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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 Funny Summer Pranks! Prank Wars!

Difficulty: 0

For this cheeky prank, just squirt a small amount of sunscreen into a syringe.

I Found that it is easiest to shoot the poop from a syringe than just using the bottle itself.

Then just find a seagull sound clip on your phone and wait for the right moment for your prank




(Bird tweeting)




What, what? Uh!

Gross! Stupid bird!

Why'd you gotta poop now? Wha-? Yuuuck!

Wendy, I feel like desert. What do you have? I have just the thing!

For this prank just squeeze out some mayonnaise into a jar

Next, add a few drops of food coloring to convince people that it's fruit flavored froyo

Mix it well and spoon it into a popsicle mold, and pop it in the freezer

Now the trap is set. Here you go frozen yogurt.

My favorite!

What flavor is this?

Uh, strawberry.

(Heavenly music plays) Mm.

My favorite.

*Smash sound*

What is this?

Haha! *Claps* It's your favorite right? This is not strawberry! Made it just for you! Uh!



Hey, Wendy Wendy. It's such good weather. Let's go to the beach later on today

Well, you got to be careful, you know, it's jellyfish season

Yeah, yeah, don't worry. I'm gonna grab my swimmers

Did You know

You can make a fake jellyfish out of a bit of plastic bag? First start with a square cut piece of plastic

Next, just poke out the middle part of the plastic into a little pouch and tie it up with a bit of string

Next take some scissors and cut the rest of the plastic into thin pieces

which will be the tentacles and all you need to do is fill it up some water and drop it into a cup of water

Your victim won't realize it's fake if you catch them off-guard

Oh, Wendy Wendy, you know what, I got such a cute bathing suit, you've gotta see it, it is adorable.

What is this? I told you, it's jellyfish season.

Ah! My mouth, it stings!

Hey Wengie, can you look after my stuff? I need to go to the bathroom. Sure. Thanks! (Hehe)

(Funky Music Plays)

Whew! I drank way too much water, thanks for looking after my stuff Wengie!

Ah! (hahaha)



What did you do?

What is this? Ahhh so good


Mmm! Mmm, smells good!

Look Wengie, I asked you before if you wanted a hot dog

and you said no, and so now there's only one and it's mine

You want more ketchup?

For this prank, you'll need an empty ketchup bottle and some red string

The closest thing I had was a pink shoe lace

Just place the string inside the ketchup bottle and then tie a knot at the end of the string near the cap

Next quickly squeeze the bottle at your victim, and the string will suddenly pop out at them

They won't realize it's a string at first, and will most likely freak out that it's actually ketchup. You want more ketchup?

No, there's more than enough sauce here! You can always do with more ketchup!

Wengie, go away! Gotcha good!

Wengie, are you hungry? Yeah! I peeled some watermelon for you, it's in the kitchen

Mm! Watermelon, my favorite!

For this weird prank, you'll need two watermelons. First cut the smaller watermelon in half and hollow out the flesh

Next take the second watermelon and cut away the skin so that you're left with one large oval-shaped watermelon

Then just place the skinned watermelon inside of the hollow out halves, and you're ready to totally confuse your friend. She said 'peeled', what's that about?

Did she actually peel this watermelon? How did she do this?

How am I supposed to eat this?

Oh well, It's all mine

Hey Wengie, you know what time it is? What? Water gun fight time!

It's not really a fair water gunfight when you hot glue the opening of one of the water guns, is it?

Water gun fight time!

Huh! Ah!

Ah! It's not working!

Ah! Why isn't my water gun working?

What's wrong Wengie, something wrong with your gun, huh? Wendy! What did you do to this water gun?

Why isn't it working?

Mm... Hey, where's mine? You said you were super full after dinner

Didn't you know your dessert stomach is separate from your main stomach?

Okay, fine, I'll get you one.

Careful Wengie, that might look like vanilla ice cream

but it's not. This evil prank involves using cream cheese instead of vanilla ice cream

I never realized how similar they look, but like even these crumbly bits look like ice cream, so it'll just about trick anyone

Here you go! Huh, thank you! Ah looks so good!

Does it taste good? Uh!

What flavor is this? Ice cream, flavor. Look, we have the same ice cream. No it's not! What did you do Wendy? Uh!

Hey Wengie, I'm going to the beach. Wanna come? Uh, I'm not really a beach person, you go. Ok, bye! Oh wait, did you forget something?

You're a lifesaver! I totally forgot, you know my skin is sensitive.

All you need here is a used bottle of sunscreen and some Elmer's glue.

Just pour the Elmer's glue straight in to fill it up. They're both pretty much white

so initially no one will be able to tell the difference at all!

You're a lifesaver I totally forgot, you know my skin is sensitive

Huh! Wengie?

Wengie, what is this?

Is this glue? Yup! Oh my gosh, I'm going to be so late!


Hey Mia? Do you wan't some too- hmmm

For a minty smore surprise, use some white toothpaste instead of the usual marshmallow.

It looks pretty much identical to the real thing. If your victim is hungry enough, they won't even realize before it's too late.

This looks soo good!

Actually this is pretty good! Chocolate mint s'mores! Amazing!

Alright guys I hope you enjoyed these summer pranks! Let me know which one your favorite is down below, and also let me know if you tried it yourself!

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Love you! ~♡♡♡

Summer hugs!

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