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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ski plane Flying with Tom Simko from his mountain airstrip.

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Good morning guys, this is I'm just gonna do a quick

introductory of this video because

Basically, I go see Thompson Co at his place and we do some ski flying

Quick introduction on tom tom has been flying like 47 years

He is one of the badass bush pilots that are out there. He lands on

9,000 plus foot mountain tops

All the time when either with skis on his plane or bush wheels

awesome guys to know and I'm fortunate enough to have him in my clothes flying group of friends our community that we got and

I've learned so much from them

And I thought it'd be really cool to do video and that's what this video is of him

doing ski flying another quick thing his airstrip that he flies out of is


Insane it's it's it's short. It's on a mountaintop. There's no go around. So when you come in, that's it

You like you don't mess up because you're in the in the mountain and oh, yeah

And if you do try and go around there's a win-win sock there that you're gonna hit your wing on so

Anyways, that's where we're going. That's what the video is about

so enjoy this

Edit that I put together of Tom and I mess around mostly Tom. I'm just in the back seat

You can see Mountain cross work and then you gotta know it poke tell I mean it drives me crazy. It's so true


Know I know I can see your place for my place

I think I'm gonna take it out just because I don't want it hidden. You know for sure. Yeah

I got free electricity

So today I'm gonna go snowboarding, but I'm not using a ski lift

I'm using Tom's Tom's airplane. But first we're gonna go

We go do some ski flying

It's got good good mojo, it's never let me down yet

And hard

where's the straight skis that can really beat your playing out they say because you don't have any give

like you do when you still have a tire and you can see how the forces are still going up through the tire and

The gear of course in the usual way. So that's it. She's ready to go


Gotta say that was pretty awesome seeing Tom

rip around his place

I'm gonna jump in the back seat and we're gonna go try to land on some mountaintops

Looks like where I strap in a snowboard to Tom's plane. I might make some turn this is gonna be good

Ron okay


Landed up there. So whole time there I left tracks. I didn't I didn't shut it down or even coming to a full stop

I just left some tracks on it

just gotta make a few runs and


Might make some from from the north coming South too


Just gotta laugh straight up

Best thing about ski flying is how so many sites open up that normally aren't available

Aren't even feasible

And then some that are maybe feasible during the summer but super difficult and just in the right

Conditions are real easy in the winter, and then there's some

Flip-flops around and where some that are easy in the summer are impossible in the winter for various reasons

like no breaks and all that when you're on the skis so

That's cool. This is so so fun seeing I got to get some skis on my plane

Fill the stick when I give it the gas air won't go right away

Tom's in the plane. I'm on my snowboard

His house is there I'm gonna snowboard to his place he's gonna fly there

It's gonna be cute yeah, we're both gonna be sliding on the snow for a little bit

That's so cool

Hi here comes Tom

And just like that back at Toms, yeah, that was a fun day


What is ski flying - you

Better not flying all winter. That's the best thing about


Forty-four inches that I have

This area flooded three months out of the year, I'd get a boat plane same thing

So this got done

filming some air-to-air shop with Tom and

Now heads back to my local airport and on my way here

I saw this mountain top that I was like, oh man, I might be able to land there with all my tires

Because there's a bunch of snowmobile tracks on it

I'm gonna scope it out. I don't think I'm gonna land there because I don't got either I have tires

But I did touch my tires

For a second and it felt pretty solid

So we're gonna just check it out. I don't know if I'm gonna do it. But yeah, let's

Go look at it


I'm about ready to throw my chute out. So probably five minutes. I'll be airborne. Okay?

Hey Dom


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