauvoir

have you seen the dr. Trevino doctor not


as on call

treviño doctor doesn't call

are you hurt Lissette Blissey nothing

serious a high and akov

who's that bliss a Hindu god

are you ready to go visit Playa back to

you hold on a minute

I can't find my house keys at on the

minute a mechanism

was that prayer party at on the in

minute include a McRib missile

do you have an appointment with a veil

holiday vu sorry I don't

zuly Juna SEPA

with a veil around a room dizzily juno


where did you go for dinner yesterday Oh

Edward in it yeah

I went to the restaurant near the


easily arrest oh ha ha draaga

Oh a druid in a year just easily arrests

oh ha ha draaga

I think we should go the other way

rippen school d'oeuvre le da luta sauce

you are absolutely right survey to

tafero zone

reponse condo vrai a lead on losers who

survey to tafero zone

hello is John there hello janila sorry

John's not yet here

but these early Jean

bars on Cola

hello janila dizzily John Le Poisson


we thought that you were married Nepal

Junko was it simmer here

no elizabeth is my girlfriend

No elizabeti ma petite AMI

Nucor chunk of a team are here no

elizabeti ma petite army

it looks like snow seho Sombra Doolin


yesterday the weather was sunny and

today it is snowing

yeah Lewton Teton so de veau Vilnius

seho Sombra do linear yeah Lewton Teton

so de Ojo Vilnius

it's your turn to sing Sita was Shanti

I am afraid to sing for the audience Z /

- auntie Paula publique

see that word Shanti z / - auntie Paula


may I have a look at the watch reporte

encoder Ella mantra


yeah see you

Super GT and CUDA element on BSE you

do you know Mary we're gonna say Marie

sure we are friends since primary school

DSU you know Samson need really call


Buchan sa Murray vseo

new Sampson need really call premier

how much is the rent for a month combien

quit Lulu yep oh hi MA $1,000


combien coûte a poem or mill Dola

what are you making for dinner casco to

play polo DNA i usually ate out debited

the moore's law

kikuchi prep a Paula Deen a debited

resume Moore's Law

how thick is the ice here kala lipase

Erdal a glassy sea

more than one meter through the net

Kelly lip asadullah glass ec3 the net

tell me what you want Damaso kakuzu

bottle of red wine

version booted over huge

yamazaki to reversing booted over huge

how do you do come on tell evil how do

you do nice to meet you come

deliver on shantae the Butantan tree

c'mon tell evil comment allez-vous on

shantae the blue haunting tree

does it often snow in Shanghai s Kilner

Suva a strong guy

I don't know I'll ask my brother Rajan

CIPA surveyed them on TM of hair

skill Naresuan a strong guy

Jean SEPA surveyed imodium of hair

do you have any siblings Aviva deaf


I am the only child

you said on phone

avi Buddha fairy sir just feel so awful

I quit smoking two years ago she hated a

few me alia dizzle

that is good I'm happy for you sittin

bone shows just feyza who's brought wa

generated a few may Iliad ouzo setting

burn shows just visa who's brought wha

which one do you think is better Luke le

Lumia the pebble definitely the second

one definitive Marlowe does Yemm

Luke le lumia de creville definitive


what do you plan to do this Friday

kou-kun TiVo festival rowdy I plan to go

to the concert she leant on that you can


you can't even festival ready Dylan

consume that you can say

how long have you been married Deepika

undertone at Verma yep

we've been married for two years

manemma ye the producer

the pre commander Tom a drummer he name

of ye the producer

what did you do today Kevi vu failed


I played with my friends zuy avec Meza


Kevi Buffay Audrey says we avec meza me

may I ask you out Jupiter vitae Satya

sorry I have a boyfriend

diesel e.g and petite and me

repeat on Vitas OTO diesel e.g and put

it on me

I have been promoted jaepo new way to go


j8 a pony eons we

what a beautiful jacket koelbl vest do

you think it looks good on me to Tove

Kusama vApp yeah

quelle Belle West touka-sama Bob yeah

have you ever seen a panda at rhodesia

via panda there was a panda near my

grandfather's old house Javert and panda

Clarence en Maison du monde compare

at Rhodesia here pon de lavit and Ponte

Preta ancien Maison du monde compare

I wish I could look younger Gemma

hypothetically Jonah I hear drinking

water helps keep skin looking young

the kalapa table etiquette in portion

Jumeirah paratroop lianna Sarto needy

kalapa table Etta Guardian foreign

how many people should we invite combien

de packs on the real new mvt

it's up to you Sita to add voir

come be my person d'oeuvre anew and VT

citta to add voir

would you care for a drink voulez-vous

boire there just a glass of beer for me


ba-ba-boom wha s'il vous plait

voulez-vous boire there gustaf a double

yeah pour moi s'il vous plait

how many sisters and brothers do you

have combien deserted of Clara Veeru

I have a little brother and a little


they amputee fair inputted sir

combien de serra de ferreira vivo en

pooty fair input it sir

would you like a ride to verçosa to

dipose I usually walk to school debited

Giavotella Cola pee

