Difficulty: 0

Ayayay! Its Qucee in Dubai.

Im still here bro.

Actually I dont wanna laugh cause as I said were still in Dubai.

Theres a restaurant here and they have the hottest chinken wings from whole Dubai.

I feel kinda nervous. I just want to meet the owner and ask him some stuff.

Lets go.

Lets say that 8 out of 10 survived and 2 were after eating finished.

Now. Im getting even more nervous guys. Its getting worse

I mean hot wing challenge and its called suicide

Suicide thats a fucked up word bro.

Cool bro! Bizarre Dubai.Yeah!

Cool, go to Dubai. Yeah!

Qu! Were going to Dubai and were going to do cool stuff. Only cool stuff.

Im so happy. I coulndt be happier. I feel like

Here we have the XXX Inferno suicide wings disclaimer

I just signed that there not responsible for anything. But if I die I will haunt everyone

Everyone, everyoneIn your sleep. Everyone whos here now. Even the camera guy, production crew, audio guy...

Oh no man, no man.

Whats this for?

I dont have a strategy. The camera guy is asking for my strategy. I dont have a strategy. I just dont wanna talk.

Are you ready? Are you ready?

Wow this is crazy!

More ice! More ice!

Stop bro.

Im going to smack some people here bro.

Im about to die. I saw my life flash before me dude.

And everyone is likeone more one more!!!

I cant even talk anymore bro.

My moulth is on fire and when I think its gone it comes back like hell.

This is crazy dude. Those people screaming in background doesnt help bro.

I wanted to get up and hit people. I swear.

At one point I was like no bro Im going to have a nap now.

Like im going to sleep

These people are crazy and theyre for real.

I think people really did die.

The camera guy is always acting so tough. His name is Glenn.

I think you also should have one bro.

Sure, you dont want to the only thing you do is laughing from behind that camera

You know what they call that? A sadist.

I do have a friend who wants to try one.

This is the whitest friend I have. I love this guy go to death.

You ready?

Shall I start?


3, 2, 1

Look at him, eating in front of the camera.

Hows this possible?

This is not possible, dude.

How do you manage?

Youre not human.

Give me some water!

I dont have water. I dont know where the water is.

I cant...

Guys, this was it

Were goint to shoot the outro. You have to stand still for a moment.

Dude, you have to stand still

Look into the camera.

Respect for my friend. He was way better then me and I think i know where I went wrong

He just went for it and I was more devious.

I was like how long will he cope?!

My lips are burning!

Let him drink his milk

Thanks for watching

Thank you for watching this video...

I really appreciate that you watched this video.

And he was acting so tough he was acting so tough

He kept on watching in the camera

Bro! You only ate one!

Thats true. You did a way better job.

We'll have to go to the toilet later on thats going to be interesting. Especially for Casper who had six wings.

I had a great time. See you next time.

Love to you guys.

This was Bizarre Dubai. This was really bizarre. And you did a bizarre job.

This is crazy. Did you see what he did?

Ill see you next time.

Nice guys. Peace out.

After the shooting day Casper was suppose to fly back to Amsterdam with Qucee and the crew.

But the suicide wings really f*cked him up.

Casper never made it to the airport