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real teachers hello and welcome to real

English with real teachers today we've got a bit of a different episode for you

we found an amazing career in youtuber called big Marvel who does a range of

different videos funny challenges with his mates and tasting different food all

kinds of strange things and it's a channel of humour it's a comedy channel

and we love it and we thought because he's doing it in

English and he's Korean maybe we could talk about some of his common mistakes

applaud him on some of the really good English that he is using and maybe give

him some tips so that you can use some British English in his videos so we've

got spin the mystery wheel with his ex daring big up yourself yeah yeah big up

yourself big Marvel I like your ex she's really attractive so let's play it

and see what we've got

it's Big Marvel here today I'm with my ex-girlfriend

how are you fine

did you miss me oh a little

so anyway we will going to play the spin the wheel challenge so

first yoga slap sex dance skip kiss eat sausage delete channel

delete channel wow imagine that alright so so the first thing that I thought was

interesting charlie we will going to play we will going to play so this is a

grammar mistake and it should either be we are going to play or today we are

playing and but something about Big Marvel's English is and part of his charm

I think as a YouTube presenter as a youtuber is that he doesn't really care about

grammar mistakes does he no he doesn't yeah cause he likes using those little

abbreviated like let's do this or you got it so we could suggest we're gonna

play we are we're we're gonna so if he said something like that we're gonna

play we're gonna play it would really natural I think it would suit his

style of presenting before we go any further I'd like to say that this video

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that benefits you but let's get back to the video another thing in that in that

first bit Charlie that I thought was quite interesting was so he said did you miss

me when he asked he asked his girlfriend did you miss me did you miss me so he's

used the auxiliary verb correctly and often Koreans don't use auxiliary verbs

because they don't have them in their own language so I thought it was really

good that he was using that correctly nice okay so well done big Marvel well done Big Marvel

Okay three two one let's get it

oh yoga challenge ahh it's the yoga challenge do you think we could do the yoga challenge the

two of us I would probably have to be the the girl in this situation it's

called acro yoga it's quite good fun until you put your back out

so he said yoga slightly differently didn't he he did yes so he said Yoga

Yoga challenge yoga challenge so there were two

things there I thought were interesting he was saying oh yoga and not yoga

so the British we would pronounce that as a diphthong oh yoga and then how

about the way he said challenge charlie challenge so he didn't really pronounce

the l's did he challenge challenge yes in in Korean they don't distinguish

those two those two sounds they would just treat ir as one sound

and so that could cause problems for big Marvel you know if he's having a

conversation so the r and the l is important to try

and distinguish the two mm-hmm and but another thing from that clip which is

quite interesting was when he said he was counting three two one

he said three three two one okay let's get it so he didn't pronounce the th

sound it wasn't [inaudible] so big Marvel give that a go put your tongue between your

teeth and blow get your tongue out big Marvel we want to see your tongue lovely

alright so next one let's see what we've got

I did prepare Korean spicy noodle okay I prepare Korean spicy noodle

noodle noodle noodle yeah okay so is that its firstly it's

the tense he's used a simple present but he should use a present perfect

I have prepared I have prepared some noodles for my ex-girlfriend that's it

yeah and this is this is a common error with Korean students because they don't

have perfect tenses so it's quite hard to distinguish the perfect tenses from

the past simple or the present simple so if you want to talk about something

that's very recent big Marvel go for the present perfect I have prepared some

noodles mm-hmm what did you think of the way he pronounced noodle as well as

charlie is something like doodle doodle doodle doodle well that's a different

word for us isn't it doodle so he needs to change the d sound to the n noodle noodle

slap oh you have to slap me

his favourite yeah he loves that ah oh ah

did you ever get slapped around with a slipper when you

were younger I never got I never got the slipper actually for me it was a smack

on the arm and I don't think I ever got spanked my parents never used instruments

to hit me actually they just used verbal abuse and hand okay was that more

painful for you the verbal abuse yeah yeah the verbal stuff is always worse

for me just knowing that my parents were disappointed in me was was worse than

being slapped terrible oh the worst thing that I got was a bowl of cereal

poured on my head by my mum yeah I remember you telling us about that one

I was being a very unpleasant little boy and my mum had enough of it and just

poured the bowl of cereal in my head what about you did you ever get the

slipper or flip-flop I think my dad actually threatened me with a slipper

once but he never never went through with it I think that kind of thing puts

fear in a kid right rightfully like don't use it too much yeah yeah when you

were wrong you had a red bum yeah so what before he was slapped by his

girlfriend he said you have to slap me but it was the way he said it that I

thought was interesting charlie and he said you have to slap me you have to

slap me it was quite monotone it's quite monotonous

quite robotic and there was the same amount of stress on every word and it's

the way you know the way we speak the way native speakers use the language is

very different it's true yeah so we would have a bit more stress on the

content words like have and slap and then the me might be a bit softer

you have to slap me if I if I throw a sentence at you the same sentence

but I change the stress can you tell me what it means Charlie mm-hmm

mm-hmm okay so you have to slap me I'm being forced to do this thing of

slapping him okay so it's your obligation right you need to do it to me

yes okay next one you have to slap me well there I know the actual thing I

need to do is slap not shoot not punch not kick not spit all the nice things

all right another one you have to slap me there's lots of us

in the room and you're pointing at me you have to slap me not not him you and

then you have to slap me there's potential people that I should be

slapping but you're telling me that I need to slap you and you only there you

go so the same sentence but different stress and different words completely

changes the meaning of that sentence whereas Korean they don't have that the

way they would emphasize things is by changing the the order of words in a

sentence so a little tip is choose the word that's important in the sentence to

determine the meaning and then stress that word three two one ;et's get it

eat sausage! Very easy yeah she's she got to eat a sausage so he got his ex-girlfriend' to

bite the sausage and he said that this challenge was very easy but he

pronounced it a bit differently very easy this one he said very very easy

very easy he's pronouncing the V like a b and that's really common I hear my

Korean students do that a lot so you know that could cause difficulties in in

understanding for other people so I would try to to pronounce that v but

teeth on your bottom lip and let the air come out very very it's very important

isn't it Charlie it is very important it's very difficult for some nations

though isn't it totally yeah yes the Spain

have the same problem just quite interesting that Koreans and Spaniards

have that same issue Japanese speakers as well mmm

would you let your ex bite your sausage no no those sausages look really weird

yeah I've never seen something that big before you live in Germany well you did

yeah it's like a wiener isn't it wiener

I'd like that with a bit of ketchup

can't believe you didn't see say brown sauce so yhere you go very easy could

there be any confusions Charlie that berry looks very very like yeah yeah that

would be really confusing


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