to verçosa to depose debited reversal

Ecola pee

winter in New York can be very cold

leave a new york potato tyfa

I have heard it is brutal giant indeedy

cuz it a brittle

Rivera New York potato trewe giant

indeedy casita brittle

are you awake to be over you

I'm awake but need a cup of coffee just

we have a ye miss a buzzword in pastor


- Olivier just behave he miss a buzzword

in past Oh Kathy

I don't know who she is Juna sabaki le



junus epic ele Monty

thank you for your help Maxie Povich ed

that was nothing happy to help

sunita a Yandy to her hood of OCD

Maxie prophet read senator he added to

her her diversity

the cat is very cute lucite criminal

her name is fluffy


lucite criminal Elsa Bell fluffy

would you like me to help you

voulez-vous coucher avec no thank you

I will finish alone no Maxie there's a

very nice soda

voulez-vous coucher avec no Maxie Java

finished sir

is it yours sinu - yes it's mine hooey


salute you muy salud Mia

can you play tennis to see Joey or

Dennis yes I can play baseball we

suppose real baseball

- Sergio tennis we suppose real baseball

what do you want to do on vacation go

voulez-vous Fairholme Vikas

I would like to go fishing if possible

jimbacca is alopecia possible

Kovalev O'Farrell Vikas Samba has

alopecia C possible

I don't like cheese very much

janenn bubble cool of homage maybe you

should try the rice dish instead of the


Tetris a yellow plaid Ori julio de la


um Babu cool of homage to Dover

tetris a yellow plaid ory julio de la


I felt heartbroken Java Luca Brasi tell

me what happened

dete Mizuki sebasi

Java Luca Brasi DEET Mizuki sebasi

I'll see you at 6:00 also word is bitter

I look forward to seeing you oh please

your de vous voir

also why this bitter oh please dear de

vous voir

I failed the tests jesh wheels eczema

you need to study more

Chiapas 22 dear priests

jesh will examine chiapas 22 dear please

where are you from du Vernay vu

Japan revenge upon duvan evil juvie

Andrews upon

can you swim to synergy

I can swim short distances

Panaji to cook to distance

- synergy supona she'd cook to distance

excuse me who are you excuse-moi

kid Who I am the chefs nice


excuse-moi kid who does villainy


do you have less expensive ones boozled

Nevada moisha no these are the cheapest

ones we have

No so Sunday moisture canoe seven

buzu Nevada moisture No

so somewhere who knew seven

what do you feel like for dinner Casca

choice on polar DNA you can decide see


Casca choice on Paula Deen a set a

voodoo TCD

do you have any brothers or sisters avi

Buddha Karissa

I only have one sister


Ivy would've Clarissa janeck and so

I'm sorry but I can't find the notebook

you lent me

je suis désolé Mizuno tooth Pinocchio

nakooma V pretty

that's okay sit back have

je suis désolé measure noticed on Oak

Avenue cumavi pretty CPAC have

you look happy today chu la / Audrey

I'm very happy I passed the exam just

because oh who said hey you seal exam

chu la Arroyo Chaudhary just because oh

who said hey you see the exam

I know a good restaurant zirconium

mohist oh-ho what kind of food do they


the new hit your server deal

zirconium boom esto caldo de nuit you 13

nice talking with you javi de ba parle

avec vous

you too we should do this more often

- Oh see under VFX approval

Ravi devar parle avec vous aussi under

FX ax plus Whoville

I'd like to see the doctor soon Jim -

amid Samuel - when can you come for an


kapu vivo veneer our rendezvous

gem have our limits ampere to Kapoor

vivo veneer uh rendezvous

what are you smiling about gasket

epistle rear I think I am in love

Jacque Wakarusa is ammulu

Gasquet epistle we're require a visa


will you come and pick me up to yonder

Hamish Akshay

what time

- viondra Meshach she a killer

could you sign here pouvez-vous ceac yes

do you have a pen we do surveys and


pouvez-vous ceac we do surveys and


excuse me madam could you tell me where

the post office is excusez-moi Madame

proved a rumor dear Willoughby who the


it's just around the corner says giusto

quando da who

excusez-moi Madame probe ever my dear

we'll have you heard the post says juste

Oh quandary

how many nights will you be staying

combien de nuit

Olivo vesti three nights

on me

combien de nuit Olivo vesti - on me

how long have you known her

silicon a deepika be undertone we have

been friends since we were babies

vicuna baby

silicon a dopey come beyond the door

Annetta me the pre-cana baby

can I pay by credit card Pushpa ipecac

to the crazy sorry but we only accept


Julie menin exceptin crazy space

pretty epic character the crazy dizzily

minun exceptin crazy space

how long did they live in England

combien de tom until vicuna later they

were there for eight years villas on TT

lap on Don Vito

Kumbi undertone until vecchio no glitter

villas on title upon Don Vito

did you wash your hands well visits

beyond of Alima yes we

visit beyond of Alima we

did you sleep well cheondong me

no I couldn't fall asleep no no no prove

it BAM on Tommy

- I be under me no no no prove it BAM on


where are you from du Vernay vu I'm from


do zap boom

duverney vu Sevilla do shaboom

