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Hey guys gameplayvids247 here welcome back to my clicker heroes 2

walkthrough for the PC plays and German we are back here on well 10 we have

beaten well 10 2.74 times I think what I'll do I'll try and beat this world

right now on camera if I can I just have to make sure I actually use all my

abilities and stuff here so let me just stack up a big click straight away I do

hope that you're all to enjoy today's episode I do have some interesting and

very exciting things to show you all by the way so yeah be sure to stay tuned

all the way to the end guys we want to see exactly how much progression we made

because I have really really advanced in my skill tree I'm now level 126 by the

way please remember of course to hit that like and subscribe I mean if you

still want to see a clicker here is to on the channel guys yeah discord link is

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leave a comment as well telling me where exactly you are up to on clicker heroes

too okay well well what do you want everyone let me know in the comments

below now I have full energy and manner we are

actually gaining man everyone I'm gonna show you how in a second every single

critical hit we gain manner dude I kid you not it's an awesome ability I've

just activated my power surge then by the way just to double up my DPS I'm

still trying to smash out this level now quickly so just bear with me pretty much

yeah we're just trying to cruise through well ten over and over again to try and

max out the experience we can gain from it I think this will pretty much be the

last run for well 10 for me here I'm just not gaining too much experience

anymore from grinding the welds over and over again so I will be moving on to

well 11 in this episode by the way everyone I just want to try and pump out

this boss as fast as possible here shouldn't really take us too long

ideally I just have to keep up the grind obviously okay okay I can't either music

