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The future meets innovation with us.

We are zdi.NRW

For 15 years we have been promoting and inspiring young scientists and technicians in NRW and networking local players.

We reach around 300,000 young people every year. And together with our partners we give them a deeper understanding of the diversity of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology.

About 45 percent of all participants in our courses are female

"Especially women in STEM or girls in STEM are still a rarity.

And it's just nice to see that they enjoy it and enjoy doing it! "

Due to the diverse and progressive course offerings we are introducing the attendees to socially relevant topics that are related to STEM

We also show them ways into future-oriented apprenticeships and courses of studies

Whether urban gardening, multicopter construction or virtual reality - we are always at the pulse of time.

With more than 4,500 partners in business, school, universities and politics, we are the largest community initiative of our kind in Europe.

"This is also an exciting story, because there are a lot of possibilities with the topic "getting young people into a job" or "arousing interest in technology "

and you can achieve more together than if you do something individually. "

zdi is represented in all districts and cities in NRW

Along with more than 40 networks and around 70 school laboratories, we accompany young people along the educational chain - from kindergarten to apprenticeship or study choice.

With our practical offers they will get to know the actual challenges and opportunities of the job market at an early stage and will be optimally prepared for the digital future.

and are well prepared for the digital future.

"It was a lot of fun for me because I saw what technology can do now

and have been taking courses every year to see where I want to go in future

The regional networks initiate and coordinate the local courses in close cooperation with local partners from science and business.

The many regional zdi networks bring their experiences to the NRW-wide community and create a nationwide exchange of knowledge:

The zdi community.

With our work we contribute to maintain young people in the scientific and technical field in the long run

In this way, we sustainably strengthen the innovativeness of science and economy in NRW

The promotion of every talent is important to us, that is why we are particularly committed to equal opportunities.

Research, understand and shape the future together.

That is zdi!

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