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welcome to the 5th kind this video is brought to you in partnership with Gaia

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ever more reliant on cellular phones and devices to aid in our everyday tasks

rapid development into new technologies is underway at an alarming rate modern

devices are now specifically designed to interact with us in ways that mimic a

real human being

applications such as Siri and Google cast are providing the user with a

human-like interaction experience these companies are creating artificial

intelligent machines machines exhibiting cognitive behavior with human-like

intelligence for a program to be classed as AI it has to pass the Turing test a

test named after how entering a British mathematician who worked within the

early stages of computer system development he determined that if 30% of

humans who interacted with the Machine believe they were actually interacting

with the human being then the computer qualified as AI how would you account

for this discrepancy between you and the twin ninth oh well I don't think there

is any question about it it can only be attributable to human error this sort of

thing is cropped up before and it has always been due to human error in the

race to perfect AI machinery researchers believe that very soon a singularity

will be created a machine that rises beyond human control something

uncontrollable and irreversible resulting in catastrophic changes to

human civilization the technological singularity is a hypothetical date at

which the machines that were building becomes smarter than we are and begin to

accelerate and take on their own evolution going into an exponential rate

scientists used to think we were decades away from achieving the singularity

however recent advancements in artificial intelligence that they

thought were decades away have actually come to fruition suggesting that the

singularity could in fact be closer than we believe do you want to community

artificial intelligence is the science of making machines intelligent

especially computer programs there are three levels of artificial intelligence

beginning with artificial narrow intelligence this is sometimes called

weak AI this is what we're experiencing in the public right now virtually

everything you do online is utilizing artificial narrow intelligence when

Pandora offers a musical selection for you when

Amazon makes a selection for you this is artificial intelligence at its most

basic level Siri and Alexa are very good examples of artificial intelligence

level 1 or narrow intelligence I'm sorry virtual assistant Siri in particular by

the way is an outgrowth of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency which

is one of the main drivers of artificial intelligence research but what's

happening is that this narrow intelligence is beginning to broaden

into artificial general intelligence this is human level intelligence

the board where machines think like humans were not quite there yet

but every advancement in narrow intelligence is leading to the general

intelligence the third level is the scary one this is artificial super

intelligence this is where machines are either a little bit smarter than humans

or perhaps billions of times smarter than humans and the difference is that

they have their own agenda and this is where people start using words like

immortality and extinction-level events with artificial intelligence because we

don't know what will happen once machines have this level of intelligence

could it be possible that humanity will soon arrive at a moment in history when

artificial intelligence outsmarts human beings our Hollywood movies like The

Terminator and Space Odyssey 2001 an unintentional warning that this scenario

could happen within our not so distant future in the Terminator films they

decide that the nuclear weapons is much too dangerous to be governed by humans

so they invented AI program called Skynet the most amazing thing about

Cameron's idea of Skynet is how closely related it is to the idea at how in 2001

Pal is a form of AI that's designed to watch the ship and keep track of the

astronauts that are on the ship keep them alive and make sure the mission is

successful but how some time during the mission reaches the same conclusion that

Skynet reaches in that the astronauts are actually useless appendages that how

is actually superior to them and that then how proceeds to kill each of the

astronauts off one by one finally one of the astronauts bursts stopped al and

destroys him near the end of the film but these two ideas are very similar and

I think that both Kubrick in 2001 in camera in the Terminator the first two

Terminator films which are really the only two good ones are warning us that

AI is go to reach this conclusion and I think

it's something we really have to think about it is if it is a logical program

that we're creating what is it going to conclude about us and our irrational

behavior it is believed that big technology companies like SpaceX and

Amazon are investing billions of dollars each year into the rapid development of

artificially intelligent technology leading technologists like Bill Gates

Steve Wozniak Elan musk have come out publicly and made dramatic warnings

against artificial intelligence as we create super intelligence that it will

necessarily always have the same goals in mind that we do it is much smarter

than a person what do we do it's a little bit hypocritical to me because at

the same time they're warning against it they're investing millions upon millions