could you turn it down please

parlez-vous Bastilla s'il vous plait

sorry was i disturbing you

dizzily you

cause a

Prabhu best seller s'il vous plait

diesel a Judy Jose

where is john-boy Regina he is in the



aurilla Jonah he laid on a

I'll do back

what shall we do this afternoon kiss

confess at a premie d

let's go to the beach along that are


case confessed attack remedy a lungs are


what were you doing when I called Kisco

to physically

I was about to leave ZTS Europe and a


kikuchi physique enjoyably GTS Europe

where the party

how was your day c'mon say pesetas

Rodney same as always

the beated

c'mon say pasetta journée come debited

why did you divorce pourquoi of a woody

voxi he was seeing other women

da da da thumb

pourquoi Ave would ever see if we added

a thumb

what's this kiss kissy

that's a book sit Oliva

Kiska sea sit Oliva

how did you meet your wife c'mon ravu

hong kong trovato fam'ly

we met in college


come on LaVon controversial fam'ly NC

home country an effect

can you give me a discount to bring my

fairy no homies I can't go any cheaper

than that


to permethrin homies Joon Papa Thiam

washer Kusa

what's the weather like Calton fatal

it's raining blue

Kelton fatal blue

I am almost finished with a difficult

job Johnny Pesky fini avec certified


keep it up continuum sir

Johnny Pesky Feeny of EXO tava difficile

continuo khamseh

would you like chocolate or vanilla ice


voulez-vous in glass Osho Cola voila


I like neither of them

Neela Neela

voulez-vous inglis Osho Cola voila Vanya

Jean M Neela Neela

I've caught a cold sheeeit appear Huma

don't go to school if you are sick

nova podalic on city malade

sheeeit appear Wilma Nova puzzle Ecole

sit remoulade

please lend me your car seat aply

Petsmart about you okay but I need my

car at five o'clock tonight

Dachau meze besoin de metrio Adisa

Turkish wha

simply Petsmart about you Dachau meze

besoin de ma vie true a deserter so soir

what are you doing tomorrow Casca chief


no idea version on it okuni d

Casca to Federman Giannone okuni d

do you usually stay up late vous vous

coucher tada B Judah only when I'm at a


chorus resound fete

vous vous coucher tada be Judah Salman

Khan's resound fete

are you free tonight - le bourgeois yes

why we rock whaa

- le bourgeois we aqua

we'll be on time won't we also hollering


I hope so julius baer yeah

also higher on this bow Julie Spurrier

when are you coming back Cantus Cuchillo

young I'm coming back on the 24th

jehovah elephant cat

Cantus goochie goo hyung Jehovah who

that cat

can you speak French pouvez-vous parler

francais no I can't speak French

no Jana Powell of Bath Jose

pouvez-vous parler francais no renew

parle pas francais

she rejected my proposal algorithm a

proposition that is not good I'm sorry

soon a baboon senior just read easily

a legitimate opposition soon a baboon

senior sous-vide easily

jack is easy to talk with CFS is de

parler avec Jack yes we have the same

ideas we reserved for only mems Edie

sefa Silva parle avec Jack we lose our

only memes Edie

please make the bed fat Lily jewelry

I will make the bed if you wash the


holy you fail a vessel

fat loli Yahoo pre-referral only did you

fail a vessel

how long have you been unemployed the

pick'm beyond Earth on it whoosh image

it's been two months already Safed is

our doom wha

the pre-cum be undertone I'd wash homage

Safed ashhadu mwah

do you have anything to declare a vivo

calcio shows at declare a

no I don't know I do too

a vivo calcio shows a declare a no I do


you should eat more - d'oeuvre mochi


have an appetite zooni pada PT c2

- d'oeuvre Margie please zooni pada PT


I can't handle this anymore juniper puja


don't be so emotional no swap Basia


juniper Plaza Reza no swap hace a motive

where did you visit Oh a drew alley

I only had time to visit Edinburgh

Redondo Beach Tiki damu

Oh a drew ali jinnah Rotondo vtk damu

may I please have a receipt pre-show

policy for a moment please

anistar city play

priya varanasi Anniston s'il vous plait

he was absent yesterday do you know why

he lit it up Sonia sahibu pas quoi

I suppose he was sick you suppose he lit

a malade

elated up Sonia survival pas quoi you

suppose guillotine malade

I wanted to talk to you jevetta pally

can you call me in four hours

don't get her

Ravi - Palli - Pema plea don't get her

do they sell notebooks at that store s

Kelvin decay Asuma Gaza

I have seen notebooks there before Ziya

these are view dke

I still want a career summa getha GA

deserve UDK

where were you last week Oh et vous la

semaine de yeah

I was in Tokyo is it day at Tokyo

Oh et vous la semaine Dania ZTE took you

you will get it fixed today won't you

fulfill her hey Pajaro de nespa I don't

see any problem

Jenova or cam problem

vallah ferrer baja jury n'est pas une

voix Oh cam problem

what's your plan for the summer holiday

Kelly Tom plump Oliva cons DT

I'm thinking about a visit to Paris

repulse n visit a party

Kelly Tom promptly becomes DT reponse

Envisat Aparri

do you have an appointment who's a

viajando vu

yes my appointment is at 10:00 a.m.

