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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Part 03 - How to play sax in 60 minutes. English subtitles-AULA DE SAX - Prof.Ivan Meyer

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How to play a saxophone in 60 minutes

A video developed by Ivan Meyer

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Part 3 of 7

How you can play saxophone in 60 minutes

First we go make an exercise. It is just gear the air course this way

You may lean it in your tooth.

I will blow

You must hear this air...

If you put and do...

And nothing happen, it is because you press the low part so much, and the air cannot to pass

Many people do it this way

There is no sound. You must let the air go away

Give speed in this air

So, you increase the air amount just a little.

It will vibrate the mouthpiece, and this air amount will be reduce in the entry.

Very cool!

The sound flows.

Pay attention! Im holding the instrument with only one hand,

but with my tooth too! It is supported here.


No do this

It Will retain the sound

Did you understand?

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Now Im giving you Just a general notion of the saxophone for you play

So, you will place the mouthpieces and then you will blow.

First, you may let the air come in

Then you may try to make this sound

I Will explain to you how it works

Here we have like a higher tooth....and...

Here I have the mouthpieces that will lean against the tooth. It is this part.

We have the higher tooth, the low tooth...


And here there is the mouthpieces which will come in.

I have a lip that will come under and we have other lip that will come between the low tooth and the reed

You may note there is a little angle here

This maxillary pressure has movement. We use it to play.

This movement gives the saxophone sound quality.

I will move my hand for this side.

Let´s go imagine that I have a mouthpiece here

I have the mouthpieces part. I have the reed part

Now I have the tooth here

the tooth

the mouthpiece and the reed.

The maxillary press the mouthpieces

We have the lower tooth covered a little by the lip. Just a little.

press the mouthpieces

We have the lower tooth covered a little by the lip. Just a little.

And the other lip at the out side

So, the Mouth is approach like this. Look saxophones mouth

This movement is very important because it does the reed to go up and down

The mouth is more relaxed and open in the bass zone of the saxophone

Open what? This angle between the mouthpieces and the reed.

When the notes are more higher, we usually close it a little

Just a little

Later you will realized that only the air pressure do the acute notes. You don´t need close it a lot.

In the site you can find all that explanations

Now you will put the mouthpieces and Will take care with the tooth lean.

Why it is so important?

I Will design again

Im not so good in it, but I think you can understand, don´t you?

Here we have the tooth, we have the lip, and it is leant against the tooth, ok?

The mouthpiece is leant against the tooth.

When the person doesn´t lean the mouthpiece against the tooth

and it stay hold by the lip,

the up part stay free and makes the mouthpiecewalkwhen you make pressure in its down part.

Why will it walk?

Because the higher lip has no firmness to hold the mouthpiece in its right point.

So, when you apply your maxillary tension holding it, the mouthpiece will walk a little up.

If it walks this way, you will close the angle. So it will do this, look

It opens. So you lose your tuning.

You lose your tuning or the musical note that you play will sound like other.

It is very important: your higher tooth may be leant against the mouthpiece. So, it will be correct.

And you will can press this down part and take a good control on it in the saxophone with no dangerousit will not move

If you hold it with the bigger lip and don´t lean the lip against the mouthpiece,

when you do pressure,

the lip will cede,

and it will open the closed angle.

The angle opens and fails.

The mouthpiece will be moving in your mouth, ok?

For this motive you may be careful.

We cannot let the mouthpiece free in our mouth. I will show you.

You will lean

It is leant

Now without support

What amazing sound!

Imagine: the Guy will move himself with the saxophone

and the mouthpiece move too

You need lend the mouthpiece.

How do we do this?

It is part in the saxophone assembly.

I will take the sax for you can see

I take it this way because I know it.

I can´t take a saxophone holding here or by its keys.

. I hold it by its up parts.

I use its most robust part. This way, it is not dangerous.

You can hold the sax campana, here in this part.

You cannot hold in this saxophone sensitive parts or you will break it.

This sax, how you can notice, has a dark color.

This is a special model of sax made by Werill. It is made in this color to look like a very old sax.

This sax in new!

It was ordered to be this way. I like it in this format.

They look like 50 or 60 years old, ok?

Some people like it. Some people don´t like. I like it! There are beautiful models of sax, in many colors. You can choose between them.

You can choose the model you like more.

But your mouth may be only this way.

You cannot change this, ok?

Well, we go put the todel.

Take care for do not nead it.

Take care and put it here. Great!

We have the todel, we fitted the mouthpiece and the saxophone.

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