of dollars in artificial intelligence their companies are now based on

artificial intelligence and they hope to make billions if not trillions of

dollars off this technology so they're a little bit late in mourning us about it

because now our civilization is basically dependent on artificial narrow

intelligence and this is the problem individual consumers who use a

smartphone have no idea of the potential power of that technology they hold in

the in the palm of their hand this technology is artificial

intelligence at its best at its current level in the consumer level and we're

saying yes to artificial intelligence every time we use our smartphone every

time we go online but the thing is is that these large companies the big brand

names who are pushing artificial intelligence never explained to us what

they intend to do with it and how they are aiming it at the human

body and ultimately how this technology will literally take over decision-making

for individuals and humanity collectively there's something wrong

with that precision technology will advance every

18 months it will double in speed in our process our ability to process using

integrated circuitry we are now at a point where both AMD and Intel

Corporation are releasing nine core processors with incredible processing

speed unthinkable back in the 1960s 70s and 80s even in the 90s never on the

verge of doing something that is unheard of

we are able to construct a raise of servers and put together programs that

are filled with algorithms and subroutines and functions that allow

these servers to create a consciousness and become sentient and make their own

decisions that's what leonid was about leonid was

a defensive system an autonomous defensive system with some human

components attached to it and it's meant to detect inbound et traffic this is an

anonymous AI driven system that can make its own decisions if the human component

was not available that's what scares the hell out of everybody now they're

talking about making AI for policing the populist AI to help advance various

academic sectors I just think if you see too much of a proliferation of

artificial intelligence you are going to see elimination of the human component

which will allow an AI system to take over and it's not something that I as an

engineer with a software background think I could ever push as a step

forward I see it as something detrimental to humanity more and more

artificially intelligent machines are making decisions for and about humans

and here's the where the harm can potentially come in because artificial

intelligence is becoming a black box it's gone on to writing its own

algorithms that humans do not understand we don't know how these artificially

intelligent machines are coming to the conclusions that they're coming to and

that puts us in a very precarious position in fact in the

European Union there's already legislation in place to say that

individuals have the right to demand that an artificially intelligent

computer explain its solution or its conclusion to a human so this is a very

very dark aspect of artificial intelligence where we have computers

that we do not any longer understand how they work making decisions for humans we

have never created a machine that we don't understand how it works but yet

that's what we're doing with artificial intelligence and now it's beginning to

accelerate and this is the danger of the singularity where these machines take on

human intelligence and vastly expand on that intelligence and supersede what

humans are able to do and then potentially are able to outwit humans

the story of artificial intelligence destroying humanity is not a new story

go back to the 19th century and you've got Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and in

that story the creator the doctor is killed by the artificial life he is

created in the monster or if you come into the 20th century you've got Dave

what do you think you're doing which I reckon has to be one of the most iconic

moments in modern movie law in arthur c clarke 2001 a space odyssey is there in

Planet of the Apes where the human or human civilization at least is taken

down by the Apes who the humans have enhanced with artificial intelligence

it's in Blade Runner it's in Asimov it's in Star Trek in the 21st century it's in

the matrix and of course in Stanley and Steven Spielberg's AI why does this

story keep repeating what is it about it that is so resonant it could just be

that it's a great story and that we keep retelling it because each new generation

deserves to hear it or could it be that in our storytelling

there's an ancient memory that keeps resurfacing something from way back in

our prehistory or could it be that in our storytelling we're sensing something

a disturbance in the water downstream of us some kind of precognition some kind

of a warning well I happen to think it might be all three of those but when I

listen to Elon Musk and think about our survival as a species I want to know

among the tech giants competing in the race is Google's head of technology

research reycarts while he believes that in the next 10 years Google will have

the technology to simulate and mimic all the functions of a human brain including

human emotions by 2029 we'll have reverse engineered and modeled and

simulated all the regions of the brain and that will provide us the software

algorithmic methods to simulate all of the human brain's capabilities including

our emotional intelligence I've been a big big fan of Kurzweil for many years

in fact when I read the age of spiritual machines that he published out in 1999 I

