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Decorated palette

Hello hearts, welcome to the channel! Today I'm going to decorate a palette.

I made the palette taking as sample the one I use to paint and added 2 cm.

I pasted several layers of newspaper (paper mache) and let it dry. I gave it color with white acrylic paint.

It is ready to decorate. Let's do it!

Acrylic paintings.

TEDi stencils

Homemade relief paste. If you want to see how I prepare it, I leave the video on the top right.

Spray inks.

Sra. Granger text stamp and Versafine ink - deep lagoon-

I paint the brushes with chalk paints and white acrylic paint.

Golden paint, from the pack paintings with Lidl effect. I apply it gently with the fingertips, so it is easier to give color only to the area that protrudes from the relief.

Figures made with air drying paste. In case you want to see how I made them, I'll leave the video on the top right.

Doll Aidan and papers from a TEDi block.

Coloring with Spectrum Noir markers.

I cut outline of the wings and start decorating.

For gluing I will use hot silicone and cold silicone.

And so the palette has been decorated.

Thank you for joining me in step by step.

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I hope we meet soon. I'm Danay of crafts and other things. Chaooo

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