we Mojave vu8 a desire

Mousavi rendezvous we mojave vu8 a


who will be at the party Kesava prison

LF it

it's secret sittin Sookie Hey

kiss ooh ha prison a la fête sit Asuka

I am going to buy a new car Java HD

nouvelle watcher

ha do you want calcula de Vecchi


the VHD Novell watcher calcula the

virtue of level

how have you been these days Kamala

Boozer Josie

not too bad but oh man

Kamali Boozer Josie but oh man

my parents approve of my job me pehoe

approve motive ah

it's great to hear cebu mactan

me paho approvement hawaii cebu mactan

he knocked his knee against the chair in

second illusion okoto ashes

did he need a doctor

avital booze when the matzo

in second illusion occult washes avital

booze random Itza

do you often go to restaurants for


Buzzelli souvenir esto ha

many nights a week I go to restaurants

suave boxer men juvies arrest oh ho

Buzzelli souvenir restaurant rajeshwar

back sermon Judaism esto ha

what kind of product do you want Cal tip

de Patri desirable I want a facial

moisturizer Ravine came either at Aunt

Paula visa

quelle tip de Patri desirable revenge em

Edith aunt Paula visa

aren't you forgetting something to noob


I don't think so Jean Oh Papa no

- noob leiria you know Papa no

what was I saying kakuzu DZ

you were telling me about your trip to


Bahia de Vitoria a Shanghai

Ksyusha DZ boom battle here the

Vitruvius a song guy

do you often go to a concert Buzzelli

Silvana conse

go often Geneva passive Oh

Buzzelli souviron say Geneva passive Oh

do you have a pen with a van still Oh

I do would you like blue or black we too

blue Renoir

with a van still oh we do

blue Renoir

I can't stand the noise juniper

Pasupathi oh boy do you want to go home

wish it were

juniper passive octillery givin a


what is in this box Kea tilde said what

my new shoes are in that box

Minu vel'koz you son Don said what

Kia chill decide what main oval shows

you sundown said what

are you here on business Busey tseebo


yes I am we Zulu three

was a DC power there we jus loosely

tell me about it Paulo medulla the other

team did not play well

they keep not papillons we

lovely medulla lutely keep nap abhyas we

I want someone to talk to Java cake

Arequipa Holley he is an excellent


salon to deter

javac arequipa Holly set an excellent


what do you study Casca to HUD

my major is economics

- g/l economy

Casca to a to d zg l economy

excuse me can you tell me how to get to

the station

excuse-moi pouvez-vous me dire como la


for about a hundred meters it's on your

left-hand side you can't miss it

continuous you have your own Samet sets

your vote oh gosh

Jinpa Pilate

excuse-moi pouvez-vous me dire como la

ilaha continuous you have your own Samet

sets your vote oh gosh Jinpa Pilate

when and where were you born call eo8


I was born in 1969 in Seattle Joe

Sweeney our meaning of sauce wasn't

nervous at all

kaii Advani Joe Sweeney omen of sands

wasn't enough acetal

is it serious Caesarea

it's not too serious take some medicine

then you'll be fine soon a pet hog have

Pineda medicham owe it to tilapia

sister you soon a pataga Pineda medica

more a to tilapia

whose book is this IKEA saliva

that's your book say vato leave

IKEA's so liver say vote Oliver

what are you doing escucha fee I am

watching television

Dola television

Casca chief a yoga God hola television

when do you play tennis coach with

Bhutanese I play tennis

every Sunday morning routine is duly

demolish matter

khonshu avoiding is the routine is truly

demolish matter

what is he doing gasps Kalifa he is

doing his homework

Sedo voir

gasps Kalifa ill fare sido voir

can you do this problem pouvez-vous

kazoo droser problem

if I have paper in a pen I can work it


yeah estilo supermo softie

pouvez-vous hey Zadro the problem CJ de


supermo softie

where would you like to go oh and Ohio


to the beach please

class sifu play

ooh and Ohio Valley a la plage Sifu play

hey what happened a cursor till Bessie

there was traffic sorry we're late he

Alessio dizzily newsome's on guitar

a recital passe Ilya vedras circulation

dizzily new songs on guitar

it's too expensive Satoshi I can give

you a 10% discount

Roberto Firmino amis do disposal

satoshi reporter in Hermes do disposal

when did you buy the car call Aviva

still have what you this April

to set any

come I've ever still have with you on

average this attorney

are you sure you can carry all of these

Teresa co2 property Tusa

sure I can just be super

trucha to property - sir you Cecil


how will you spend the evening c'mon

passar a bola soiree

I'll probably stay home and watch TV

Javert probably molest the alum easel he

got a deal a dilly

c'mon passar a bola soiree Giove

probably more est à la maison du gard

ela Tilly

have a nice weekend pass a humble

weekend thanks you too mixie 12c

pasión Bowl weekend

mixie 12c

can you write in English for very


no I can't no razuna papa

probably clearly no sir no papa

what is your family name Kelly Vuitton

anatomy Williams


Kelly votre nom de Familia Williams

I have to go now in Fukushima tono

bye see you soon bye attribute to

in Fukushima to know by attribute to

you can do it can't you Tupelo fairness

bah it will be difficult but I will try

so Sahar difficile measure VCE

Tupelo fair nespa so sahar difficile

measure VCE

come again tomorrow Avenida ma'am I'm

sure I will

tsuzuku sort of fill hey

Oh Avenida ma'am just be sure to sort of

fill Hey

what's the date today only Keller Audrey

today is May 13 2019

nous sommes Audrey blue tears may

demilled is enough

only Keller Audrey nous sommes Audrey

Lopez may demilled is enough

how's your sleep komova Tulsa may

I barely slept because of the noisy

neighbors share append ami ecause Dave

was embryo

come over to sue me say append ami

ecause the was embryo

is this your book civet Oliver

no that's not my book no Sony BAM all


savate Oliver no sunny Palmolive

hello is Miss Wilson there Bonjour

Mademoiselle Wilson illa I'll see if I

can get her for you as Raviv worth is

Apple Airport Wow

Bonjour Mademoiselle Wilson Allah Judith

were super Lavoie Putra

where are you going over to Kamsa



over to come sir a la bibliothèque

would you please turn down the TV

pouvez-vous s'il vous plait basella

Tilly sorry I like the TV loud dizzily

zem leti liebe we aren't

pour vous s'il vous plait basella tele

dizzily zem leti lib we aren't

what do you do in your spare time k-fed

wood on Votto liebe read books and chat

with friends

they deliver they discreetly avec vous


k-fed wouldn't vote only by lizzy

deliver a dispute a avec vous Sammy

did you call your friend in Canada a

vivo app live at home you Canada

she was already asleep when I called

last night

well donate these our country applies


if you apply bottom you Canada Eldo

maeda's our country applies wha

do you plan to do some odd jobs

avirulent Oceano failed a petty Bulow

yes I'm applying to work at the library

we refer in demand praça de la


a virulent Oceano fell deeper tubular we

were facing demand Pro travail a la


when did you see them first Conley's a

vivo viva la première fois

at the baseball game on Tuesday

jalisa view so match the baseball Maddy

Conley's a viva viva la première fois

julissa views on match the baseball math


why do you say that 22 slaw

America is far away from here

you know Elwha DC

credit is la la miracle you know Elwin


may I help you please roseyd

can you show me where I can find

toothpaste who live women want leaves

you put over you don t piece

priests roseyd pouvez-vous memorials

report evaded on TVs

how are you doing these days Kamala


not bad same as usual

malcom debited

Kamala lucero see a malcolm debited

why did you go there for quite really

l'abbé I went there on business

easily purifier

for quite you a little bomb this

weaselly purifier

how old are you Kella habeeboo

I'm 22 years old

to do zone

kailash habibu see van to do so

I'm gaining weight Japan dupois

exercise is good for you legs axis a


Japan deeper leagues axis a BOSU

my dog dies this weekend mochila amok

the weekend

I'm sorry to hear that

we don't own the versa

mochila amongst the weekend just read

easily don't taunt versa

what do you want to do tonight guess

kochira versus wha I would like to go

see a movie

lavalla film

kikuchi versus wha Samba is a Lavoie


who is your teacher kirtan professor mr.