why can I hear the music in this game massive volume is down to 60% but I want

music to go to 100 yeah what the hell is it music doing I think as you glitched

out at all now I have to start to hear it now good

alright so pretty much I'm using my infinite big cliff skies to continuously

stack up on the big clicks we have over 2,000 feet clicks right now just

continuous trying to get as many critical hits as I

can also going to activate Auto Attack storm as well just add that extra damage

boost in there if you guys don't know what auto attack storm does it consumes

1.25 mana per second to auto attacks for 2.5 times per second

pretty much your sacrifice manner for auto attacks so yeah it's pretty cool

dude it does help the damage like a tiny bit I have a limited manner pretty much

at this point in the game anyway so it doesn't really matter but yeah my skill

build actually has turned out for the best everyone it's worked out dude I

can't believe my haste and creep build actually worked out we pretty much now

have almost infinite resources we still will technically run out if we spam like

in a stupid way and obviously I mean spam still was in a stupid way of course

I just actually just throw energy totem then sweet thanks game but yeah for the

meat for the most part thanks to my energized constantly being on now and

having a limited manner pretty much we should be pretty safe to grind all the

way to the end zone here guys ok now I just have to continue to grind here now

this point I have been checking out my discord as well everyone I just had to

say a big thank you to everyone who has joined my discord I do speak to my fans

one-on-one there and obviously that's a spot where you can all change or you

know clean your hero's knowledge so right now I'm just trying to actually

think do I use mana crit as well everyone manner it's not really that

good of my opinion right now for my be room I haven't really invested it all

into Manor crits so I think I probably I'm skipping on that for now the thing

is well 10 is still a big grind a bit worried to how powerful world 11 is

going to be for me as well I mean you have to think we haven't really

dominated well 10 I mean we've managed to pass it almost

three times right but that doesn't mean we've actually dominated it so I just

have to continue to grind here and hope for the best all in all almost up to

zone 80 by the way on well 10 right now just continuously spamming my abilities

hoping for the absolute best here at this point in the game

manners when I auto-attack storm is still active gonna activate my power

surge yet again pretty much just gonna continuously use power surge as soon as

it's available at this point in the game as I said earlier I'm obviously not

really limited to anything anymore so that's fine no harm in using it

obviously just just stack up on big flicks again here guys make sure get the

most out of my attacks big clicks is definitely needed for my build up I've

really leveled up into big clicks and multi click the problem is multi click

doesn't use all of its clicks at once it switched out sort of so it's a bit of a

bummer but there's not much you can really do about that I think multi click

actually caps out around 98 clicks or 97 clicks as you can see it says it clicks

three hundred fifty five times but it actually doesn't to the best of my

knowledge I could be wrong and maybe some will let me know if I am wrong but

ideally hopefully I'll get fixed by a developer sooner or later so we're just

pushing through here trying to get to the mithril sword as soon as we let out

the methyls so we should be okay let me just quickly stack up a big clicks yet

again I can see here continuously grinding here the big clicks almost like

the 3,000 big flicks now everyone beautiful stuff there we go 3,000 nice

so pretty much multi click is going to be the biggest energy drainer for me

right now but it's not much like I really do about that we're also now on a

time zone as well to try and beat down this world quickly let me just activate

energized yet again gotta make sure I stop running out of energized

I might actually chuck it on Automator just to do this I like to make my

automated here guys alright let me just take all this off I will actually Chuck

on the automatic constantly give me the big clicks as well though alright so

every four seconds big clips is gonna activate for me so I don't have to

depressing it so it does give me time to focus on my field here at least and my

attacks so right now but not being in the time

zone which is fine we just will end up catching up eventually obviously as soon

as we label our gear properly we'll be able to beat these zones down we're

pretty much on par now with the clock as long as I keep living up miners we

should be able to beat this time zone without any problems so now I do have

the Automator working away which is good for us of course I now have Auto Attack

storm and the Automator constantly spamming my manner now so we might

actually run out of matter eventually gave that to me because we have to

manager manner draining abilities activated a1 so is to be expected all

right so we're coming down the homestretch here of well 10 now my game

actually did crash everyone and it did roll me back about 10 levels I kid you

not dude I pretty much got rolled back to where I started the episode now I

know the game is in beta mode and I understand there's problems but unless

they start making the autosave feature every what one minute or so I kind of

not imagine how the hell this is going to worry because if the game crashes as

much as it does at the moment um look it's gonna run a lot of people's moods

because let me just say it did piss me off a bit when I got rolled back all

those levels especially on the heart of Rockwell's like this each zone really

does you know make the difference and if you get rolled back like ten zones do

you know how much time that is there's like another 20 minutes you have to

grind back so yeah hopefully they get something resolved here with their FPS

issues and the crashing issues because that's not something I want to see I'm

sure a lot of people don't want to see that either and I'm fairly I'm pretty

much 100% sure the devs know about this problem now so hopefully in the next

patch we can get some performance increase hot fixes but I guess we'll

have to wait and find out dude because I cannot have the game crashing on me like

that that's just ridiculous I hate replaying zones especially as

hard zones as these ones are so now we're up to pretty much designed

92 moving onwards to zone 100 guys it's just gonna take a little bit of time

here I think now thanks to that crash but I've been planning for that long

everyone I actually managed to level up so let's see what we got here eh

where else can I invest my skilled coins multiply your gold receive nah don't

care about that I'm gonna think burrows can I expand into now we have I'll show

you all exactly what I've done all right this doesn't get to the point here I

show you all what's going on so I've really expanded into more of a haste and

crit build more than anything I have actually unlocked that's go I'll show

you exactly what I've unlocked all right so we got limitless haste we have flurry

we have what else we got one of the main ones here

small clicks and expandable small clicks stormbringer

click torrent okay a lot of the haste builds as well a lot of the wrath of

frags Werth's and bowels and patience we have killing frenzy here as well which

is excellent for us to go up just the bottom right corner really covered there

now here in the top left corner we have discharge synchrony critical power surge

maybe we'll start moving up into the critical power surge area power surge

upon activating decreases hit chance 100% that increases crit chance by 5%

every second until it ends okay I guess we can try and cut through maybe we'll

cut through the middle then we're going mega huge a huge click there everyone

just for the extra damage speed rune and power whirring

I can't purchase this all now they are the extra Ruby so I purchase adjust that

get me through the last bit here kind of by the grinding anymore dudes such a

pain in the ass to grind through especially when the games actually

crashed so we try knock this out quickly but yeah really at this point in my game

guys I have autoattacks storm constantly on thanks

to the hanim have a look I just want to show you guys a skill just so you know

what the hell I'm talking about IG rate is enhancement critical hits

from auto attacks restore one manner and release damage increased by a hundred

percent way you have less than 60 percent of eternal energy so we went to

the top a bit there as well but now I'm gonna start going to the right area here

I think we'll finish up in the right area everyone if I am correct you have

to figure it as we go along don't try and take down this boss again everyone

attempt to here we go should be able to beat him theoretically let's find out

the game doesn't lag that bad we should be able to smash him there's a

temperature in our suit of differents gear makes it's ridiculous seriously and

only hit the game starts lagging again and we're doing that much damage do oh

come on there's to be the most easiest fight in the world but look at this and

that's done never again am i rewriting well 10 Jesus Christ never ever again

what a crappy world alright so I think this world's gonna get even worse

because we have wall economy spiky monster growth oh my god two hundred

thirty three percent item cost I don't know how this is gonna go down everyone

just get ready for this for real I'm actually pretty worried here

let me just stack up on my big clicks to start off with as you can see it's not

even lagging out it's so weird as you get deeper into the

game it just starts lagging more and more and more I just don't understand

dude I really don't be the way this is well at 11 now so fresh start

wonderful stuff just keep on pushing through I love it because I actually

generate that much energy and manner that I can continuously spam my

abilities dude we will have like a maybe five second downtime or then we straight

