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Hakurei Futari" This video is a video version of the Touhou project dervative work "Hakurei Futari" with the previous generation's Hakurei Shirne Maiden as the protagonist. This series was already uploaded on Nico Nico but I decided to also upload it onto youtube. Please give it a watch. Please refrain from re-uploading this video without permission.

Disclaimer: "Hakurei Futari" is a derivative work with Hakurei Reimu and the previous generation's miko as the protagonist. It may contain out of character moments, and broad interpretations of the previous generation's miko and of the original setting. I recommend people who dislike these things to click away.a

Hakure Futari

...The present and the past.

The "Boundaries" of time.

No matter how much you wish for it, it cannot be overcome.

...It's been 10 years since you disappeared.

Episode 1 "Hakurei Shrine Bomb Terror"

Scene 1 Demon's Forest

Today's Victim Wriggle Nightbug

Warning!! roaming demon haunting grounds!!

Hey, you! Young lady!

Young lady... Do you mean me?



Roaming Demon of Paradise Hakurei Reimu




...Great timing, I was just having some money problems.

Young lady, don't you think you're looking pretty shabby right now?

Your hair is dishelved.

Your clothes are wrinkled.

Oi oi, you also have some food stuck on your cheek.

I-Insects of the forest...Please help me!

Even though you're so cute, don't you think it's a waste? Right?

Insects won't help you with your bed hair, you know? Didn't they teach you that at school?


See! All pretty, now.

Tha-Thank you very mu-

Now, take it out. Hand it over.


Eeh!? Uhmm...

My compensation

I cleaned you up, didn't I?

You're not going to tell me that you don't have any money, are you?

Come on! Try jumping up and down!


Scene 2 Meeting of the Victims

And now, I'd like to commence The 13th "Meeting of Hakurei Reimu's Victims".

D-Don't be so gloomy, everyone. Let's try to think of some counter measures.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Oh! Oh! Me! Me! Yes, Me!

...Cirno, go ahead.


As the strongest, I shall beat up that demon shrine maiden!

Tha-That's not a good idea.

She'll turn you to shaved ice again.

That was too cruel... It was a terrible incident...

Wriggle, where is Rumia?


It's useless thinking of a way to get back at her. She'll just return the favor 10 times worse.

She said that and then went to sleep at her office.

Ugh...Even the reliable Rumia...I guess it is no use...

You seem troubled.

Mysterious Arms Dealer Inaba Tewi

Got something that might interest ya

A-And this is?

A bomb. I borrowed it (without asking) from the Kappa.

Ooooh! I don't really get it, but it looks strong!

Cirno, that's dangerous, you know.

Why are you offering this to us?

You want to teach that shrine maiden a lesson, right?

I was thinking of helping you with that.

Even so, a bomb is a bit...

Don't worry! This bomb merely contains a large amount of pepper.

When it explodes, it will cover everything in pepper! Everyone nearby will be sneezing non-stop, Usa!



Yes in that case, it's fine.

Maybe we can even put some nails or metal shavings in it.

Mysty, you can be scary sometimes...

Well then, Let's have a strategy meeting! Everyone, let's figure out a way to carry this bomb to the shrine!


Heh heh heh. Such simple minded creatures. All that's left is to watch from afar.

The Kappa-

This is seriously dangerous!

Said that about the explosive power of the bomb. I'll have them show me just how strong it is.

Scene 3 Sunset by the Shrine

Self Proclaimed Magician Marisa Kirisame


...Say, Reimu.


Don't you think you should do some cleaning and re-organizing?

I'll help you out



Well, I'll do that later...


it sure is boring, eh...There haven't been any big incindents lately.

Yeah, that's true.

Thanks to that, business has been slow.

Honestly...Those villagers, when there's an incident, they're quick to show up crying.

But when everything's peaceful, they don't show their faces at all.

They should be more thankful and give me offerings...

Ahaha. Hmm?

Looks like someone's coming.

Do they have money!?

Laid-Back Gatekeeper Hong Meiling


Well, if it isn't the gatekeeper.


Don't get my hopes up.

Everyone treats me cruelly no matter where i go...


Even though I came all this way for the mistress' errand...

...Ok, here are the red-tea leaves. )I guess i don't really mind...)

Ah-Oh yeah, I did make an arrangement like that.

Give me a moment.

What are the leaves for?

I'm trading them for green-tea leaves. The mistress has taken an interest in them recently.

It seems that she drank some over here and found them delicious.

Heee...But why are you here?

Shouldn't this be a job for the maid?

Sakuya went missing again.

Seems that she's been going out a lot recently.

Ok, sorry to keep you waiting, will this be alright?


Ah! Yes!

Ah! Yes! Certainly.