Smith is my teacher

she's meet mo professor

kirtan professor mrs. Smit demo


how long have you had these symptoms

Deepika mandatory versus symptom

about three days now and I'm really

tired too

want washroom at no edges with way more

fatigue you'll see

the pre commendatory was a symptom of

you want washroom at no adjust even more

fatigue you'll see

eat everything Marsh - thank you for

cooking so much delicious food

see dava reason a boat on the plaid


most to make seed of a reason a boat on

the blood Alicia

do you drink alcohol Viva voodoo Alcala

occasionally I drink alcohol in marieve

Dubois de Alcala

the vivo de alcalá in marieve dois to


would you like to order now voulez-vous

come on Damon oh yes plays oui s'il vous


voulez-vous kimande maintenant oui s'il

vous plait

should I go to her soccer game Judah

really has so much doe foot

you can go if you want to to be a lazy

to the

Jadhav really has so much doe foot

chipiya less each other

were you at home last night áthe Allah

Missoula new Danya

I worked late last night no have a

guitar yes wha

a teacher alum is all an idea

no de travail Geeta Yasuo

I want to eat something super magical


how does a burger sound

you need a number girl

you've a magical Carozza case could you

lead the number girl

I could really use a drink after today

she'll have lemon besoin de ver how play

old me

never drink

as ma

so have high mambas wonder where her

player told me sooner blossom a

what time do you finish your work Akira

fini save over to Hawaii

o'clock sharp

Cesar bill

Okello finis a votre travail a


he decided to go abroad

illah decided le Alejandra



illa de la Torre with Italy

did you have a good time yesterday

who said Ruby enemies a yeah

much fun at the concert yesterday remove

a 10-month a Musial cancer he air

who said Ruby on amusia Gemma Street

Almonte Musial concer here

how much is it Kumba else I could 200

the song

combien sigh could this song

how unlucky I am caramel sauce urges


it always rains during our soccer


Ella to respond over match the football

caramel sauce urges Tree Hill platoon

respond over match the football

what a lovely weather quell Bhutan

it's a perfect day for a picnic

parfait put on picnic

Kelly Bhutto cetera parfait Putin picnic

how's your business Cuomo Volvos affair

we had a rough start but it's doing

great now

new Devonian debut difficile miss of a

tribe Yemen No

Comeau Volvo's affair news even debuted

official miss of a tribe yeah man no

are you ready who's it pay

no not yet No

don't go

who's that play known pisanka

this shirt is too small for me to wear

said show me Zito petits polka julep box

you need to go shopping

after shopping

said show me the top petite puka shell

apart to a booze when the affair do


how's it going Kumal says bus pretty



Kumal says pass utopia

do you often have dreams a vivasvan did

however some nights I have very vivid


certainly you

they have Treves

a weber souvenir ever certainly you

they have Treves

I'm the new class president Ursula

nouvelle president the class

unbelievable Okwe habla

Ursula nouvelle president the class


how did you like it set applicable

it's fantastic c'est fantastique

set applicable c'est fantastique

we're going to have a test today new

Zohan exam our Audrey

I am glad I read the chapter carefully

last night

contente a very attentive man superiors


nozawa examine Audrey this week on toned

a very attentive Mancha Petrie Yasuo

my wife is pregnant Moff immittance aunt



Moff immittance aunt felicitous you

may I open the window really laughs


sure BSE you

preview real-life Annette BSE you

do you have breakfast every day when a

votre petit dejeuner truly rule each day

I eat toast and eggs

sakru Ramones the toast it is ooh

when Ava votre petit dejeuner to Leroy

sag drew Ramones the toast

it is ooh

he was born in Africa

Eleni I'm a freak does he visit his home

often vz2 teal sue Vance Amazon

Eleni I'm a freak visit ill to Vance


can you speak slowly pouvez-vous parler

Lord Maul

I will try my best to speak slowly

you probably learned more

pouvez-vous parler learnt more just

ahead MooMoo properly learn more

are there any questions yeah tilde


the paper bee

Vitelli longer the poppy

yeah tilde question caldo Vetala longer

of the poppy

do you mind if I open the window satu

gents arugula Fernet

the breeze would feel nice

please surrett agreeable

sergeant's arugula finit LaBrie's

surrett agreeable

did you sleep well Tribune da me no I

couldn't sleep well at all

no deny they possibly and of me

- a bientot me know renovate possibly

end of me

sorry to keep you waiting for so long

désolé divisive a Fiat Ando silento

no no it's fine is something wrong

though no no no sir Toby Oh Kefka shows

me that Basu bundle

désolé Basava Fiat or no sealant oh no

no no sabía kefka shows me that pass

upon doe

will you show me your photo album vomit

cohabit album photo yes there are many

pictures of my family we Ilya book would

photo DeMatha me

vato habit album photo we Ilya book

would photo DeMatha me

he is watching TV Aloha gondola TV can

you please ask him to come help they

would be demoted Veniero's ad

Aloha gondola TV movie would be modded

Veniero's ad

I nearly made a mistake she fell far

near her

good thing you caught it before you sent

a letter Guzman kuchela at happy ovando

vuela let

Jeff a fairly narrow hose manque de la

otra P a fondo viola let

have you ever returned home before 7:00

at Vizag impressive Rosetta

no I like to stay out late

No azam aunt Rita

a twitter account receivable setter no

Azam aunt Rita

I plan to retire at age 60 repla Wanda


ass weselton you must have been saving

for years

the economy's a pond and a zani

Jacque Labuan bajo threat as weselton

who's a video economy's a pond and a


I have many friends in foreign countries

J book would emulate kanji do you visit

them often

lividity Suva

she booked with a merely country

lividity Suva

can I use this bike Chris utilises ovolo

sure but the tires need more air

Meli news on besoin de pree there

krisily this ovolo BSU melanosome besoin

de pree there

