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but blinds had 1,000 mm with a 380 there is the same guy limping for 2,000

we're in the cutoff East 10 off in 25,000 we're all in small blind brief

shoves all in for 32,000 there's no lip or folds were up against East Queen flop

comes 10 6-3 turn is a deuce rivers a 9 we double up to 55,000 chips

with blinds at 1,000 mm same guy on my right lips and we look down in pocket

kings in the cut off starting the sand with fifty thousand we make it seven

thousand to go action folds to the small blind who shoves all in for twenty one

thousand same guy that I beat ace ten to ace queen original leper folds we call

with Kings and he shows Queen Jack offsuit don't try this move at home kids

the flop comes queen four deuce has got some hope the turn is a jack and the

river is a seven he fist bumps in celebration and we lose a huge pot

bringing us down to thirty thousand instead of over 70,000 those are the

swings in No Limit I'll get it in is 85% favorite with Kings all day they're just

unlucky we'll stay focused and crush the money

bubble if we can get there the blinds at twelve hundred twenty four hundred sixty

year old woman opens to five thousand off a 60 K stay we're next to act in the

cutoff with East 10 off suit in a fifty K stack a great spot to three bet with

the relevant ace blockers ace nine definitely not good enough to flat

little too weak to fold so three bets are rare let's put the pressure on

everyone folds she goes in the tank and eventually puts in to call all right

let's play some flops the flop comes ten-nine two spades and she snapped jams

no respect of course we can't call it with bottom pair backdoor flush draw

sure her king queen King Jack Jack ten type hand is loving that flop and we're

down to thirty five thousand ships

with blinds at two thousand four thousand run to the gun six handed 13

players remain with 65,000 chips and pocket deuces we fold luckily we did

with some other person woke up with pocket tens behind us and we would have

been out the blinds had two thousand four thousand fourteen players remain

Asian male aged 40 to 90 under the gun plus one makes it ten thousand ago

action pulls us in the big blind we have king and queen offsuit in sixty two

thousand chips what would you do fold put in the call or show ball in for 15

and a half blinds you know we're all in asian male does not hesitate to put in

the call he shows East 10 of clubs fog comes

Queen 9x turns a brick rivers a 10 and we double ax 130,000 ship hot not bubble

in this one

but blinds ants 2500 5k we're on the button with ace for offsuit make it

10,000 small blindfolds big blind Asian male as described before shoves

all in 100,000 chips as we haven't covered but we have ace for off we fold

ask him to show the bluff he says pocket threes and shows the


wines at 250 500 six handed 13 players remain 11 pay we open up to 10,000 East

8 off young German male shoves all in for 62,000 directly to our left we have

about a hundred thousand to start the hand let me know in the chat you guys

call it off here we know he's got a pretty wide to reshelving range but his

ace eight good enough we call him lose well 40,000 and in extreme danger of

bubbling pretty big bubble eight hundred and some dollars order we just lay it

down and wait for a better spot let me know in the chat

the last hand before break action holds us on the button three six thousand we

have pocket kings 150,000 stack so we make it twelve thousand agro German and

the small blind puts in the call man I was wishing he with three bit Asian

elderly male on the big blindfolds how do I not get action with Kings on the

button flop comes ace five deuce not what I was looking for but I don't

really put the German on an ace usually he'd three bet / fold or three bet call

all his ace combos he checks and we check turns to jack putting a flush draw

out there he bets 11,000 I think he could definitely be betting a jack for

value or any of his straight / flush draw combos so he put in the call the

rivers an off suit seven a brick

he bets 19,000 looks pretty value but what aces is a really value betting this

size you can definitely be value betting a jack this size Queen Jack Jack ten

suited stuff like that so we put in the call and he shows ace

Jack offsuit and we now have 120,000 chips going to four thousand eight

thousand it's midnight with blinds at three thousand six thousand there's ten

people remaining so there's five and five I looked down pocket kings make it

twelve thousand one hundred and sixteen thousand stack action folds to the forty

to eighty year old Asian in the small blind who shoves all in he has one

hundred and fifteen thousand we make the call and he shows East deuce off suit

he's openly rooting for an ace the flop comes Queen heats six the turn is a six

and the river is a deuce recover we bust them and we're now at the official nine

handed final table with about two hundred and sixty thousand and chips

let's get

about 30 minutes into the final table under the gun plus one shoves all in for

eighty-three thousand at four thousand eight thousand we're in mill position

with a screen off suit and two hundred and fifty thousand I think it is

somewhat desperate with his ten blind stack and the blinds about to get him no

one's necessarily very deep stag average tax around two hundred thousand so we

isolate and shove all-in we're playing to win payouts are very

flat until the final three so we got to accumulate everyone else folds we're up

against East 10 off suit the flop comes Jack Jack 10 the turn is a nine and the

rivers to Jack his full house is good and we doubled him up a few players tap

the table and say nice hand don't you guys understand you want people to lose

for pay jumps at the final table and the ace Queen was the nice hand not the East

10 I made the good read no love we'll get them next time

with blinds at six thousand twelve thousand we're still nine handed action

folds to the button who shoves all in for fifty nine thousand I'm in the small

blind with a hundred and forty thousand East three offsuit we isolate it's

pretty thin but I think we got to go for it this spot

big blind ends up holding a better ace flop comes 3 6 7 turn is a 9 the rivers

are Jack and we double up yet another player a bunch of table tabs a bunch of

nice hands

few players get knocked out I show up a lot never get called have about 180

thousand six handed compliance or eight thousand sixteen thousand about to be

ten thousand twenty thousand pulls us on the button and we show eight seven of

Hearts sorry it's 2 a.m. small blindfolds big blind as is covered

and he calls with ace-queen offsuit that's fine we can get there if we win

this with the chip lead at the final table and can really do some damage so

the flop comes ten six the deuce the turn is a queen the river is a three in

route of the win to 25 rebuy sixth place for $1,500 after tip I have sold

a full summer package that has started that covers all buy-ins 200 to 1600

dollars to my longtime investor friends so bankroll challenge totals will be

reflecting that within 50% action sold everything will be haves bankroll update

is right


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