Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Escape Hackers Boat to Rescue Maddie! (Spending 24 HOURS vs. Life Hacks in Hidden Secret Room Wins)

Difficulty: 0

- We did it! - We did it!

- We did it!

- Oh, oh oh oh, what?

- No, no, no. - No, no!

- No!

- Let's get out!

- Let's get out guys.

- No guys .

- I'm gonna try to, save everybody,

I'm gonna put--

- Can't stand up...

- I gotta get in there fast!


Where'd everybody go?

- We're in the middle of the ocean on a boat!

- The reactivator!

- You ready for this?

- Yeah, let's do it.

- Hurry!

Yes, you guys know this is the same cloud solution,

we just have to pour it on the roses.

Get ready, I'm gonna throw this out.

Goodnight, quadrant!

Go, go, go!

Hold your breath, hold your breath!

- I think I heard him fall.

- It worked fast, this must be really strong solution!

Okay Matt, so go out there and start the boat

so we can get home, okay?

Matt, what is it, what is it?

- I'm wanted.

Welcome back to the Matt and Rebecca Channel.

I'm getting ready to drive this boat because

we just tripped the quadrant and gave him the sleep cloud.

For some reason I found a wanted poster!

- Wait, but Matt you're only worth $10,000?

That's not that much.

- I know, this makes no sense!

- Okay but-- - He's still sleeping

up there.

I need to drive the boat.

Why don't you guys stay down here,

I'm gonna drive the boat back, okay?

It's the safest spot.

- Are you crazy? - Yeah, there's ghosts

down here! - No, we're getting

out of here! - Yeah, no we're coming

out there. - No, we're coming.

- Also it reeks of my puke.

- Don't look, don't look! - He's seasick,

he's seasick.

What do we do?

- Put him in the back, I'm gonna have to drive the boat.

- You got this?

- What, no, I'm way back here.

- Hold up, come on, yeah. - Okay, okay.

- He's heavy!

- I got him, I got him!

- You guys, I'm gonna figure out the controls up here okay?

Uh, oh, this looks normal.

Uh, uh, I can do the boat here,

this looks pretty simple guys.

I just start with the key...

- He's on the couch!

He's on the couch!

Sit him up a little bit, sit him up.

- Okay. - Good?

- Alright. - We're good.

- Okay, gotta figure out the boat right now.

We have this right here, okay,

I guess we're just steering this?

Alright guys, I think I got this!

- You got it? - Got it?

- We're doing pretty good right now.

- Great, how much longer?

- We're almost back, I think!

- Why are you wearing your hair like that still?

I took my stuff off a long time ago.

- Uh, oh oh, good call, good call.

- Okay I'm just glad we're out I--

- Guys, I'm not quite sure if I'm too confident.

- What, Matt, you have to, you said you could drive a boat.

- Let me instead call a friend, okay?

- Put the camera down if that'll help!

- Uh, mayday mayday SOS!

We're uh, stranded outside right now.

We're in a boat, I think.

Um, it looks like we're about 30...

I don't know where we're at!

- Hey Matt just put the camera down!

- I think I have it guys.

Everything seems to be going pretty good.

I got my hair back to normal. - Matt,

say it's rough out here!

- Uh, mayday mayday mayday.

- No one, no one, Matt, Rebecca,

nobody's trackers are up,

not even this quadrant's tracker that I put on him.

It's not even working.

I could try to call them again,

but I don't think they have service.

Let me try.

- You have reached--

the voicemail box of-- - No, no, no service,

just like I thought.

How am I gonna find Matt, Rebecca, agents, everybody's mi--

That's the quadrant.

The quadrant's tracker just popped up online!

Okay, hold on, is that right?

It's in the middle of the Ocean?

- You're saying mayday. - We are,

I think a little bit pan- - Why are you saying mayday?

- Mayday?

- That's how you call people!

- No! - That means it's sunk!

- That's a GMI anyway so you don't want them.

- Mayday, mayday, we are stranded

out in the middle of the ocean right now.

I think we've been here for about 24 hours.

- Trapped, yep.

- Game Master Incorporated!

- We're trying to figure a way to get out of here, um...

- I'm getting seasick.

