Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Testing Viral SKINCARE Hacks So YOU Don't Have To

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- [Bailey] I literally can't believe

I'm about to put things that are for your blistered toes

on my face right now.


(Bailey breathing heavy)

- Oh.


This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life.

(upbeat music)

- Hello you guys.

- Hi.

- So, we have been, I mean, like everyone else,

addicted to Tik Tok.

- As per usual.

- And we've seen some very interesting

skincare hacks that people claim, like putting.

- Potatoes on your face.

- Potatoes on your face.


So we're gonna test some of those things in this video

to tell y'all if it actually works or not.

- We're gonna see and test the theories

and really discover the truth.

- Let's go.

(upbeat music)

- So one of the like skincare hacks that we found on Tik Tok

was this Moujan, and it's a foam for your legs and body.

And basically how it works,

is like you put it on and then you let it sit,

and then you just wipe.

And it's supposed to get rid of all of your body hair.

- My legs are significantly more hairy than Brooklyn's.

- We thought it would be a better visual

if we did it on Brooks' legs.

- Yeah.

- So.


(Brooklyn laughing)

- [Brooks] Keep going, keep going.

- [Brooklyn] Okay, okay, okay.


Brooks needs a shave.

- [Brooks] Yes I do.

Now, eight to ten minutes?

- [Brooklyn] Eight to ten minutes.

(upbeat music)

All Brooks has to do is rinse it off.

But I wanna see, hold on,

I wanna see if I like wipe it with a rag,

if I can see the hair coming off.

- [Brooks] Try it.

- [Brooklyn] Okay, leg up.

- [Brooks] Oh, whoa.

It actually did right here.

- [Brooklyn] Oh my gosh that's all your hair in there.

- [Brooks] Ew.

- [Brooklyn] Okay, hello.

- [Brooks] Parts that we did, what the.

- [Brooklyn] They're totally shaved clean.

(screaming excitedly)

What in the world, babe?

- I didn't think it would work this well.

- [Brooklyn] Whoa.

(upbeat music)

- Good morning.

- Hello.

- He's gonna dunk his face into a bowl of ice.

That's for you to do.

- What?

- Show them your nose.

Supposedly supposed to like help reduce like pores,

and he's got some pretty big pores in his nose.

And, then I'm going to do the other version.

I have this like swollen baby and this swollen baby

that you can like do ice spot treatment

and it's supposed to like take the swelling out.

So let's give it a go.

Let's go do this thing.

- [Asa] Let's do it.

This is freezing cold.

Is this a prank?

- No, this is for real, for serious, for reals.

Dunk your head in.

- My whole face?

- Your face.

I think your supposed to let it sit for at least 20 seconds.

(Asa screaming)

All the way in, all the way in.

- I forgot to take a breath.

- I know.

(ice cracking)

(Bailey laughing)

Try like this.

- Oh.

You try.

- [Bailey] Are you tearing up right now?

- Not for real but like,

it like made my eyes water.

You try.

You try and tell me.

- [Bailey] It looks so funny.

- Oh my gosh.

- Okay, so let's see if it really shrunk your pores or not.

It's supposed to help over time, but.

- Maybe not in a five second.

- [Bailey] Maybe not in five seconds.

- That was horrible.

- [Bailey] Wanna do it again?

- No.

- Supposed to like get ice in a paper towel.

Oh, that's cold.

My cheek.

I don't know how long I'm supposed to hold this on there for

but it's like really cold.

I know it's like common thing

where people are like yeah, this will totally de-swell.

- [Asa] I mean, it is really good for you.

- But I feel like that's not something

you can really obviously see.

Do we think that looks a little less swollen?

I don't know.

I'm kind of iffy on this one.

And putting ice on your face kind of sucks.

It's kind of cold.

- [Asa] Yeah.

- If you just have these tiny ones,

like I don't really know if it's worth it

to put like freezing cold ice on your face

every single morning,

or dunk your face into an ice cold bath.

- You gotta go all the way in like I did.


Three, two, one.



- Nope, no, this is so cold.

- All the way, all the way, all the way, more.

(Bailey breathing heavily)

- Ooh.

- [Asa] I did it for like double that time.

- My eyes are watering too.

- See?

- Okay guys, I don't really know

if this is really worth it.

- If you like cold, maybe.

- I mean if you really want to.

That kind of sucked though.

Okay guys.

Don't recommend the ice one,

but let's see how the other ones go.

(upbeat music)

- I'm about to do the potato skincare challenge, hack?

I don't know what the word is here.

But I have this like little patch,

I don't even know where it came from.

I have very kind of like uneven red skin.

But anyway, right here I have like a good old patch

of like little baby pimples.

I have no idea where they came from.

Actually it's kind of gross looking at it up close, sorry.

So, I have cut, this is a fresh potato.

I've cut this little slice here

and I'm literally just gonna put it on my face.

