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10 Things You Shouldnt Do On A Plane Hi! When you here the wordplanethe

very first thing that usually comes to mind is vacation, or adventure, the beginning of

something interesting and new. But not many people think about how the flight affects

our system. Today you will learn about 10 basic things you should never do on a plane.

Let s bounce! 1. You should lay off alcohol during or before

your flight. At first it seems like alcohol helps you relax

and fall asleep. But the truth is that it will cause dehydration and worsen the sleep

quality. And in most cases hangover on the plane is intolerable. Perhaps its best

to wait for landing. 2. Do not hold it in.

Maybe aircraft toilet facilities are not the best in the world but if you really feel like

you need to go then do! Humble yourself and go. If you hold it in for too long, not only

your bladder might explode but you can also get an infection. To protect yourself from

various germs wash your hands thoroughly! 3. Dont sit all the way through the flight.

Low pressure inside an aircraft might slow down blood circulation in your limbs and result

in blood clots in lower legs. It is also known aseconomy-class syndrome”. So the best

thing you can do to avoid this is to get up and walk around for a few minutes. Actually

it might be a good idea to sit by the aisle so that you wouldnt have to get through

your neighbors. You can even do exercises while you re sitting down. Lift your heels

off the floor, stretch your toes, strain and relax your calf muscles. Also it is very important

that you avoid wearing tight clothes, that`s another thing that might affect the blood

circulation. But if you feel really tired and want to sleep then at list try changing

your position. And again, try moving your feet a little, that always helps.

4. Dont walk bare foot. And that includes socksthat`s also kind

of bare foot, thou it really isnt. Stewardesses saw it all: from puke to food and blood carpet

stains. There might be micro pieces of glass too so be careful.

5. Never ever sleep during the takeoff or landing!

When a plane takes off or lands the pressure drop happens a lot faster than your inner

ear pressure. If you ve ever flown before you should know how annoying that is. Luckily

that torture doesnt last long. And a piece of gum should straight you out in a jiffy.

Also breath smoothly and gulp. Some people even suggest that you yawn but that never

really happens on purpose. Or does it? Can you guys yawn intestinally? So the point is

that you shouldnt sleep unless you want your ears and nose bleed.

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is on the way! 6. Dont give up on water.

As a rule the air inside of plane is very dry. And because our body dehydrates naturally

with every breath, a rapid breathing might not be a good idea.

7. Dont drink tea and coffee Remember: coffee they serve on board isnt

the usual coffee. Plane water isnt the best water in the world believe me. There

might be coliform and other kind of bacteria. And even thou staff always boils that water

bottled water is still better. And dont forget that ice cubes they put in drinks is

the same whack-ass water. So avoid that. Besides, coffee isnt exactly the best option during

flight. 8. Dont use your contact lenses.

Always wear glasses if possible. Dry air might cause serious irritation to your eyes.

9. Dont turn off your air conditioner. If you dont like cool air or you re simply

freezing then dont rush turning it off. Maybe its better to just layer up. Doctors

say that its best leaving air conditioner on because it blows away harmful microbes

leaving your area clean. And if you feel sleepy, try not to lean on the window. Who knows maybe

previous passengers coughed on it. 10. Dont hesitate asking stewardess for

assistance. If you dont feel very well, then dont

think that your health and well being might irritate or distract crew members. Ask for

help if you feel unwell. When people become flight attendants they get certified to give

first aid and even take birth. Do you guys know what words are best avoiding

while you re on the plane? Thats right the once you see on the screen

this very instance. I would never say any of these words myself. Share your plane experience

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