once your motherland Kalavati battery

I was born in India and brought up in

France just beanie on and Asia Gandhi of


Kalavati battery just weenie on hand is

a grantee of house

what's that kiss goosey

it's a pencil see thank you

Kiska sea city tree on

do you like Coke to em la coka I like

sprite better than coke you prefer spite

a cook

um Luca Luca fire spite a cook

the box is almost empty libertà Pesce

vida go to the store to get more cereal

Gazza brush the priest to cereal

la Barthe Pesce vida ELISA Mikasa rusty

proves to cereal

what's your nationality Kalavati



make seek

Kalavati nationality Mexique

my little brother can read English won't

pity Fraxel ear Longley he is very smart

he let presentation

Mon petit fraks le Longley le président


I have been exhausted lately je te

precedium Oh

have you tried spending one day just

resting a vivo ECG dope-ass see engineer

waha posi

je te presider normal Ave voice a ghetto

pass a in Rene

waha posi

he's always been kind to me Allah to

Allah terentyev Akuma

Johnny's never mean done nezam Amy Shaw

ela to Zuma terentieva come on John

nezam a missile

who will accompany you to the airport he

was accompanied by a hobo my son


he was accompanied on a hapa Monfils

who's driving kick andriy my sister will


Maseo country ha

kickin three-master country huh

I hope to start my own business j'espere

lonesome upon Teresa you would be

successful with your work ethic

huzzah Vedas you say avec votre tikki


j'espere long same Apopka no please

Boozer hey did you say avec votre tikki


are you feeling sick vuvuzela temel

no I'm just tired no refused to fatigue


Vova salty man no just reduce to fatigue


are you free on Saturday tually Boise MD

sorry but I have a date on Saturday

dizzily measure Hahn Davos MD

- le boy some D diesel a measure hon

Davos MD

can someone pick up the dry-cleaning Cal

can Pirelli Shaquille Alonso pressing

I can do it there's a pearl of fair

Cal camper Alicia Sheila larger pressing

Subaru fair

do you need a gift box for it vivo booze

want a coke Ricardo poster ah

no need it's for me Babu's were sipping


avi boo-boos vanderkoff Ricardo pox

Allah Babu's wa sapore

I am trying to lose some weight

they say the tallow dupois I think

that's a good idea

Japan's kazejin burn ID

they say the tail Dodger POIs Japan's

Cosette in bonne idee

do you want to sit down relieve ovo's s


yes please I am tired

you play just be fatiguée

voulez-vous visas wha oui s'il vous


just v fatigue a

do you think he hates me - quacking MIDI

test he is introverted

and Hoover tea

- akima detest Alette and poverty

do you usually have lunch alone de

genève usar debited

I often eat lunch sitting at my desk

Giroud adjourned Cervantes see a muumuu


des renovacell debited rhodesian

Cervantes e among boohoo what are you

going to do next week

Kelly vu fearless women portion

I'm going to go to New York next week

javis a New York classman person

Kelly vu fearless women portion revision

New York Lessman portion

are you ready to order at vu Priya come

on Dee yes I'll have the roast chicken

Hui jus pond hellooo pull a hottie

at vu player come on D we Japan halo

pull a hottie

obviously he is wrong Allah total


what is the correct answer


elet Oh Hal evidence Caleb on weapons

I'm afraid I must be off now GBM pelted

wahrman element oh no it's only eight



GPM pelted wahrman element anon in


what do you think about that movie

Kapost Judas a filmer I thought the

movie was very interesting jet - Viru

film tires and Teresa

Kapost reduce a filmer z to Viru film

trays and Arezzo

what's the height of the building Kelly

law LGBT mall

more than 300 meters Redoute Wausau map

kalila otogi bat-signal Ruidoso met

may I ask you something preach to the

modak elko shows

yes what's your question we can avert or

kissed you

fish to the modak Elko shows we can ever

Turkish to

how do you get to work camasta hornwood


i get to work by bike Yamaha's with

hawaii a velu

c'mon sir horn would have a Yamaha Ave

Ave Lou

what's your budget for this trip

Kalavati bouge pas sur voyage $400 in


and hola Oh totally

Kalavati bouge pas surveyor Katzen doula

uh total

glad to see you again javi the revoir

glad to see you too I hope everything is


cantando debajo see j'espere could prove


Rafi the ruble war cantando debajo see

j'espere could prove a BIA

what's new with you quit enough shavoo

in the city Jen would have a on ville

quit nerf Shibu Jen would have a oval

do you have an appointment who's a via

hold a vous

I don't

no but you too

who's a via Hall Dave oh no not you too

when is it convenient for you consul

Avoca V until Friday afternoon is fine

Vaughn whaddya Pema D Citra Mia

councillor Bokova until Vaughn DoDEA

Prem et cetra Mia

I can swim well recipients gee

I don't like to swim I prefer running

in Panaji you prefer who here

recipient she ran in Panaji you prefer


can I borrow your umbrella pre-show

Pontiff atal bihari sure but please

return it tomorrow

PSU me s'il vous plait honda Luna

pre-job pontiff elaborately beyond sue

me s'il vous plait Ron de Loup de Mer

how much is this tie combien could set


tie costs $18 said covet could defeat


combien could set kibbutz set Cavett

could defeat dalla

I got my right leg hurt in the accident

Sheila roamed what bliss adore exceed oh

I'm sorry injuries are not good

dizzily lipless you know suburban

Sheila roamed what bliss adore exceed oh

just read easily lipless your new Santa


what's your first name Kelly Vitaly no



Kalavati penile Mikhail

you speak English very well vous parlez

describe young ugly

thank you shavoo her mercy

vous parlez try bein ugly je vous


how much is the total combien quitly


your total is 1600 yen votre total Adam

Ilse so yen

combien quickly total voter total admins


I found your last keys jetovator clipper


it doesn't matter anymore so not brew

their bottles

je trouve take Lapera do so not blue the


I'd like to see you again next week

Gemma hvala voila Suman pushin do you

want to meet for dinner on Monday

countenance R&D

gem hvala Suman potion to the

countenance R&D