Ah-by the way, is it alright for you to be away? You're just asking for a break-in, aren't you ?

Don't worry~I made sure to lock the gates. (No problem)

Is that really okay...?


It's been a long time since I've gone out. It feels so nice.

Also, I'll be charging you for the rice cracker you ate.

Eeeh !?


By the way, there was a strange box by the entrance, what exactly is that?

I got it!

Look ! This thing!

That wasn't there when I got here.

Somebody must've left it there. If they were doing some illegal dumping, I won't let them get away with it.

Hmm? Look! there's a letter on it.

Oh, you're right what does it say?


"To the shrine maiden thank you for all that you've done, keep up the good work!"

-It says ...

And the sender is "all of us".


Scene 4 Hakurei Shrine Explosion Terror

I knew it, They do understand.

Wh-Why did I have to...This was really heavy, you know...

Maybe it's packed with stone.

Don't say something so inauspicious! something this heavy must be rice or vegetables right?

Wait, it can also be bottles of sake !

If it's meat, then I'll be eating grilled meat tonight !

They're all food items!

Well whatever, in any case, shall we open it?

I'm opening it!

Look! They're about to open it!

Huh...? That was way more dangerous than I thought.


Ah! She's running away!

W-We should run, too !

If she finds out, we'll all be killed!

Come on, Cirno! We should hurry up!

Ha.. Huff... Huff... Ha...

Is this some kind of joke? Geez...!

Are you okay, Reimu ?

Phew...That was close


You blocked it with a barrier, incredible.

He-Hey! Are you ok?

I just had to use all of my power....So i'm really tired.

You mean you weren't able to block it even with your full power...That was quite the explosion.


That really wasn't something to take lightly. We're not just talking about the shrine, that could've blown away the entire mountain.

Eh-That strong...?

You're sweating all over...

Still, this barrier is really something else. It's stronger than anything i've seen you used before.


Don't touch it like that!


What are you going to do if it breaks!?

It's the type of barrier that forcefully seals things inside itself. The energy of the explosion is still intact inside of it.

Though I didn't manage to seal all of it.


So, if this breaks ...


We'd be blown to smithereens.

It's all chaos inside...

I'll pass on that, thank you.

But, we can't just leave it as is, you know ? What should we do?

We have no choice but to ask Yukari to gap the explosion away. I'm reluctant to do that, though.

Then let's quickly have her do that.

Something this dangerous needs to

Something this dangerous needs to be-


Hey, Reimu!


...Pfft. What? Aren't you glad that that wasn't as bad as we thought it was gonna be.

I'm not glad at all. What are we going to do about this!?

Everything got blown away.

...What's with that racket?


...Who are you?



It's a Pervert!

Who are you calling a pervert!

I was about to get in the bath...

Geez, what kind of incident are we having this time?

Where did you come from, all the sudden?

Also, who are you?

I'd like to ask you that myself.

When did the both of you sneak into the shrine? What's your purpose?

Those clothes...Could you be...

No, It can't be...

Things have gotten weird, don't you think?


Ow ow ow ow ow....

I've been met with such a cruel fate...

You two were much closer to the explosion than I was, why are you unharmed!?

...Eh? hmm?

...A youkai......


Woah !

They might be bigger than mine...

Uhm...Who is this person?

Answer my question, youkai!

What are you doing here!? what did you do while I was preparing to take a bath? Depending on your answer, I might not let you go without punishment!

Even though she's stark naked, she has an amazing killing intent...!

What's with this person? She's scary!

Both of you, calm down for a sec. In any case, put some clothes on.

Come on now, let go of me


Geez, with all this and that...

At times like these, it's faster to just call her.





There you are, you old ha-

No need for that.

No need for your mean words.

That said, that was quite the explosion, wasn't it? For you to receive a bomb like that, someone must've really held a grudge on you.

We're you watching!?

More importantly ...


Yakumo Yukari...For you to make an appearance...

What is it, Yukari? Do you know this exhibitionist?

Reimu, You...

She's the "Hakurei Shrine Maiden"

The one before you became the shrine maiden, Reimu.


Original : Touhou Project

The one before Reimu...

The previous generation's Hakurei shrine maiden?

Manga : Lockheart Story : ShiroUsagi Video Editing : waizeman/ShiroUsagi


Hakurei Futari

The Hakurei Shrine Maiden Previous to Reimu. She disappeared 10 years ago, but the details are unclear.

She's a mysterious individual who doesn't have her name or history written down, other than the fact that she was very powerful.

She's the only shrine maiden in history who wasn't able to use danmaku, create barriers, nor even able to fly.

Her hobbies are cooking and taking a bath. She dislikes sewing and knitting in general. Also, she's very weak against alcohol and she can't read katakana.

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