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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: December 11th "Power of WHY" Event (Taipei)

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ladies gentlemen boys and girls hello

I'm Julia Norfolk and doing English comm

and this is a quick overview video what

my master class in collaboration with

the one the only the great Leeds

Miney it's gonna be on December the 11th

in Taipei and if you look somewhere

around this video you will find the

exact location time place to register

all that good stuff why is it that some

people seem to improve in English

quickly and easily what's a secret where

does their incredible motivation come

from I'll tell you this right here right

now it's not that they aren't talented

when it comes to learning and using

second languages it's not that they are

more intelligent than you rather it is

simply that they have a clearly defined

powerful Y that guides them focuses them

and drives them to do incredible things

in their life with the English language

in contrast others fail to see progress

for one of two reasons some people are

simply doing nothing to improve their

English they say I want to speak better

English which by the way is actually

pretty useless as a goal we'll talk

about that on the day but then they

procrastinate they say I'll do it

tomorrow and so they never see progress

others on the other hand are doing a lot

to improve their English but it's messy

it's random it's unstructured and all

over the place and 90% of what they are

doing is a total waste of time for them

personally because it's not focused on

their exact Y or problems for example

maybe they are doing shadowing and

they're doing about every single day but

seeing no result from it well is it the

case that shadowing doesn't work or more

likely is it the case that shadowing is

not the right exercise for them but

would be an excellent exercise for

someone else this is where you're

crystal clear powerful why comes in on

the day we are going to spend the first

hour going over some of the ABCs the


mastering the English language fast I'm

gonna share with you some of the things

that my best clients do what everybody

will need to know to see the fastest

results possible improving their English

in the second hour we're going to dive

deep into defining your personal why

we're gonna dive deep into you your

goals your weak points in English what

your heaven is what your hell is and get

you crystal clear what exactly it is

that you need to do to improve the

fastest this is the same process the

same exercises I have all of my coaching

clients whether one-on-one or group

coaching clients do before I will let

them do anything else you see although

eighty percent of what everybody will do

to improve their spoken English is

exactly the same in my experience it is

the twenty percent that is custom that

is unique that is tailored to each and

every person that gets the biggest

breakthrough results that is what you're

going to come out with at the end of the

event a clearly defined why that will

focus guide and motivate you to get the

results that you want when speaking

English now don't think this is some

magic pill that's gonna get you instant

results that is not the case such

methods do not exist if they don't

everybody would already be fluent in

English you are gonna need to put time

and effort into implementing what you

learn on the day to get the results that

you desire but because you will have

your clearly defined crystal clear

powerful why in hand

it'll be work worth doing because you're

gonna be focused on the exact things

that you need to be doing right this is

me and Julian Northbrook now signing out

from this video come along on the day I

can't wait to see you all I've got a lot

of great stuff planned I've got some

free gifts to hand out as well like I

said look around this video you'll see

the registration link alternatively head

over to doing English comm /d

see 11 deck 11 we do to the registration

page and I'll see you there

bye bye

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