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hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and the iPhone 11 has been out just a little

bit over six months and has been with me this entire time I carry it alongside my

iPhone 11 Pro max and I did a durability follow-up and sits a month later video

on this not too long ago and many of you asked me to do one on the iPhone 11 and

so this phone is with me all the time and this one is kept in a case regularly

so I use the Apple silicon case and this is what it's normally kept in but it

does not have a screen protector on it and this phone is basically a follow up

to the iPhone 10 are while you can still buy the iPhone 10 are this is only about

50 dollars more or so based on where you get it and maybe even less than the

iPhone 10 are depending on if you get a sale of buy one get one free or anything

like that through your carrier now I wanted to talk about the durability of

it how its held up as far as scratches reception software issues the

controversial display battery life camera and more and if you want to jump

to any specific point of the video I'll link those in the description below now

the first thing is overall durability now like I said this has been kept in a

case regularly and has held up really well the phone does have some scratches

on the display I'll talk about in just a moment but the phone being made of

aluminum even though that's softer than stainless steel makes it feel a little

bit lighter and in general has held up well being in a case it has zero dings

on it whatsoever even though the bottom of the case exposes the bottom of the

iPhone there's no dings or dents or anything like that I've never dropped it

and I don't generally drop phones my hands are big enough that they just stay

put so I don't really have that issue now as

far as the back being glass it's held up well it doesn't have any scratches on it

that are visible the front display does have a few scratches on it if I turn the

lights up here like I did on the 11pro Maxx video you may be able to see a few

of them along with some of my finger prints but there might be a few light

scratches on it not really a whole lot it's held up incredibly well and I've

not really had any issues with it now that being said the lip on the case has

helped prevent scratches when setting it down on surfaces but this is only set on

things like tables or a soft cloth surface it's not really anything that's

a problem so in general it holds up well you can expect it to hold up

better obviously if you have a screen protector for example now aside from

scratches and things it's design is one that I think is right for most people

it's in between the size of the 11pro and the 11pro max so if you need that in

between size of a 6.1 inch display it's a really good size for most people and

the price obviously makes it a little bit more reasonable for most people now

when it comes to the iPhone 11s display that's where the most controversy

arrives because this is a fairly expensive phone that does not have an

OLED display and a super-high resolution but it's arguable that this display

looks just as good as the OLED displays with the exception of maybe super bright

lights or super bright colors and very dark blacks that's going to be the

difference between these displays other than that there's another advantage to

the iPhone 11 LCD display and that has to do with PWM or pulse width modulation

and what I mean by that is the iPhone 11 uses an LCD panel so it doesn't control

its brightness by pulsing the screen on and off so many people about 1 in 10 are

affected by this and it can give them headaches and things like that but you

don't get that with the iPhone 11 because it's an LCD display so when you

adjust brightness it's not flickering you can't see the flicker but it's

actually flickering on an iPhone 11 Pro and Promax so OLED displays control

brightness differently and they can really give you headaches so if you have

an iPhone 10 and iPhone 10 s 10 s max 11 or 11 Pro max that could be giving you

headaches these phones won't be giving you headaches because they don't work

the same way the other thing is iPhone 11 s LCD or liquid Retina display is the

same sort of display technology that's used on Apple as a pro display XDR and

Apple could have gone with an OLED display but the reason they didn't is

LCDs especially as they get larger tend to be much more color accurate and have

less color shift over time than OLED displays and so that's why you don't see

those in larger displays from Apple so there's much more saturation sometimes

with an OLED but with an LCD that like you've got on the iPhone 11 you tend to

have more accurate colors and there just seemed to last a little bit longer over

time with less color shift now for a phone that may not be as

of a deal but it's something that I think is less of a big deal than people

make of it you can't see the pixels and if you look at the iPhone 11 Pro Macs

and the iPhone 11 side-by-side if I could hide the phones and not tell you

what they were chances are you wouldn't be able to differentiate between the two

other than maybe the very vibrant areas or the dark blacks otherwise most people

wouldn't be able to tell the difference even though they think they can I would

almost guarantee they can't and I've tested this among many many people to

prove that point now as far as people saying you can't even watch 1080p videos

on YouTube well that's just not accurate at all the one thing you can't do is

watch an HDR like you can on an OLED display you don't have the option for it

but you do have the option for 1080p but you don't want to watch in 720p because

that's not accurate either so what it's doing is scaling that display down and

you're still going to get 1080p no problem it will look fine and most

people will really appreciate the screen in the quality of it and going along

with the screen is the speakers the speakers are basically the same as the

11 Pro and Pro max if I play it here and turn it up

they sound nice and clear they're vibrant at high volumes they go really

loud and they do a great job of giving you a nice stereo sound you've got a

speaker at the top one at the bottom and they sound fantastic so there's no

complaints in the speaker Department you've got basically the same speakers

it's the higher end phones so no issues there now as far as software with the

iPhone 11 when it launched the software was not ready in fact it had many issues

until recently some people still have a few bugs here and there and iOS 13 in

general has not been up to the quality of iOS 12 and it seems like Apple does

this every other year lately and so recently iOS 13 has finally gotten to

the point where I would say it's fairly stable most of the time as stable as any

other phone the problem is is for six months you had to endure issues with

everything from crashes to something as simple as 3d pressing or haptic pressing

on the display and going to bluetooth having that crash now it seems to be

much better now other than the software bugs I mentioned the phone in general is

just super fast you'll have no problems as far as scrolling everything's nice

and smooth and no it doesn't have a hundred and twenty Hertz screen maybe

that'll come next year or later this year but in general it's just nice and

smooth and fast all the time you have enough RAM to do what you need it's got

four gigabytes of RAM you've got apples a 13 processor and

everything's just nice and fast unlike Android phones where they've got

12 and 16 gigs of RAM more RAM might be nice but you really won't notice it here

apps don't tend to reload that much or anything like that

like I said scrolling is fast if you want to use it for games you'll have no

issue in fact you'll have no issue with games on older phones either just

everything in general seems to be nice and fast editing video on this phone is

nice and fast so if I go into iMovie and go into this movie and we go to edit we

can edit through a video no problem this is a 4k 60 video and it's flying through