where does it hurt whiskas a female here


Wesker's a female PC

what's your daughter's name

Kelly Lunati TAFIa her name is Naomi

now me

Kelly luenell the TAFIa Elsa bell now me

how are you feeling Comeau voice on TV

I don't feel good

some papaya

come-over santaville Genma sopapillas

I lost my pet dog today jebel do Michele


I really sympathize with you

p'tee promote avec vous

jeepers demuccio Chaudhary sure

competive remote avec vous

give me a hand with this bag

then a microderm of EXO sucky this bag

is very heavy

such a trial ooh

Danny microderm Arvixe Oh sack so suck

it i'll ooh

are you a native speaker of English

who's at the long maternal anglaise

no my mother language is Spanish no my

long maternal el español

who's that DeLong maternal on glass no

Milan maternal el español

how did your physics exam go Kumasi pass

it on examine the physique

bad Thanks


c'mon SEPA set on examen de physique

PAML merci

it's not my fault Sunita my foot

the VARs

of us

sunita my foot iya phaeton bolívar's

I'm pregnant just weasel sense is it a

boy or a girl

Satan gasps Oh win fee

just reason sent Satan gasps Oh win fee

what kind of business are you in don't

cal jour de fête at vu

I work for an apparel company

have I pre not apprised of it mo

don't kill Jacques de fair a true je

travaille pre not appeased of it mo

what do you eat Casca two more

toast coffee and salad when I have time

toast Kathy a salad contralto

Casca chemours toast Kathy a salad


how tall are you Kalavati Italia

five feet ten inches

you a meta second

Kelly what retire DiMaggio and met was a


I like neither of them Jun mo kindled


what size do you want Keltie voulez-vous

Jun mo can don't her health I believe


what season do you like best

ken season play forever I like autumn

the best


Kelsie's on prefer a vu Zuka fair Lewton

do you cook dinner yourself Lupe Pavel

Odin a woman I usually get takeout from

a restaurant

daba treat soup on the plaza Alba

dearest oh ho

who prepare illusion a woman dabit wid

you on de Plaza Alba dearest oh ho

could I borrow your car repeat don't

plant it up with you

sure as long as you promise to take care

of it

yes you don't go to PubMed attano could


repeat don't plant it up with you enc

you don't get you palmetto no creepy

where is the nearest supermarket who

satola supermarket Oprah push

the nearest supermarket is on Curtis


supermichel proposed as your cookies


loser table Super Mario Prakash Lu super

Masaru Prakash as your cookies Street

I'd like to send this package to Japan

Jem Hawaii so Coolio Chappell

cost $75 to send that package la fois

desuka Lee Koontz wasn't cans de la

gem Hawaii Sokoli Apple la voix de su

Kali cuts wasn't cans de la

why are you so late pourquoi tusita

studied for my test tomorrow stated year

Poorman exam and in there

Prakriti Sita Gita poem on exam and Oona

are there any questions yet Tilda


no questions everything's clear

question to declare

here till the question padhu question to


is that okay Sadako

that's fine see Ted yeah

Sadako see Trebbia

hello can I see mr. brown Bonjour

Chippewa mr. brown sorry mr. Brown can't

see you now des early Monsieur Brown no

Papa vous voir met no

Bonjour Chippewa Monsieur Brown days

early Monsieur Brown no popov voir

Matt no

the milk tastes sour luli Gangu acid it

is old drink the apple juice

Olivia viv a legit bum

luli Gangu acid Ella VA reve a legit bum

hello may I speak to mr. Wilson bozo

preach palea mr. Wilson hold on

the example

buzu crisp earlier mr. Wilson at on the


I need more training for the new

software Jai besoin de Prince de

formación polo nuvvula GCL so do I well

seizure of the

Jai besoin de please de formación Paulo

nuvvula GCL more seizure of the

I ate cookies for breakfast Yemanja de

Cuchillo petit dejeuner

I will never tell

soon Rudy resume

Jumanji day Cuchillo petit dejeuner Zulu

divas Sammy

let's go to the gym alone Jim Naz

I feel so fatigued today

so see fatigue is Audrey

a lone gymnast Jemison see fatigue I


you have a radio don't you lose every

nodule nespa

no I don't know there's a no nipa

who's a very no hadou nespa no no no


do you have any cavities Mousavi Bakari

I think I have one cavity but I go to

the dentist next week require Cozine

kahi Ezra vasila dentist la semaine


Mousavi dakari require Cozine kahi ms

reversal ooh dentist la semaine potion

were you busy yesterday

ESCA treaty occupé yeah I was very busy

at work and at home

detectors okay Ave dial Amazon

ESCO treaty occupier g-ted president of

a yalom ism

which one is mr. James's office Luke le

Loup you do mr. James

it's room 201 on the second floor

solution producer or doozy amita's

Luke le Loup you do mr. James selection

deucey deucey emitters

tomorrow's your birthday do not settle

naive si

I can't wait see at the yet

doom acetone anniversay the at the yet

what do you do at work ephedra Hawaii I

answer telephones and do some typing

juhi ponzu telephone issue that a la


k-fed votre vie Joe Raposo telephone you

tap a la machine

what would you like to eat Gasca chief



new year

Casca chief emoji new year

the pain is getting worse la dullahan


perhaps you should just rest


la dullahan Pierre Judith a potato to

her Posey

have you ever been to Canada voodoo

jolly ol Canada

but I want to go to Canada no measure

vous salue Canada

at voodoo Giulio Canada no measure vous

salue Canada

how far is it from here a cumbia SDC it

is about a 10 minute walk

that our view won't demean you to the


a cumbia s DC set off your own mini to

the mouth

why were you absent yesterday for quite

a few apps oh yeah I was sick yesterday

so I stayed home a gteen melodia hello

Jose Veras tlme zoom

for quite a few apps oh yeah ZT melodia

allows for estella me zoom

this table is reserved suta blue

Irizarry can we sit at the bar and

puss-ass wah wah bah

suta bluie reserved a empezar swaha

the girl resembles her mother la fée

homeless MA

they have blonde hair and blue eyes

use only shove a blow it is you'd blow

la fere homeless Emir is only shove a

blue LS Udrih

do you know what time it is to say


it's 3:40 p.m.

