Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PEP'S TAXI | When Guardiola Met Braydon

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Here he is, here he is, he's laughing at me he thinks it's just me!

It's got a lock on it!

Hello! Hello! How are you?

Good! Give me a hug! Give me a hug!

The most famous fan from Manchester City sit down!

Take the seatbelt Is it really you?

I am! I am! Is it really him?

Yes, I am! Who do you think it is, a lookalike?

Pep Guardiola! Yes! Oh my God!

Oh my God! So how is everything?

Good good Yeah?

I'm always at City me

Every game? Yep

I've watched Eleven Things you need to know about Pep

Yeah? First one you can speak Spanish and you can

speak German And Catalan is my language, my mothertongue

Really? Catalan, yeah!

Now we've got you, we're gonna win them all we're gonna win all of the trophies where

are we gonna put them all? All of the trophies we are going to win? Are

you sure? All four of them in a row

Ok we're going to try! He's a genius!

How are our supporters?

They're great Great yeah?

And we're glad that you've come! Yeah?

You do have to get used to the weather here as well, it's gonna be raining a lot sometimes

it's sunny! But today no? Today is beautiful

It's a beautiful day today But normally it's not like this?

No No, rains a lot huh?

Yeah You like golf don't you?

Yeah, a lot, and you do you play golf? Yeah I like golf

And football, do you play football at your school?

Yeah I play football Which position are you playing?

Centre midfield Ah yeah like Fernandinho?

Yeah Fernandinho?

Yeah and Gundogan! And Gundogan

You've made some great signings this season Yeah but wait, wait

I've got the new shirt Sorry!

It's okay Chappy Chappy!

Thank you! Do you know him?

Yeah erm I saw all of his stuff I'm a big fan of him

I know Messi's your friend you might give him a call and see if he wants to join us

and have a fun time? Messi?!

Yeah! Would be nice huh! But maybe it's a little

bit difficult huh! It will be difficult!

Because you've not got many friends in Manchester whenever you need a friend come to tea come

to my house for tea! Of course! Now after I'm going to talk with

your father and maybe you can give us our telephone numbers and we can see each other

one more time! Yay!

Can I make a selfie with you? Yeah

Yeah? Brilliant, thank you

Thank you Chappy Ok?

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