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Hello everyone and welcome to the 33rd episode of KH BBS.

In the previous video we completed Enchanted Dominion and saw Terra fly away to Radiant Garden.

Still it remains one of my favorite worlds so I'm really looking forward to this so let's go.

Unfortunately the last time now because yes Aqua the last story.

Last time and I'm so excited.

I'll have to see if I can do it in 2 or 3 parts, hopefully I can do it in 2.

Well Scrooge McDuck doesn't mean Terra he means Ven, you guys know that video.

Okay let's have a look around.

Luckily I know where most of the chests are here.

The advantage is that we also unlocked High Jump in the previous video.

It will say that down there too, so I'm not going to bother with that.

Oh yippee, those annoying enemies again soon.

I already have their attention fuck.

No not on them.

Damn, no!

Cura level 3 good.

I'm done with those birds.

Come here bitch!

Don't even think that you'll take off.

Smart ass.

Magic Pulse level 1 nice, then they also get confused every now and then that's nice.

I'd rather have that than the Confusion Strike.

I'll have those annoying rabbits again soon.

I hate this one so much.

Oh level 13.

Oh I hate this one so much.

High Jump level 2 nice.

Let those birds for what it is because they get on my nerves too much.

Oh that too!

Damn bird!

Okay I just wanted to check something... oh yes I wanted that new command in my deck.

Strike Raid I wanted it, no not for Fire, I wanted to replace it for Confusion Strike.

Now I just have to hope that I will soon come across a shop somewhere so that I can buy that 2nd Cura, because I need Curaga badly later.

I'll come for you in a moment.

If I'm right, there's a shop here, right? no, fuck.

Hey a big chest we'll grab that first.

Hey a map nice.

Oh no shit wrong button.

There it was, I knew there was a Crown sticker somewhere here, which I can't even reach great.

Oh no a young girl.

Feel the light bastards.

Yes that's nice ( not ).

Now god damn, die.

Mickey get him.

Thank you.

Huh? she thinks.

Hey my outro.

So sweet.

So sweet.

The hands.

This Keyblade is nice.

This one is really nice.

Okay what do I do now shall I continue or shall I stop for today?

Anyway install the Keyblade first.

That's nice isn't it? that's just fucking nice.

Let's take a quick look around here.

Oh chest I walk right past it.

I'm taking Fire out.

Already a very powerful command, hand in.

I will most certainly be claimed for this music again, that happened last time.

Would I be able to get it now or not? no, fuck.

But okay let's go save.

I hope I will come across a shop somewhere soon I want that 2nd Cura, but that's for the next video I'll stop for today.

So then I say if you liked this video don't forget to like, comment and subscribe.

And then I say See you real soon.

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