- Yeah, it's not the greatest right now.

- Middle of the ocean...

Why would the quadrant be in the middle of the ocean?

Why, what, maybe they're on an island!

No, that doesn't make any sense...

What if they're on a boat!

Let me track these positions,

if I hack into this satellite,

this one's free okay, yes.

There is a boat in that location, okay.

I have a walkie-talkie app and that app

allows me to talk to boats!

Okay, hold on, let me give this a shot.

Come in?

Breaker, breaker?



- Quadrant's moving .

- Oh whoa whoa hey hey hey!

- [Daniel] Matt, come in, can you hear me?

- Wait wait wait, Daniel?

Daniel, is that you?

- [Daniel] Rebecca, Matt, is that you?

- Yeah, yeah, Daniel it's us!

We're trapped in the middle of the ocean,

we have a member of the quadrant with us right now.

- He's sleeping, we put sleep cloud Daniel.

- [Daniel] The quadrant that we put the tracking device on,

he's on your boat, look out!

- We know!

We know, I just told you that! - Oh my gosh.

- [Daniel] When I located the tracking device,

it popped up in the middle of the ocean.

I used its location to find the boat signal.

- Okay. - Okay.

That's not a lot of useful information for us right now,

can you get us out of here?

- He's waking up, he's waking up.

- Hey hey hey hey, oh oh!

Daniel, can you get us back to shore?

- [Daniel] I can see if the boat has cruise control,

I can hack in and bring you back to shore.

- Please Daniel, we're getting seasick!

- Wait wait, please Daniel we're getting seasick!

Guys, Daniel's gonna help us out.

- Okay good because Matt,

you don't know how to drive a boat.

- I just realized it, I thought I did.

It's not as easy as you'd think.

There's a lot of things. - Yeah, well, waking up again!

- What do we do, what do we do?

- So, got it, okay!

So now I just have to drive a boat!

I don't--

How do I drive a boat?

How do you drive a boat?

Okay let me hack in, um...

Bringing up the boat online and...

Oh, great!

It has auto-drive!

I don't really know too much about that but let me see.

Okay, I'm gonna send these to my phone.

Looks like I can control the boat from here.

It's just like a big video game!

So like you can just drive the boat and have fun

but there's people that are really on the boat

so I have to be really careful.

- How's the quadrant doing right now?

- He keeps moving!


- Oh, oh, you okay?

- Yeah I don't feel good either .

- Yeah we've been out here for awhile.

- Oh no!

- Oooh!

No, no, no!

Rebecca, no!

- Who's driving the boat?

- Daniel.

- I... don't know what a throttle is,

I don't know what's going on.

- Yeah, Daniel's driving the boat.

You guys like my hair?

- Yes. - It's a good look.

- I don't feel good.

I'm not choking.

- Take a seat, we'll get you back, okay?

- We need to hurry up and get back.

- We're gonna get back, we're gonna get back.

- No, no, he's moving!

- Guys, there's a plane!

We have no more sleep cloud,

we can't give him anything else.

- How close are we to land?

- There's five of us and one quadrant.

- Yeah but he's a quadrant.

- Yeah, he's quadrant, you forgot that fast!

- Wait, should we do a face reveal?

- Yeah, here. - Yeah yeah.

- I'll hold him down.

- Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

- Don't wake him up, don't wake him up.

We'll do it later.

We need to get back to land you guys,

I don't feel good again.

This is worse than a nine month stomach bug.

- Wait what? - Nine month--

- Guys we really need to talk about this,

I think I'm getting framed.

Somebody has a reward for me, like $10,000.

- I mean listen, you're not too great with relationships

as in me and Maddie but you know...

I'm not saying I framed you but I understand why someone

would though. - Why are you

only worth $10,000? - That's a great,

that's a better question.

- Matt, maybe you being framed has something to do with

those event dates that we got.

- Save the date! - Yeah!

- Okay, guys comment down below

if you know why I'm getting framed.

This doesn't seem like it actually makes that much sense.

- Hey hey hey, we're pulling

into somewhere! - We're getting closer!

- Okay.

Oh, look!


- Daniel did it!


- Yes, yes!

I just wanna be on land!