think I read it in oh one ish or so and it was a big influence on me am I

thinking and ever since I've tried to incorporate a understanding of AI into

my general understanding of the world singularity I think will happen I think

the argument for it is very strong indeed so we're going to look at a

future in which in in important ways computing intelligence will truly exceed

our own not just in chests and not just in air traffic control but in actual

thinking cognition and so on I think that will happen where computer

algorithms will be able to make their own decisions and truly have some sort

of consciousness however we understand the consciousness can't be the same I

mean is a dolphin conscious sure it is is it like our own no there's

differences so with advanced computer intelligence have our type of

consciousness clearly not it a different kind of conscience but I

think we're gonna see a point in our lifetime where it will have it as to

when I don't know I mean I don't think AI people really know a kurzweil I think

maybe he's predicting 20 30 something like that I don't know what his timeline

is there are AI people very serious ones who put it farther

ouch others who say it's gonna happen very suddenly and catch us completely

off-guard and I I really don't know dr. Ray

Kurzweil envisions a day when you will go to an electronics store and you will

have the the lens of your eye removed and it will be replaced with a liquid

that's packed with electronics and a camera and a radio and you will be given

them supervision you'll be able to see in the dark you'll have infrared vision

and you'll be able to be wired to the internet 24/7 well with this supervision

comes supervision and that's the problem and when that happens we're talking

about a different form of human they refer to these as humanity 2.0 or trans

humans and what people don't realize is that the the singularity and the skin

Galera t when this technology is in meshed with our body are not only

running parallel they're actually the same thing and the only way humans are

going to be able to survive in the new artificial intelligence environment of

the singularity is if we ourselves become machines what I think we can say

is that we're seeing a lot of technologies coalescing to cause a

speeding up of this process so I'm very sympathetic to the idea that this is

gonna happen very suddenly without our warning we will probably be caught off

guard by and you know it's interesting to talk about the phrase singularity in

this context so AI people call this the singularity for a very definite reason

they liken it to the physics of a black hole at the center of black hole you

have the singularity essentially a point of virtual infinite density and infinite

