Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #bungehuisbezet

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The board of executives of the University of Amsterdam

pretends the occupation was done by a handful of students.

I am here

to show that this action

is not a few students' work,

but a continuation of a broader sentiment

which lives within society and the student community.

With this action we want to spark an important debate.

What should education serve?

Money's power,

or the construction of a more just society?

We are students.

We should be raised here

as critical thinkers

We have a voice

to participate in the conversation about the future of our country

And the university's role in it.

The bungehuis occupation is symbolic for that.

I am Oscar, and I am here because the university is not a company.

I am Yael

and I am here because I want fair education for all.

I am Lotte

and I am here to end the focus on excellence and returns.

I am Isa and I am here because my study

is not profitable enough and should therefore disappear

I am here

because I think the world needs critical people who dare to say no.

I am here because education is a universal right that should

not be left

to the free market.

I am Parcival

and I am here because I stand for more more transparency within the university.

I am Simon

and I am here because I believe that those few students of Arabic

can make the difference.

I am Victor I am here because I find it ridiculous that students and

employees have so little to say about their own university.

I am Daan

and I am here because I see intrinsic value in the depth of my study.

I am Martin because I believe in true democracy.

Iam Daniel and I believe the university should be there for everyone

and not just for the management.

I am Mart, and I am here because my study is formed by a faulty


I am Eleni and I am here because I fight for the foundations of our society.

I am Fokke

and I am here because the debate on education in the Netherlands should be opened up.

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