- Alright we're almost back guys.

Rebecca, you feeling any better?

- No, I'm not, but I'm happy we're getting back to land.

- Okay everyone, as soon as we get back to land,

there's something really important'

that I need to tell you all.

- What do you mean? - Okay, I mean,

you can tell us now... - Yeah.

- No, I wanna wait until we're off the boat and everything,

like we're safe from quadrant.

- Okay well you could whisper it in my ear first

and then I won't tell them, that'd work.

- Is is that you have a crush?

I mean, we already know that Maddie.

- Do you have another secret?

- Why are you smiling?

- It's, it's, it's something I'll tell you guys later,

now is not the right time.

- You'll tell us today though, right?

- Yeah, yeah, once we're on land.

- Are you in danger?

Or like are you sick or anything?

- No, I'm not--

- [Group] Whoa! Oh no! - No, I was just

coughing. - Are you cold?

- No I'm good.

- Here, here!

Sick people need covers, here.

- Okay, thank you.

You're sick, are you okay?

- No, no I'm not.

- Okay we'll respect that.

But guys, I'm gonna have a look

and see what's going on right now,

this is a little bit weird.

- I found a dock, okay, let's just, okay.

Let's just ease them into the dock,

ease in, ease in, ease into the dock,

they might be coming in too fast...

Too fast, too fast, too fast!

- Whoa! - Land!

Get off the boat!

Hey you found us!

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

He's got the other reactivator.

- You know what, just be calm, just be calm.

- How do we be calm? - Oh, what?

- Matt! - What was that?

- Something I learned the other day,

I was watching a YouTube video...

- Was it ours? - Alright, let's get him out,

seriously, we gotta drag him downstairs.

- Okay, okay, okay, uh...

- Let me grab his feet, let me grab his feet.

- Guys this is a bad idea. - It's not, it's

a great idea! - Let's just get off the boat,

let's just get off the boat!

- Okay, okay, let's get off the boat.

Uh, guys, we have a problem, look.

Look over there.

It's Mr. X!

What do we do if we get off--

- Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.

- Oh no!

What are we gonna do?

- Guys, it's not permanent, okay?

- Well, what do we do?

We have to get off.

- I have an idea. - We have an idea?

- Yeah. - What? No, no no no Matt.

- Hey guys, I got this, I can do it.

- Don't open it!

- Yes, I got this! - If you don't make it out,

I'll look over Maddie for you.

- I'm gonna be out, but sure.

- Here we go.

Three, two, one... - Be careful!

- Matt!

- I'll be right back.

- Okay, no, wa--


Why did he do that?

Do you hear that?

It sounds like they're having a battle royale!

Oh no.

No, oh no!

It doesn't sound good, this does not sound good at all.

- Why'd he go in alone?

- Why didn't he take one of us with him?

- Yeah.

- The Zamfam, it's stopped.

What do you think happened?

Do you think I should go

and see what happened to my husband?

Do you think Matt took out the quadrant

or do you think the quadrant took out Matt?

- What if something's wrong with Matt,

do we need to go check on him?

- I don't know!

What if it's not safe?

If the quadrant comes out here then we're trapped,

Mr. X is right over there.

- We should all go in, together,

like we should have done in the first place,

and just rush him.

- Or I have another idea... let's just leave.

Oh, dang it.

Dang it!

- You guys!

My husband is being framed and he's in there,

we've gotta get him, we can't leave without Matt!

- [Group] Oh, right, right, we'll wait for Matt.

- What, what is it?

- Matt, Matt.

- [Group] No, no!

- No, no, go!

- Guys, guys, it's me.

- How'd you do that?

- I, I got him.

He's not gonna get out, okay?

- Wait, why are you dressing up as the quadrant in disguise?

- It's the only way we're gonna trick Mr. X.

Guys I'm gonna go in disguise, ask for a meeting with Mr. X,

you guys just kind of hang out over here,

I'll give you the sign, the sign.

- The hootie who? - Hootie who!

- What does that mean?

- It means--

- Yeah, Trudy true, Trudy true.

- No, hootie who. - Hootie who.

- Who-dee-who.

- Hootie who.

