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hi friends my name is Lada in this video I will show in detail how to do how to weave

here is such an insertion of a heart in a basket of newspaper tubes if you have a theme

interesting then join the process note that in this video I do not

I show the stages of weaving the basket itself; these stages I showed very

detailed so many times in their other videos the reference must be in

Ill leave the video description and get to work now I am showing the top

building stand almost everything resistant she raised there was one rack

it is in this place that I will have the insertion of the heart this rack, I now

Ill prepare it, I have already cut it obliquely to prepare for building in

leave it wire here I have a thin wire 095

millimeters in diameter and build up a tube, respectively, such

I got a long stand with a wire inside and out of it I now

I make a figure a heart of what size a heart is up to you to decide well this is also

depends on the size of your basket but keep in mind that the insert itself is a heart

it will turn out a little bit smaller than the figure that you will make here initially

Ive got a heart figure and Ill note that before the bet I wove

with a rope in 2 tubes and now I switched to wearing from that is, I am alone

the workers removed one straw and left her I will braid the whole thing further and this

with a working tube I continue to weave on chintz and here I get to the left

side of the heart, Im doing such a turn and a plate in the opposite direction on the right

side of the heart, I do exactly the same turn and the plate in the opposite direction to

left side of the heart

on the third row I already see that the distance between the upright side

my heart decreased and I felt uncomfortable

to braid all this separately, so Im doing a round capturing already

it turns out two practically and persistent side of the heart and the next standing rack

I expand the tube in the opposite direction and the plate to the right side and there I do

all the same so that it is symmetrical

so I swam to the top of my heart and now I have such a picture

it turns out now I'm unrolling weaving

in this way, as in the video, and now Im gonna plate you from the middle of my heart

I take a straw and half or straws, I knead well with my fingers so that it

half was soft and supple and the other half of the duct would go

to be resistant and now I substitute a tube in the middle of a heart like this

in the same way as in the video and I start with the other end

coils imagine that we are weaving as it were

some little animals in total we get

three turns on the right and three turns on the left and in this form I still leave the middle


Now Ill continue to weave a whole basket and in this place where I have

left working tube, I substitute the second working tube and go to

weaving the rope in two tubes so it will not be more convenient to let them braid on the sides

my heart formed some voids I wanted to fill it

extra turns but I didnt really like how it would look

so I decided to put extra ducts as if persistent

but then Ill cut them off and I fix the whole thing with working tubes from

ropes in two tubes, respectively, we also in this rope in two tubes

we hide this end from the tube with which we are you whether you cook a heart in the middle

then well cut it all off after the third row of weaving with a rope two

I cut off all the excess ducts that we hid, which stuck out and I

so on I poured a rope in 2 tubes, I hide the work tubes and do

the bend and the basket is ready in this video I showed one of the options for weaving

here such a heart rate actually can be much more ways

because the sizes of hearts are different and, accordingly, the methods of weaving these

hearts may also be different somewhere weaving additional

turns and somewhere else no turns are needed

do somewhere you do not need to substitute these additional racks to occupy

voids in general, be sure to look exactly at your weaving as you

it turns out what size the heart goes out and in accordance with this already

you might think about whatever version of weaving here would fit better but also

I will be very glad if my way of weaving this insert will definitely fit

share your success in the comments post the work on instagram

me and I will be very pleased to look at your work is also a must

like this video, make reposts in social networks and subscribe to the channel

here you will find the inspiration of easy weaving to you my dears see you very

soon in the next videos and broadcasts bye bye

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