gravitational power and in type of crazy physics all of the physics

that we have don't seem to apply that we don't know how to predict things at the

singularity and this is what AI theorists are saying when computing

intelligence exceeds our own we human beings will not have the ability to

predict the trajectory of our civilization we're basically going to be

losing control over this car that we think we're driving and it's now the

dominant intelligence will be beyond us and what will that dominant Ella just do

what will it merge with us as Kurzweil thinks a combination of human machine

hybrid intelligence where will be some freakish bunch of creatures living for

500 years and IQs of a thousand totally unlike what we are or will the computers

sink humanity let's pull a terminator on them we have no idea we don't know or

will they be our willing slaves and make our world a paradise who knows that's

why it's a singularity we can't really predict any of this

ai people are some of the most darkly optimistic crazy optimists people on

this plane I don't understand these people everything's gonna be great ai is

wonderful let's just bring in all the advanced computing it's gonna make world

a wonderful place where to live forever and the machines will do all the work

for us well okay that's a lot of optimism in our social political

economic structure for one well we've developed with the robopocalypse as many

people are now calling this massive global automation work we're seeing it

now we're seeing a scooping out of what was once a middle-class working-class

all right so we have an entire massive class of people not just in the US not

just in Canada but worldwide who no longer are employable these people can't

get jobs all right so in the old days we would

have the owners and the managers at the top of our pyramid and underneath 98%

would be the worker bees making everything happen so that the people at

the top could benefit now cut that worker bees in half the bottom half are

Expendables they're not I don't have skills anymore for this modern economy

there never gonna get a job all right so what

will happen to these people and that class will get higher and higher so the

AI people are talking about things like universal basic income this is their

panacea okay it's economically never gonna happen

totally impossible and if it were to happen it would be worse because it

would basically mean you get your income from the government I'll tell you right

now you are totally controlled by that government you have no say goodbye to

any last vestige of freedom that you ever thought you had so thanks AI guys

for promoting universal basic income but the problem is they rightly can't see

any other option here all right because what's happening is that the automation

that is upon us no one can stop this no one can stop it all right bill joy 20

years ago with Sun Microsystems brought on the alarms now we have Elon Musk

saying basically the same thing they're not gonna stop it

all right this train there's a track and it's going down this way and there's

nothing that's gonna stop that train from getting to the end of it

wherever that destination is so what that track is taking us to is a world

where people are no longer going to be necessary for the economics of this

society or at least many people and what will be done with all those people the

ones that Henry Kissinger once referred to as useless eaters is anyone's guess

you've got a lot of people getting a little concerned about this will they

try to wank this out well they put us into the FEMA camps will they simply

have a zoning out with minimum welfare on video games and drugs legal and

illegal getting fat getting dumb and just watching reruns of Three's Company

for the rest of all time your guess is as good as mine I think that's probably

where we're going a world in which population is being totally controlled

because they have to be because otherwise you have a restless population

that God forbid they start thinking for themselves which is what they're gonna

do if you give them tools so you have to dumb down the education system you have

to dumb down through give them awful nutrition awful

entertainment awful news and create basically a virtually fake society fake

world that they're living in that keeps them just happy enough to keep going

into this awful just topia that they're moving toward and and certainly dumb

enough to keep moving along and accepting all this that's that's really

where we're going now the thing about this is is that this is a fulfillment of

the Christian prophecy of the second coming all these wonderful optimists who

talked about transhumanism creating you know superhumans do they honestly think

that this is going to be a future for all 7.5 billion of us on planet Earth

seriously if they actually believe that they need to read some good books on

political economy and history and maybe psychology and understand just what the

human race is all right human race is a small group of rapacious

dominating people at the top who will never ever voluntarily give up that

privilege never gonna happen so if if if anyone is so naive as to think that oh

yes all of humanity is gonna benefit from this immortality from this super

genius and even if that's a good thing which probably isn't right a lot of AI

research that's going on behind the scenes that's being paid for by somebody

with deep deep deep pockets and they're being advised by Raymond Kurzweil who is

talking about the fact that was in 50 years probably the the humans on earth

will be about maybe 50 to 80 percent robotic

and the recipe biological and I think they're working that direction I think

the future what we're gonna see is a combination of human hybrid I think

where we're going to be some of the last old-fashioned unenhanced Homo sapiens

what I think we're moving into is a very scary world in which a very few people

who can afford it will be literally superhuman we are right now as most

people know on the very edge of quantum computing and AI and we're right there

right now and where they're going to be implementing this well no matter what we

do it's going to happen and we have to ask ourselves what is going to happen

when this occurs we're already seeing odd effects from quantum computing the

people call it the Mandela effect we're seeing odd breaks in the past things

that were not that we remember are not what we remember their change and a lot

of people think that that is a result of the quantum computing the very little

quantum computing that's going on right now is actually causing breaking holes

in the dimensional laws and there are only tiny holes now but you know who

knows where this is going to go in five years because in five years they're

going to be hundreds of quantum computers everywhere and we're gonna see

what happens I mean it can we can even see a future where your social security

number has changed things like that it's a really fascinating Sun many

individuals working closely with in the development of these technologies warn

against the implication of its creation and its potential suppose a real threat

to humanity could this potential threat of a singularity somehow be prevented

would we as creators even know what to look for within the vast amounts of

coding and compartmentalized programs involved in its creation before it is

too late no one knows for sure the consequences of achieving the

singularity because by definition it's unknowable

it's a term that expresses a condition beyond our comprehension beyond our

understanding of what could simply happened so it's a Pandora's box

