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- Hi everyone! - Hi!

Now the evening about 8 p.m. We're going to the supermarket

to purchase products and we decided that'll take you with us

I just want to go the mall and show you

- what you can buy and how much it costs - And what I can recommend you

Our elevator-look!

I have some Rasta-pants. I think that we will not show our way to the shop

because it is dark outside. So, see you next to Tesco Lotus.

We are going to small Tesco Lotus. I hope it is open

Big Tesco is far from us. Now the evening

Therefore today we will go to a small Tesco and see you there.

We came to Tesco Lotus, it is small. I'll show you, we're on the parking.

Here it is the small Tesco Lotus. Here a lot of ATMs

Thais often purchase here. If Tesco Extra is

a big complex and it's popular with tourists.

Here locals bought food. We go to choose food.

- Yellow price tags everywhere. - Yes, in the evening usually dumped prices

I've already talked about this in the last video, where to show their purchases.

And many have reacted ambiguously: "Yellow price tags! Then the food is

spoiled, and it can not be eaten" But everything is absolutely normal.

We came to the vegetables, I will take some greenery, cilantro

all for salad. Chinese broccoli... now, I'll not take it. Take this salad leaves

As usual in Thailand a lot of pepper, but ...

I don't take it, because I don't cook it

Galangal is ginger, it is important ingredient in many Thai dishes such as Tom Yam

I'll take the Chinese cabbage. 24 baht per kilo

In Thailand you can buy fruit such as apples, oranges. But usually

it is expensive. But now I see that is not so expensive. Some golden pear

costs 38 baht per kg, price tags right now somehow reduced.

Oranges costs 38 baht per kg, Kiwi is 13 baht per piece

Kiwi is import. I noticed that in such small

Tesco Lotus price is lower than in a large shopping complex where a lot of tourists

I thought so. So ordinary apples

are import. PCS is the price per piece

They look at me strangely. So, what else will we take? I need green beans.

Ok, green beans

How do I look?

In Thailand you can find a lot of powders. Such banks have all sorts of different sizes.

All sorts of different baby powder. Do you know how use it? Used instead of deodorant.

Oh, stinks lavender!

Thais use it instead of deodorant.

And Thai women use it on the face. Not exactly that.

Some people poured it into the boots to keep your feet dry

This powder with cooling effect, If you are hot

you can just sprinkle it over, powder will cool the your body.

- It's funny thing. - Chill?

You can buy small powder, it costs a penny. I'll tell you.

It costs 15 baht. This last long

If you are coming to Thailand, I probably will make the video and tell what you need to take a trip

Forget about creams, cleansers, deodorants. Here all products are available in travel versions

in small vials. I'll shoot myself from the bottom, because

I was forbidden to shoot. There's little body oils, shampoos

small deodorants. And all this is not expensive.

Small face cleansers, scrubs, many things. If I want

to try some Thai products, I buy small packs. And look,

I like it or not. It is "Clean&Clear"

products are Pond's

It is American company produced in Thailand

Funds mainly with whitening effect. Be careful

if you want to keep your tan. Sansilk is nice products

In Russia in not good, But here it has the best quality.

I like it! It is hair conditioner

I'll take it. I don't know for what types of hair

Probably I'll take few packs to test

In Thailand all sorts of colorful drinks.

Sweet tea. It costs very chip. Lipton costs 16 baht

But it is very sweet. It's energy drinks

Juices, I saw fun juice somewhere

This is with mangosteen, with Passion Fruit. Look!

it's beets, aloe juice of aloe. I can't imagine what it tastes like.

Broccoli juice! I want to try aloe with grapes juice

I didn't dare. Huge selection of any Thai sweets, crisps.

Dried bananas. It's not alcohol, it is a mouthwash.

Any sesame kozinaki, different cream candy.

I don't understand what is it. Is it beet?

Some vegetable sticks

- I took a mouthwash. I thought that .. - You are under arrest! Present your documents.

- I don't have documents! Can I show my boobs? - Yes!

I don't know what is it. Maybe it's corn sticks

Everything looks very strange, it looks like a worms

In Thailand you can find many kinds of nori

What's it called? This is algae

Nori is with different tastes, bacon taste

- It is very spicy! - It is fried.

So strange things. Here is a stand with these nori

layers wrapped into a tube. - We didn't show

- We were forbidden to shoot - We took cooked food, again yellow

price tag. It's not curry, it is soups. We take to try

- I think it is curry soup - Probably it's very spicy

If it was a curry, it would be written. Сhopped fish

Dry fish straws. Look! This fish

with bacon taste, grilled meat taste

So strange. It is unpacked

- Someone did not suffer - Someone opened.

It dried squid. Something strange with this fish

Never take this thing! This!

Don't take it! This very spicy and awful smells. It stinks of rotten fish.

- It tastes disgusting! - Dried fish is rotten with hot spices.

All sorts of nuts, dried fruit, a lot of pumpkin seeds

Peanuts, some nuts in a sweet glazes.

These nuts have been sold in Russia

It is spicy. Dried mango.

Dried tamarind with salt and chili. It tastes...

- For me it's disgusting. - Is that a shrimps?

I don't know. It is seeds. Watermelon seeds!

- And how to eat it? - Take and eat!

Very sorts of candy. Small candies "Halls" are cheap

Look, a lot of sorts jelly in funny packs.We didn't try it

We think that it must not be edible.

Flasks. A lot of different pastes. It is not

healthsome. Huge jelly! What about chocolate

in Thailand it is very little. You can find ordinary sort of chocolate

like Lindt, Snickers and other

A stand of monosodium glutamate, which Thais actively added into everything.

- All sorts of different sizes. - Add in a salads.

In PadThai, in SomTam

Interesting canned

Canned lychee, canned rambutans

- Canned mango. - Do you need spam, guys?

Spammed all. We are not allowed shoot, but we do it on the sly.

I don't understand why? I asked: "Why can not I shoot?"

"I don't know!" she answered. Any seasoning for everything: for Tom Yam, for chicken,

I think this is the chili paste. Yes chili paste

It is very spicy. Nam Prik sauce should be somewhere. But freshly prepared sauce

taste better. Usually the sauce in the pack is very spicy

Not tasty. Here noodles sold

egg noodles. This is tasty. Sweet and sour sauce.

for everything

But freshly prepared too much tastier than in packages

There is air conditioned and I froze. It is Nam Pla

It's fish sauce. You can buy the small bottles

and to be a happy man. A stand with noodles, Thais really love that

Buy such huge bundles. A lot of soy milk

with all sorts of different tastes. It is very sweet

At first time I did not like that

But only... No it's not with a banana. This is chocolate.

That's soy milk with banana tasty. And it's delicious.

It's probably not even soy milk, it's cow's milk.

Oh, try this soy milk, "Double Black" and red pack

I like it! It's very tasty, and this too.

It has all sorts of different sizes. We'll go to the cashier already.

We purchased 1,000 baht again. We usually buy the products for 1000 baht

And now we go home to eat, cook and work.

We didn't buy a watermelon today. Watermelons ended. But we took papaya and many others

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