Lake Anza Cajon

to say luckily La Casa Cajon

what do you think about the price

compulsive would you pee I think it's

too expensive your balls Ksyusha

kirpan say would you pee your pants

cause it was a

what do you like best apples pears or

bananas escucha prefer deepam depois OD


apples daepung

escucha prefer deepam depois de banana

deep um

is this your first trip abroad savato

premier Voyager literally

no I have been to Brazil Peru and France

no refusal Brazil Oh boohoo Bill Haas

c'est votre mere boy a little J no just

easily o Brasil oppa who bare hands

have you got something bigger Mousavi

calcio shows Dupree go of course we've

got bigger sizes as well

yes you lose Afonso see they die you


Mousavi quelque chose de pree go psu

who's Afonso see the type Luke harmed

where are the stairs whose soul is this

Kelly go along the corridor and it's on

your right side

travail Okawa this

to vote could what

you soulless desk le travail kahlúa


you vote could what

how is grandmother doing klimova gourmet

just so-so

Joosten pookums ow

come over gourmet Houston pookums sir

would you mind closing the window for me

pouvez-vous family for Network boom ah

not at all bad too

pouvez-vous family Fernet obama bad you


will you go shopping with me to revenue

FL do shopping avec moi

of course be


Giavanna failed you shopping avec ma yes

you could we

it may rain tomorrow input I proved


we do not play soccer in the rain who

knows wrong path of football sulla Puri

I'll put a probe or dema Oona's wrong

path of football sulla Prix

do you get seasick easily booze every

facet Mally mal de mer when I can't see

the horizon I get seasick

konzern Wapello reason sorry mal de mer

Mousavi facile Mally mal de mer concern

Wapello reason they remodeled mer

what kind of job have you ever had

control de travail of Abuja most jobs I

get our firm marketing La Plata is

employer jobs yeah some pure marketing

Celso travail of a bodega la Papa this

on Parker jobs yeah some pure marketing

I go abroad for touring every year

Rupa on tone a little shaken e where are

you going this year

La Voz attorney

Reaper on turn a little shaken e la voz


how's your wife komova vittor fam'ly

she's good

and we

come over virtual farmer a led we

what do you usually do on Sundays

effective arbitral Molly dommage

on Sundays I like to read books

Marrs Zemlya believer

ephedra bitch'll Molly dommage Lou

dommage samely


I'd like to have a coffee Gemma hype

hold on Kaffee

like sugar in your coffee voulez-vous

desucon photography

Oh Gemma pornography voulez-vous DC

converter Cathy

what kind of sports do you like ken's

Aldous poem ever

I like soccer and basketball xemnu

football they do basketball

can show this poem evil xemnu football

the basketball

may I try it on sure policia

of course you can

yes you could see to put

Rupali see ya yes you could see to put

that man is a teacher isn't he said Tom

I am professor nespa

yes he is oui la

set on it and professor nespa we la

may I see your insurance card please

please Rafa take out the stalls s'il

vous plait here you are


please robot Raquel - your holes s'il

vous plait voila

I'm taking a half day leave tomorrow

Roppongi me Sinead O'Connor Adama did

you inform the boss about it

as a familiar pattern

Roppongi mission attack on radio ma'am

Jonah's a former patron

do you need any help Mousavi booze one

dead please call an ambulance

Louisa please no blows

Boozer vapors one dead Luiza cleaner


what did you buy Kevi Vashti

I bought this bag do you like it - this

a sack sir - Blair - ah

Kevi vashti vashti Sasak SATA blade wha

which do you think should I choose

Kedavra choisir I don't have an opinion

you need bad opinion

Kedavra choisir juni bad opinion

I missed my flight Jarret Imel Varla too

bad Dumars

Jarrett Amell voila damar

I have a headache Jim Moluccan

you should have a nap before you go to


- love affair in CST Bonnell it Hawaii

Jim Moluccan to do very fair in CST

Bonnell it Hawaii

do you usually work late into the night

Futaba Utada la nuit

when there are big projects to be done

Hosea hey Lizzy

would have a autonomy continued the cob

Hosea hey Lizzy

I want a refund the humble Simone do you

have a receipt who's a visible suit

you're the humble Simone was a visible


do you have a car whose Avenue at you

yes I have a new car we say new Velva to


who's a very macho we say nouvelle what


water the flowers a Jose Lafleur

sure I love taking care of plants

see shadow haunt us when the plant

ah who's le Fleur VSU shadow haunt was

when the plant

excuse me how can I get to the bus


excusez-moi come on primo honda allah

guru jack

you can take the bus and get off at the

second stop vous pouvez pas and woodlot

abuse it is sound or doozy male

excusez-moi come on preach mahaan alla

guru je vous pouvez pas a lot abuse it

is sound audio Xiomara

don't hog the bathroom no monopolies

about LaSalle goober my hair must be

perfect for my date

mr. averred worth better bath fair put

more on evil

no monopoly soup at La Salle uber Miss

revert was dead parfait promo on TiVo

are you busy right now - bo-kyung Sumomo

yes right now isn't a good time Buie

soon Apollo gone Momo

Chiaki fiance memo we soon Apollo boomer

you made a mistake on this bill was a

very universal supported aloha please

wait while I double-check at IndieGoGo

very fee de fois

Mousavi funeral shop ahead Aloha at

IndieGoGo very Phaedo fois

do you want to get off here to ver this

Andre see

get off on the next stop

no Judas

Oh son of a

to avoid a sound Ricci no Judas

Horsham are they

what time does the bus leave for the


akela paribas palapa

I don't know since it bad

akela battle Obispo leopa príncipe

is there anyone who can help me K

company Lima D what's the problem

Kelly no problem

Cal campus in medi-cal problem

which one is the longest river in China

Kelly loop little flutter Sheena the

Yangtze River Lafleur Lindsay

Kelly loop you know Flavia Sheena

Lafleur vnz

I felt like crying Jovie deploy losing a

game is sad

and much at least

govt deploy better much at least

here's the ring I was telling you about

alala bag Dorothy parley I see


voila Bakura typically serve wha

today it's my treat what do you want to

eat or Audrey Sumati regala qu'est-ce

que tu veux mochi surprise me with your

favorites supe mwah addicted playfully

Oh Rory Sumati regala cask achieve emoji

supa moi elected playfully

what time will dinner be served Okello

loudini so vital savvy

we will eat dinner at 6 o'clock

comedy's Vita

Okello lugina so vital sorry Nadine

Hamid is Rita

I wonder if she will marry him

Jumma de mon c le puse aha

he is a great man

see tank autumn

Jim Odom on CLE Pusa sitting on Tom

you are so considerate Teresa Paiva no

everyone deserves a kind treatment

ermand married and had more