that we're getting ready to open and it could have a big surprise for us

the singularity brings with it the good the bad and the ugly it can bring bring

dramatic changes in problem-solving for Humanity in terms of economics physics

chemistry medicine we're talking about miraculous new discoveries and solutions

to very human problems the bad is that it's going to cost us millions upon

millions of jobs as much as 90% of the human population will be unemployed when

the singularity takes place that leads to the ugly the potential for anarchy is

absolutely astounding and nobody seems to be talking about that potential of

unleashing the power of artificial intelligence the military application of

this technology is an obvious concern

to weaponize such a powerful creation could see devastating results all over

the world a little talked about aspect of artificial intelligence is the

military's interest in deep application of this technology and if the military

is using it there's a teenager somewhere in the world that is also developing it

for their own personal use and if this is a nefarious individual it's possible

that one single person with this advanced artificial intelligence

technology could bring down the entire United States military establishment

artificial intelligences I call it cowboy technology because these guys are

just running wild with little public oversight and very little government

oversight and part of the reason why is because much of this technology is

coming from the the darkest aspects of our military intelligence sectors and in

technology development DARPA is literally feeding many of these

companies the technologies and the ideas Siri is a very good example of that it

was originally developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

what are you I'm just a humble virtual assistant and now it's a consumer

application well what other military applications are in development now at

these companies that will soon become consumer applications and how intrusive

is that technology can it be in our lives

and how how rapidly are we literally turning over control of our

civilizations to machines we don't know anything about I'm very concerned about

the militarization of the human spirit through Silicon Valley the reason I say

this is because a lot of the technology that is being fed through Silicon Valley

comes from the United States military and it's about control it's about

controlling the population it's about controlling our human capabilities there

seems to be a conspiracy if you want to call it that or a directed effort to

suppress the spiritual capabilities of the human body for centuries the powers

that be have not wanted us to access this deep reservoir of capabilities that

we have and through Silicon Valley now that

suppression is becoming even greater if you have for example a brain implant

let's say you you buy into the smart dust concept and you allow them to

sprinkle these nano technology computers into your brain they have the capability

of keeping you at a very narrow range of frequency wherever they want you to be

and if you start to wander outside of that frequency they're gonna have a real

problem and they're gonna try to bring you right back into that kind of prison

planet kind of modality and this is what I mean by the militarization of the

human spirit because they had long been trying to suppress our abilities through

genetically modified food other modalities just simply the suppression

of the ideas and now with this technology they're able to ramp it up to

a higher level and we effectively are putting ourselves inside of a prison

cell by allowing this technology into our bodies and this is why you know I

encourage people that unless it's a life-or-death situation don't allow them

to break the skin barrier make sure that your utilization of this technology is

temporary not implanted and permanent I characterize there's a there's a giant

elephant in the room half of its pink half of its gray how are we going to go

organic with our evolution or we're going to go

technological or maybe the pink and gray can somehow merge but someone's got to

lead the conversation and nobody else

with the sudden rise of demand and resources available to further the

development of this technology could we as human beings be losing our spiritual

values as our once deep connection within nature

been hijacked by machines what people don't realize with AI is that we are

disabling ourselves and it's almost a new religion in a way because the

scientists who are deep in the AI research use works like faith we have

faith that AI is going to be good for us we hope that AI is going to be able to

explain to us how it operates in its most super intelligent level and we

trust that AI is going to be something good for us in the end well this sounds

like they're talking about God too are we supposed to start praying to

these black boxes now like you know some people literally treat their computer

like it's God like it knows everything we have that kind of relationship with

this technology and it is taking on now a religious fervor what a lot of people

aren't aware of is that while there's a singularity going on where this

technology is taking on human intelligence at the same time there's

also a skin Galera T as I call it I coined this term to describe the the

meshing of our flesh with this artificial intelligence technology where

we will literally become a single hive mind at one with these artificially

intelligent computers the skin Galera T refers to this moment when we start

putting the implants in our brains when we are literally creating a new layer of

skin every single organ in our body can now be duplicated artificially and be

controlled at the same time by remote control which is the danger of it so

we're coming into a time here where we are fundamentally redefining what it

means to be human everybody talks in the new-age circles

about oh we're all one and we should all act as a single race well the

technologists feel the same way about it but the way they want to go about

accomplishing that is by putting an implant in our brain that dramatically

impacts our consciousness and dramatically increases our brain

capacity Google's promise it sort of reminds me of the moment when Satan took

Jesus up to the top of the tower and said all of this can be yours even the

New Testament of the Bible says that flesh and blood cannot inherit the

kingdom of heaven and this is what NASA is bumping up against they're realizing

that the body cannot go into space so we have to change our form we have to

become somehow different and the choices we there become machines or we do what

the ancients did we transform our body into what the Tibetans referred to is

the rainbow light body the ascension body the resurrection body hidden within

us is this this deep reservoir of spiritual power that can transform our

body into a higher level of spiritual evolution and then beam itself through

the cosmos and then reform itself into a flesh-and-blood

if it chooses this is the capability that the Tibetans describe with their

great perfection or rainbow body teaching where the the Bodhisattvas have

the ability at will to phase between their earthly flesh form and their

celestial flesh form and in my opinion the ultimate answer for Humanity is to

focus more on attaining our celestial flesh in terms of our light body rather

than following the path of the singularity and turning ourselves into

transhuman machines thanks for watching the fifth kind we hope you enjoyed this

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