I like literally contemplated for like 20 minutes

how I'm going to get it.

Keep this in.

How I'm gonna get it to stay on my face over night.

And I was like, do I like duct tape it?

Do I like wear a headband around my face?

So I've determined that I'm gonna attempt

to tape it to my face,

but the only tape I have, Scotch tape.

So, we're gonna give that a try.

So I'm just gonna put this right here on my face.

Oh yeah no.

And like tape, the tape cannot be good for my skin.

Oh, oh.

This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life.

The tape worked.

I guess if I'm like immediately going to bed

and not talking or planning on like moving,

if I just lay here,

it would just stay on my face like this I think.

So, I think this might work, but.

Okay, I'm gonna tell you it says

potatoes have a high salicylic acid content in them.

We know that this acid is beneficial to treating acne.

So that's what this is supposed to do,

in case you we're wondering.

If I wake up in the morning completely pimple free,

maybe we might just be doing

potatoes on our faces all the time.

So, we'll see.

(upbeat music)


It is bright and early,

and we're gonna see how this bad boy fared over night.

It did actually stay stuck to my face, which I was shocked.

But, ow.

All right let's see if it got rid of my acne.

I don't think it did anything.

My pimples look just as bad as they did yesterday.

If anything they look a little worse.

Yeah, not sure if that hack is really worth trying.

I don't think it really did much for my pimples,

so I don't really think it's worth

sleeping with a potato taped to your face.

Personal opinion, maybe not the best one.

(upbeat music)

(crickets chirping)

- Oh, it's recording.

I did not notice it was recording.

I literally can't believe I'm about to put

things that are for your blistered toes

on my face right now.

I guess the general consensus is you're supposed to

like just put them on problematic areas.

Suck up all the nasty stuff.

I decided we we're gonna film this video today.

It's over the past like two days,

that we're doing this in like a span of two or three days,

and of course my skin decides to be nice to me

in these two days.

Today it's really.

Gosh dang.

Since I don't have any like super big zits to put this on,

you can see there's some problematic areas.

Like you can see some texture here,

or just some like bumps up in here,

or even down on my chin.

Like this area would be a good spot.

You can just see those few spots, kind of in here.


That was so small.

I cannot fully smile

with this thing on my face right now.

Hello everyone.

Oh my gosh (laughing).

I look like I've been like injured.


Let's pray to the heavens

it doesn't freaking yank my eyebrow hairs out.

Because I put, there was a really big zit,

like the biggest one I had,

right underneath my eyebrow,

so I kind of like laid it over my eyebrow.

Ya girl is going to sleep like this,

and I'll update you in the morning

and show you how much gunk comes out of my face from these.

I just sent this picture to Asa.

He said, what the heck.


What happened?

I'm doing this for y'all.


(upbeat music)

Good morning everybody.

Everything stayed on which is good.

Please, please don't pull my eyebrow off.

So many regrets.

Oh, please don't pull my eyebrow off.


Okay, this one looks pretty clear.

There's not much on this one.

You guys can see that.

Yeah, the zit is still there.

You guys can see that.

So that one didn't work.



Do you guys see anything?

Not me.

That one kind of worked actually.

Can you guys see this?

Just keep trying to pull them off

and see if we get anything gross,

because the ones I see the results we're like insane.

Ow, this kind of hurts.


Actually, are those spots?

Wait a second.

Maybe it did get stuff off.

Do you guys see those spots?

I think that's where it pulled gunk off my face.

Ooh, okay.

Very spotty again.

It got some, because I had a big zit

under my chin right here,

that is now literally gone.


Oh, this one's gonna be gross.

I know this one's gonna be gross.


Oh, ew.

Okay, I would not be against trying this one again

because I feel like it really cleared some stuff up.

I don't know, you guys can tell me if I'm just dreaming it.

I feel like it looks a little cleaner.

Like it cleared out some pores and gunk and stuff.

But I'm kind of lowkey impressed that it totally

got rid of this zit on my chin,

like it's almost all the way gone,

and it was like big old swollen

pussy nasty thing last night.

So I think I want to try this one again

when I have like a big old honker,

and see how it goes with that

'cause it's kind of hard to tell

with all the small zits I have.

Like, I just had small zits everywhere

on my cheeks and my chin yesterday.

Let me know if you guys want like an update on IG

or something in the comments below.

If you want me to try this again,

the toe blister bandaid,

on a big old Mount Vesuvius on my face

sometime on Instagram.

And if you guys don't follow us on Instagram,

be sure to follow us on Instagram,

'cause we post a bunch of stuff

on IG stories that like follow up on videos and stuff,

or just about our daily lives.

But, I kind of lowkey think my skin

looks really good right now.

Okay, go off Bandaids, go off.

(Bailey singing)

Hot, this is cute, cute.



(upbeat music)

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