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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How I stay motivated

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hello I'm Jillian Norfolk I'm doing today is Monday which means

it's Jim day one a three a week and oh

my god I cannot be bothered today I had

a pretty late light last night one out

for a couple of drinks only a couple

it's not like I'm hungover or anything

but I just didn't get in till quite late

I thought I got up this morning bright

and early as they always do and oh yeah

I won't lie I'm not feeling my most

energetic right now to say the least

however to the gym I shall go why

because I am clear about my why that's

why whenever people say to me I'm

struggling to stay motivated to improve

my English speaking I keep losing

momentum I get bored easily and then

don't do the work that I'm supposed to

be doing my question to them is always

are you clear about your wine and nine

times out of 10 probably more like nine

point nine times out of ten the answer

is actually no they'll tell me things

like I want to be fluent in English but

actually when you think about it that is

totally meaningless because what matters

is what you can do with your English

what you do with that fluency the real

things that you're actually gonna do in

the real world the things you're gonna

achieve how you're going to use your

English to improve the quality of your

life to do the things that you want to

do etc etc etc and if you're not clear

about how English is gonna transform

your life how English is going to be

used as a tool in your life and the

things that you're actually gonna do

with it well no you won't stay motivated

because goals like be fluent in English

are largely meaningless they're too

abstract and so as soon as something

else comes along it's more interesting

well that's what you're gonna gravitate

towards now this is not to say that your

Y has to be some huge massive life

transforming goal it might be and that's

fine but it also might be something

smaller much much simpler case in point

and your life when you hear this the

reason I am so motivated to get to the

gym and why

lift weights at the moment is because

I've just bought a new lever Tackett

it's a limited edition aviator jacket

that I've wanted for absolutely ages and

you can't buy this jacket anymore it's

not been made for quite a while and I've

been looking for one for so long I've

had a notification set up on my eBay

account to tell me if somebody's selling

it for about two years now and nothing

but last week finally finally one

appeared on eBay

but the problem was it was a size too

big for me but I said screw it and I

bought it anyway I did the measurements

and odd it's not that much too big

usually I'm an extra small this is a

small and I like tally probably about

two centimeters too big around the the

chest shoulders a little bit bigger

around the arms so I talked to my PT and

I said not how realistic is it for me to

to add about two centimeters all the way

around and she said actually it's

probably not gonna be that much of a

challenge at all we'll just change your

exercises slightly and more protein to

your diet and we should be able to fit

into that jacket in a couple of months

so that's my Y at the moment that's why

I am so motivated to go to the gym to

lift weights to eat properly to do all

the things that I'm supposed to be doing

it's not because I want to get really

good at lifting weights or I've got some

kind of intrinsic motivation know it

because I want to fit into this bloody

jacket and that is something which

matters to me it's important to me I'm

excited about wearing this jacket that I

wanted to buy for a few years and that

is my wife it's clear it's concrete it's

not abstract it means something to me

and therefore I'm gonna have no problems

whatsoever being motivated to keep going

to the gym and lifting those weights

right you should go and clear about your

wine and when you've done that head over

to doing English calm it's nice free

training and I'll take you how to tape

I'm on

can't talk today I told you I haven't

signed and I'll show you how to take

that why and build a solid English

improvement speaking plan around that

that works doing English calm / free

training head over there I am now gonna

go and take a nap I think before I do go

to the gym because as you can tell I am

not at my most eloquent today bur bye

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