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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Stop Self-Promotion! - Why You Should Not Talk About You

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self-promotion is an important part of an entrepreneurs life

you punched and everybody to know about your business and about what you have to

offer but there's certainly one thing that you should not do so watch this

video until the end so that you will learn about this one thing I would like

you to avoid hey my name is Alvin L Rauh on the front of a land and draw the

entrepreneurs entrepreneurs and I would like to help you to become a better

leader has not for do I what I would like to share with you today is

something that's one thing about self-promotion that I would not

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you to subscribe just click on the red button below now self-promotion a very

important thing for you as an entrepreneur and you obviously want the

world out there to know about you and about the quality of your company your

products and your services it has become quite popular recently this is a year or

so I think at least it's what I feel that people host

things on LinkedIn or Facebook same things like why not to speak at the

so-and-so conference oh thanks mr. so-and-so so-and-so

for supporting our company and making it successful or about to present our new

the product and this is our new launch you know what this is from my point of

view not what you should choose what is really interested in human oh and how

great you are first of all it comes across as really showing off and you

know you people try to do it in a kind of soft way but it is so obvious that

the only thing you want to do is tell the whole world a dove I'm great I'm

speaking at this conference and part of that a committee I have reached this

that and the other nobody's interested believe me nobody's innocent with you or

your company what they are interested in is if you can help them to solve that

problem so rather than you know promoting yourself with hey I'm doing

this I'm doing that I'm great and fancy I will speaker I'm part of a committee

I'm so proud to be I'm honored and whatever do the following

give your target market the people you want to attract give them useful help by

hosting and advice or writing a blog or showing them a video either of yourself

or even another interesting video that you've seen because that actually means

that you're thinking of them and not of you and promoting yourself with these

silly things and kindergarten how can I say

kindergarten behavior look my my my shovel is is bigger than yours it it's

pretty it's late for my father it's late and nobody's interest so give them

content give them help tell them hey I'm I thought that might be interesting for

you and you can also tell you well if you like the clothes you know feel free

to contact me or whatever but you help first and you help continuously and you

don't speak about how honest you are to be a member of a committee to do a

speech or to show up somewhere so that's my leadership insight for today quite a

spontaneous one but I did not want to miss it and if you don't want to miss

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