Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Master in Biology - Evolutionary Biology

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I am fascinated by the way life organizes itself

and the way immensely complex systems have developed through time.

By unravelling the principles of evolution

we can try to understand how organisms work and predict how life can change

or implement it to other processes in science to optimise and improve them.

The master specialisation Evolutionary Biology at Leiden University offers the freedom

to explore and research evolution from the biggest to the smallest scale,

from bacteria to ecosystems.

There is a lot of room to specialise in the topics you find most interesting

and to focus on research, to do an internship at a company, go abroad and follow a broad selection of courses.

Right now I am doing research on the evolutionary development of insect immune systems.

In the future I would like to improve my scientific skills

and apply the principles of evolution I study on the problems we all face.

For instance, I would like to do research on predicting, preventing and finding solutions for antibiotic resistance.

The Description of Master in Biology - Evolutionary Biology