So when you say who-dee-who,

what do we do?

- You guys go by.

- We just run behind you? - You just run behind.

- What if Mr. X sees us?

- He won't.

He'll be blinded by this awesome mask that I have on.

- It's his mask, so I don't know if--

- Yeah, it's not really--

- Blinded by his own mask.

Stay back, I got this, okay guys?

But get off the boat, get off the boat for sure.

- Zamfam, just so you know,

we found this which means that

my husband Matt is being framed for $10,000.

We just don't know why he's being framed.

Obviously he didn't do anything.

- Off the boat, come on, let's go.

- Matt, what are you doing?

- Okay .

- He's at the end of the dock right now.

Yep, just waiting. - That's so creepy!

- I'm gonna go distract, you guys sneak and hide,

or hide and seek, whatever that's called, I forget.

Now don't forget the code word hootie who.

- Hootie who, yeah we know.

We'll sneak past when you say hootie who, we got this.

Zamfam, do you think this is going to work,

and comment below why you think they're framing Matt.

Matt, your gloves!

Cover your hand!

- I forgot my gloves!

- I know just put 'em, just put it...

- In the pocket! - Yeah yeah yeah.

Get down, get down.

Mr. X is just waiting over there, do you see him?

- Should we try to get closer?

- No, what's he doing?

Matt's doing a weird thing right now.

We can't go, Mr. X is gonna see us!

Mr. X is looking away, now's our chance guys, let's go.

Go go go go!

- Get down!

I think that means go, he like did a pose.

- Why is he doing yoga?

- I don't know.

- Okay, Mr. X is looking away again guys.

Ugh, did Matt just fart?

- No, I think he's waving us.

- To go? - To go closer.

- Okay, three, two, one...

- So we're back.

- I know, that's why I'm here.

Why are you back at the dock?

You were supposed to keep them out there longer!

- Oh I had to use the bathroom,

the one on the boat is broken.

- What about my guests?

- Uh, they're uh, sleep cloud under the bottom.

Typical quadrant stuff.

- Sleep cloud. - Oh, that's so smart.

- Zamfam, okay this is good, this is going well.

- Did you frame Matt?

- Frame Matt?

- Yes, you had all the instructions.

We need to frame him for a crime

so we can take him out of the picture and not be in the way.

- See? Mr. X is framing Matt but I have no idea why...

Do you guys think it has something to do

with the save the date?

- He said, to take him out of the picture.

What does that mean?

- Oh, right, right, yeah.

Oh hey, look at that over there!

- What?

- There, like over here.

- Who? Who... who is he talking about?

- I don't know. - I don't know what

that means.

- Oh look uh, there it is again!


- Who, what?

- Who-dee!

- Who's Dee who? Who's Dee?

- I don't know, I have no idea

where this conversation's going or

what Matt's doing right now.

- Hootie who who!

- Oh, oh no you guys!

What if Matt's getting sick?

Like, the quadrant mask...

There could be germs on that.

- I don't know. - I mean, valid.

- Bless you.

- He's turning them around but

he hasn't given the code word yet.

- Hootie who, hootie who!

- Now he's dancing, which, why is he dancing?

- I don't know, why is Matt--


- Hootie hoo hootie hoo, hootie hoo.

- Hootie, oh, hootie, hootie!

We need to go, we need to go.

Go, go!

- Hootie who, hootie who, who who who who.

- What about Matt?

Can't leave him with Mr. X.

- Okay uh, thank you, thank you.

- He's coming!

Okay, okay, okay, go go go go!

- Go go go go, guys!

What was that all about?

They're trying to frame me right now for something.

- I know but do you think it has something to do with the

Book of Secrets or the save the dates that we all got?

- I don't know, they're getting me

out of the picture for some reason.

- Okay. - It could be any one of those

but more importantly, Maddie...

I think I know your secret.

- What? - What what what? Wh--

- No no no no no. - Oh no no no, I was just

kneeling down for the...

- Maddie what is your secret? - What's your secret?

- Just tell us, we're on land now.

- Um.

The Description of Escape Hackers Boat to Rescue Maddie! (Spending 24 HOURS vs. Life Hacks in Hidden Secret Room Wins)