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Hello, I'm Anda Kania with The Paypers.

Today I'll discuss the highlights of Money20/20 Europe.

With Tracy Davies, the president of Money20/20.

There are so many things and topics going on.

We've got 350 speakers here at Money20/20 Europe. And six stages.

So there's a lot of key topics.

But I'd probably summarize it into five key areas.

There's a lot of talk about innovation.

There's a lot about M&A, value chains and business models.

We're seeing a lot of talk about technology.

AI continues to be the discussion everywhere.

About how technologies combine AI, blockchain, quantum computing.

So we're seeing a lot of that confluence as technology.

It's Europe so we have to talk about open banking.

But there's some really interesting things that we're starting to see.

Something called "swim lanes".

Where companies are moving from one space into an other.

[ANDA:] Can you reveal the future plans for the next editions of Money20/20?

We have four of these shows a year. In the USA, Europe and Asia.

We always try to make the shows feel and look different each year.

This year's theme is alchemy. Last year we had circus.

So we'll start thinking about what that looks like.

But we can't plan it too far ahead.

Because the area of money in fintech and financial services is moving very fast.

As we set the program too far ahead it won't be relevant.

So there is a certain amount that we can we can only plan so much.

But some of the magic has to take place quite late on.

To make sure that everything that we're talking about here is really relevant

and bang up to date.

But I'm sure it'll be good.

[ANDA:] Could you provide some insight into Money20/20 Asia?

Look, it's a massive and exciting region.

We see so much innovation coming out of there.

I mean mobile wallet is obviously a big technology that we see there.

And we see so much innovation across Southeast Asia.

With companies like Grab and Ovo.

So it's a really exciting region. There's so much going on.

And now we have a global reach:

One show in America, one in Europe and two in Asia.

Because this market is very global and there is innovation across it.

So to cover the topics we need to have a presence globally.

So we're delighted to have our two shows in Asia.

As well as the ones we have here in Europe and America.

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