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Whats good mah well read ballas? This week we bootinup and banginout with Fight

Club by Chuck Palahniuk. Our nameless narrators life has taken some weird-ass turns. Right

now he sittin on top a building thats rigged to blow any second and hishomieTyler

Durden got a piece in our boys mouth. How did things get so f*cked? Well he bout to

tell us in a FLASHBLACK PLAYA!

Da narrator aint slept foa longass time. Da only thing dat get him right is droppin

in on support groups for diseases he aint even got, and weepinlike he bout to drop

dead. Brutha catchin hella Zs til he notice someone new at his nut-cancer meeting- some

GIRL named Marla. Huh? Dat aint right. She showinher face at other groups too

and since she eyeballin him like she know he fakin’, brutha cant sleep no mo.

So when he call her out on her bullshit, she likeboy I will narc on yo ass fofrontin

like you sickSo they agree to split up da meetings. One day da narrator on a bidness

trip when he decide to roll by a nude beach so he can peep game at some tittays. While

there, he become boys wit some suave-ass philosophical playa named Tyler Durden. Dude headinback

to his crib whenOH HAELL NAW.” His apartment straight BLOWN UP. Not knowinwhat else

to do, da narrator hit up Tyler for a place to crash. They meet up at a bar and Tyler

say he can stay wit him if he do one thing- hit him as hard as he can. Say what?

The narrator oblige a brutha, and aftadat, they just cant STOP whoopin on eachotha

just fo da hell of it. Next thing you know, Tyler and da narrator round up all da dudes

society has beaten down and start a Fight Club, where they beat on eachother like it

aint thang. Our boys move in together at some run-down shit hole on Paper Street. Soon

Marla start droppin by to do da buck nasty with Tyler. OOO WEEE!

Da narrator seem mad jealous- ‘specially since he been havindreams of givin

it to her good, and cuz Marla hogginall Tylers time.. Aftada narrator get tossed

outta work fo the day since he got blood all up on his threadz, Tyler decide he gonna teach

da narrator a lesson bout what it means to hit rock bottom. So he whip out some lye and

give da narrator a burn on his hand dat sting like a BITCH. All da while, Tyler likestop

trippinbaby. This is the greatest moment of yo life and you missin it!”

Since Fight Club need a solid cashflow, da boys start makin soap using fat sucked outta

Marlas own MAMA and then sellinit to rich folk! NASTY! As time go by, Fight Club

start blowin UP! They got so many hoods in they crew, Tyler decide to step up his game

with Project Mayhem, where he take erryday working hustlas and break em down til they

stone cold gangstas trynastick it to society- Im talkin bustin up public property, boostin

shit, and even piss in peoples grub. Soon da crib full of so much soap and so many dudes,

not even da narrator know whats goin on’.

Turns out Fight Clubs goin global now. Erry time da narrator travel to anotha

city, people act like they know him and treat him like some kinda God. Not knowing what

da hell Tyler up to, he call Marla and she likeWhat you want Tyler?” “Yo hold

up. What you say my name is?” “F*cking duh, man. Tyler Durden.” Thats right-

the narrator IS Tyler Durden- like two minds occupying da same body at different times.

Da hell?

Aftahis support group homie big titty Bob gets ghosted doin some project mayhem

shit, he try to tell erryone to put the hustle aside and just GO HOME. But there aint

no stoppin deez gangstas. They in WAY too DEEP! So they kick da narrator out and now he only

got once choice: he gotta put Tyler DOWN befoProject Mayhem completely destroy society.

Now we back where we started- at the top of a building with a piece in da narrators

mouth- cept now we know fool doin it to himself. Marla and da whole support group gang show

up to help but da narrator likeHold up... if Tyler is just in my head then da only way

to kill him is...” BANG- he put one in his cheek.

Cept, brutha aint dead. He wake up in da hospital where da cats workinon him look

a lot like dem project mayhem dudes. They whisperWe still playinon, playa.”

Even though Tyler might be dead, Project Mayhem sho as hell aint.

So... deez dudes are whoopin on each other even though there aint got no beef? What da hell

are they smoking on? Well when you livina life where yo erry day is grindinaway

at a desk, wearina suit, sayinyes sir no sir, and actin how you told to act-

how else you gonna know you a legit MAN?

Dats why dem hoods join up with Fight Club- cuz all da bullshit expectations ofcivilized

society actin like a vice on their nuts. In a time of pedicures, political correctness,

and sensitivity training , men aint men- they men in captivity. Like Tyler say: “were

a generation of men raised by women.”

One dude LITERALLY lost his nuts- da narrtors homeboy Big titty Bob. Bob perfectly representin

dat emasculation theme. First- da testicular cancer group is calledRemaining Men Together.”

And second- Bob used to be a swole-ashell body builder, but aftajoosintoo hard,

he a nutless crying bitch with a sweet pair otittays- which exactly how da men in

dis book feel.

Anotha thing bruthas do to feel like they top dawg is buy a lot of stupid-ass stuff-

couches, drapes, lamps nall dat mess. But no mattahow much cash they throw around,

no mattahow many threadz their sheets got, it dont make em feel right, it make

em feel numb. Da only way they can feel ANYTHING is by literally WRECKINEACHOTHERS SHIT.

Da narrator say it best: “You arent alive anywhere like youre alive at fight club (51).”

Dis rebirth all thanks to one of da realest gangstas in all the lit game: Tyler

Durden. Mattafact, Tylers leadership is straight Jesus-like. When Da narrator hit

up Tyler on da phone, his thoughts are a Tyler re-mix of the Lords prayer:

Cept, Tyler is breakin homies down wit chemical burns and makin

em obey him like they dogs. And whereas Jesus tried to better da world through love and

redemption, Tyler sayFUCK redemption. Society is beyond saving. We gotta burn all

this shit to da GROUND.”

Yuh dis book make us ask some pretty raw questions bout our lives: Has society gotten so whack

dat we cant even recognize ourselves as human beings no more? Or are we so starved fo

meaning that we willing to do some terrible shit just to feel like

we really alive? Hmm..

Yo thanks for kickin it with me today, my well read ballas. Peace!

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