it without any hiccups you can edit it export it and it looks as good as

anything else out there so I'm really impressed with this processor and maybe

Apple add more RAM in the future but it doesn't seem needed it seems plenty fast

in general reception on this phone tends to be really really good in fact in many

cases I find it to be better than the iPhone

11 Pro and Promax I've had less issues with phone calls and I've had good

connection in general the bars on the signal strength aren't really a good way

to measure this because those can vary based on settings that Apple presets

within their settings to say 1 bar equals this range of decimals and they

can change that from software to software so without seeing the actual

numbers I can't tell you the true reception of it compared to an 11 Pro

but just people in general tend to say that it has better reception or in

general just as good if not better Wi-Fi speeds supposedly are a little bit less

but I really see no difference whatsoever and keep in mind if you're

streaming a 4k video you only need 15 megabits per second so as long as you've

got that you should be fine but in general you'll have no problems with

Wi-Fi except for maybe through an update that messes something up so hopefully

Apple fixes that with iOS 14 and this will get updates for the next five years

or so or four and a half years or so at minimum so that's why this is a pretty

decent phone for its price you've got all these different things such as

reception in long term software updates and that leads me to battery life most

people get really good battery life on this phone and I've only recently put my

sim card back in this phone and you can see it's been on for a few days now

battery health on my iPhone 11 pro max went down to 99 percent just after 6

months this one has not been used as much as that phone so it's still at 100%

and that's charging it every night and leaving it on the charger and a wireless

charger and charging it when I'm driving so that's how it's usually used you'll

see that over the last four days it has not had a huge amount of usage however I

reached out to a bunch of people that follow this channel and follow me on

Twitter and things like that to see what kind of battery life they were getting

to because there are a lot of people that will experience a different battery

life depending on how they use it and I've seen as bad as 3 to 4 hours and as

much as 10 hours plus so depending on what you're doing

you can expect really decent battery life with this phone in general the only

one you're going to get much better with is the 11pro max because the battery is

much larger so the battery sizes vary between these phones on

enough that the 11pro max will get more but this is still a very decent option

for battery life and of course you could add a battery case or you could just

charge it whenever you need to fast charge but it does not include a fast

charger but you can use one with it if you want to pick one up separately so if

you have one of the new iPad you could use that charger for example now the

camera is great you've only got two lenses on this one and so after using it

for six months on and off I use this as a video camera just like I did with the

ten are a lot I use this as a video camera most of the time you're going to

get the same photo quality that you do out of the 11pro and Promax just minus

the telephoto lens so you've got the wide and ultra wide but the video

quality is fantastic you've got 4k 60 you've got 4k 60 there you can change it

right here on the newest phones so 4k 60 quality it records great and in fact you

won't notice the difference between me recording this video with a Panasonic

gh2 the time verse one of these except for in different situations where it's a

little bit darker otherwise most people can't even tell the difference in fact

let me just switch over to the video here and now we're fully recording with

the iPhone 11 so the video quality is quite good you'll see that it looks

similar as far as colors the quality is good the resolution looks great the

detail is great and I wouldn't say it's a cinema camera but there's enough

quality in this camera that most people wouldn't even be able to tell the

difference so it's definitely worth picking up and I would say the video

camera is the best on the market along with the 11pro and Promax compared to

any other phone photos it's very subjective but video quality is

top-notch now the forward facing camera is great

and it's the same 12 megapixel camera that you get on the 11pro and Promax

it's got the depth sensor from the face ID sensor as well and if we scroll over

here you can use the clips app to do these sort of comic overlays or whatever

you'd like black and white or atomic mono and it's got face tracking for an

emoji all sorts of things and it's good enough that you can record in 4k and you

can record in 4k 60 as well so if I spin the camera around here go to video

you've got 4k 30 now we've got 4k 60 so it does a great job and if you want to

use it for just selfies or maybe you vlog with it it's going to

do a great job as long as you have good light now what is not as good as the

rear-facing camera but it's definitely the best forward-facing camera and an

iPhone and its really good enough that most people won't even notice the

difference unless you're used to a cinema camera or something like that so

what I still recommend 1 after 6 months of use and having only about 6 months

left to pick up the next version of iPhone whenever that is absolutely I

would pick one of these up in fact this is the number one recommendation I give

to people as far as looking for iPhone so if they're looking for an iPhone and

they don't care about the latest and greatest most expensive iPhone in

largest screen out there this is the one I recommend most because it's durable

it's proven it's it's time it's got ip68 certification and

everything else I've already mentioned about it so yes I definitely pick one of

these up still it's super fast it has a great camera great speakers and most

people will be very happy with it so let me know your thoughts about it

though in the comments below if you'd like to get your hands on this wallpaper

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as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I'll see you next time

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