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Howdy, guys and gals! Welcome back to The Social Regressive. In our upcoming

tests we are going to be doing a bunch of work with 350 legend at 458 SOCOM. we

had some issues in the past where we went out hunting with 223 and this was

against hogs we were within a range of about 120 to 150 yards and even with

some 75 grain projectiles those were just not really able to put the heat on those

animals the way that we wanted these were not one-shot takedowns we had to go

track them down into the brush so we are looking at some little bit of heavier

thumpers for these closer range shots and hopefully these will be able to

provide the energy that we need to take down animals with one hit and be a bit

more humane and make it a bit less dangerous for us so we don't have to go

tracking animals down and finishing them off at close range like we actually had

to deal with I've begun shooting videos with these we're going to have accuracy

tests ballistic tests we will be testing out some power shock and non-typical

ammo with a 350 legend but for the most part we're going to be doing some hand

loading especially for 458 SOCOM that's one way that you can save some cash is

keeping your brass and making some ammo out of that and speaking of that brass

this is actually one of the most important things that we can get into

here a lot of people are making great projectiles they're very consistent and they

should have you know good consistent weights and all that it should be made

to to very high tolerances but brass especially in 350 Legend is a very big

deal 350 Legend is a bit of a peculiar case it is a straight wall it has no

shoulder where normally you're gonna be getting your your rifle headspace so

you're gonna be bumping up against that and that's going to kind of set your

space and make sure that everything fits really neatly in the chamber if you have

a straight wall like with 357 Magnum or 38 special the way that it's gonna set

headspace is off the rim right here you're gonna have a rim that extends

wider than the base of the case right here and that's how it's going to catch

however this one is going to set its distance off the case mouth right here

and this can be a problem if the brass is too long then it can squish up into

the throat really pinch on the projectile and create excessive pressures if it is

too short then it can actually cause the the brass to sit a little bit weird

inside the chamber and when it fires the whole thing is going to try to stretch

and it could actually create a case head separation so both of those are know

goes we have a very narrow window of length probably just a few thousandths

this is supposed to be one point seven one zero inches long this one comes out

to be one point seven zero five as you can see right here and that's going to

be within those tolerances and that again is one of the great reasons to go

with Starline on this I have some stats that I can point out here as far as

those case lengths go I took some time and I measured ten of these that I

polled at random to see how consistent they were they must be shorter you know

at the longest 1.71 zero and what we ended up with was an average length of

one point seven zero six with an extreme spread of only four one thousandths of

an inch and a standard deviation of point zero zero one 333 so these are

wonderfully made they are wonderfully cut and they are going to be within

those perfect tolerances that were after okay so we're looking good there and as

far as mass goes I was able to weigh those same ten to figure out how

reliable they are for mass that's probably going to be a very good

indication that their case capacity is all the same and that's going to lead to

better accuracy overall and much more consistent pressures no matter what I'm

loading up in here so we're looking at an average mass on these cases of ninety

one point eight five grains and then a standard deviation of 0.2 9 so we are

still looking very very slim on that that's looking great and an extreme

spread of only point nine grains that is fantastic water capacity in these I

measured a couple of these out and averaged them out and we're looking at

thirty eight point six grains of water on the inside so you

the the 350 legend these are going to be the ones that are going to help us to

get on target and do it very consistently and safely the 458 SOCOM

that you see right here we perform the same test and by the way this right here

this is a 350 grain spear deep curl oh no not deep girl this is one of their

spire point projectiles I think this is a Hot Cor. I'll put the other stats

here on the screen. but this thing is very heavy I shot a couple of these in

the prone the other day and it just kicks like a mule my gosh these things

hurt with some of these lightweight ARS and their lack of recoil pad. oh my gosh.

but when it comes time to take these shots while standing it's gonna be a

wonderful cartridge so I did the same test on these to figure out what kind of

lengths we were dealing with so we have an average of 1.574 inches standard

deviation of.000816 and an extreme spread of only

two one thousandths of an inch these are just wonderfully precise cases

that they have cut these are looking great and then for the mass on these we

have an average mass of 178 grains and then we have a standard deviation that

bumps up a little bit so this is one point one six roughly and an extreme

spread of three point six grains keep in mind that these cases are a lot bigger

and weigh a lot more than these 350 legend ones so we're gonna have a bigger

extreme spread but that's standard deviation that's the big important

number and it indicates that we are looking really good there for case

capacity we're looking at sixty point eight grains of water and a standard

deviation of only 0.36 grains fantastic I've gotten a lot of recommendations

from other suitors to use Starline brass and I can see why now I'm gonna put a

link to their whole catalog down below because I'd like for you to check out

what they have to offer they have one that's especially interesting it's six

five Creedmoor with a small rifle primer pocket and this is one that a lot of

people swear by if you have one of these medium cartridges they say that you can

get a more consistent burn and better performance overall if you

use that small rifle primer pocket instead of the normal large rifle pocket

I don't know why that's a difference but if you've heard of Palma brass or the

308 Palma the difference one of the big differences there you're gonna have

certain rifle configurations but they also do shoot 308 with that small rifle

primer pocket and yeah the the Palma guys and any 308 match shooter is trying

to get a hold of that brass and the fact that these guys have that 6 5 small

rifle primer available just any time is pretty awesome I'd like to try some out

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