back up again with no real delays you know I mean it's

a great feeling that's why I like the haste build a lot Pro means you have to

continuously span big cliques as well as stay in the game without your big clicks

you're kind of screwed you don't have enough damage to really take on the mobs

big creatures what fills up that damaged gap with the haste over damage so

obviously you're choosing haste over damage at the end of the day you're

trying to stack up and the crits more than anything you know with the crits

you're obviously going to dominate but you have to make sure you hit the crits

first you know I mean first you actually hit the crits without crits you can't

asteroid either way I stopped design for already which is nice but definitely

light steam rolling over everything though not as much as I thought I would

should I actually got crit damage on step goal increase then whoops that's

all right go for haste there beautiful

all right looking pretty good almost I've designed ten

I am just very worried now about how hard the games gonna get we'll find out

dude I'm doing some nice experience from each mob again though which is good for

us at least it's about time that's a good experience buddy I just went for an

energy increase there now we have 200 energy let's make sure I'm stacking

everything correctly here just use the auto attack storm to the extra damage in


make you some nice ground here actually I almost up the zone 10 is what you want

to see if this is better no lag and I'm actually able to progress in the damn

game without any like hiccups just go for critical damage increase their more

crits the better for us of course

this guy's almost dead there we going nice it's going to keep stacking big

cliques for a second here I know we're on a time zone but we should be able to

smash it theoretically all right yeah time zones beaten that's it we've done

it already Gigi okay let's continue on this is

definitely longer episode than I figured guys bye there's enemy a lot of editing

on this episode so you won't even know what the hell happened really just been

a mess for a lot of crashes a lot of lag games not pulling up too well tonight

for some reason further I get into the game the male that I'm actually

experiencing is pretty insane never actually seen something like this before

to be honest but I have faith it is a beta so ideally everything should come

together eventually got to get my power surge back and activated again as long

as they I'm trying I pretty much have a permanent power surge on or as soon as

like an activator I will activate it

energized has always been on as well if you guys have noticed haven't really

dropped energized at all never really plan on dropping energized either it's

pretty much a permanent ability I always want active at once the hell's going on

okay game froze up hang on a sec oh we're on zone 15 we're basically level

40 mobs already holy crap everyone well okay do that is not good that is a

massive difficulty spike and I'm feeling something any worse and worse as we go

along here

that is very very concerning to me I've got this time boss here should be I'll

take him down yep is dead good stuff alright almost at the zone 25 by the way

guys ready to push pretty fast surprising very surprising to me

especially with the economy and how much items costs now I'm hoping I can get

this 25 without any issue he's better find out things start to slow down again

all of a sudden I just regenerate some energy here if I can is the Automator on

no it's not that's good for me at least I should regain some ground here

sometimes the automate is more of a pain than a you know a boost guys this sucks

up a lot of your energy do you need to build on my haste as well as soon as

possible my power surge has been activated yet again here guys

love all that saw we're back on the move again slowly but surely very good helmet

slow it up now 45 percent increase in damage there overall at least J energy

increase yet again 77% on the helmet nice should be able to take on the 25

bus anytime man soon as we can get to him yeah all right we'll look either way

I want to wrap it up here because I want to waste of time this is this well is

gonna kick my ass and I have to go through it a couple of times at least

it's actually get some proper ground out of it I mean what I can do I guess is

technically maybe grind so we can level up again I'll show you why are we going

to spend our next point there it is there I would have got here what's down

here more make it more big please that's three more on the big clicks there who

cares we have that we have another critical increase crit damage increase

again guys should we start moving on my up level meant to equipment boots

increase or a haste increase there I got the boots they're right in the middle so

no boots increase there okay no wise anyway thank you very much watching guys

it has been a hell of an episode where I wasn't expecting all this grinding

seriously but yeah that's pretty much my leach build okay leaching energy and

manner per here gotta love it man either way thank y'all so much for watching

I'll catch y'all next episode tomorrow okay

catch the round guys see on the discord I'll see you on my youtube channel sure

subscribe leave a comment like see you later

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