Practice English Speaking&Listening with: My 5 minutes bike ride

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welcome to another beautiful day this is jason today

i'm strolling around with my bike

track 11 20. let's see what's the day going to bring here so let's go

it around

i'm just enjoying my day you know just showing you my place

now we are going to go

it's too windy ah it's going now i'm here into the ihon that little island

okay so let's explore this place a little bit oh

okay guys i'm thinking that i'm going to stay here

and have some tea and eat my sandwich and this place is nice it's the little forest

okay now i'm going to sit down here and eat my sandwich and and make some tea

hey guys i think i'm going to hear some music and i'm going to turn this camera a little bit off

so because of the copyright on youtube and that is my blogging kit

spotify now i'm going to hear some dual lipa

okay so catch you in a minute and see you see you later alligator

so i'm done eating now i'm going for a bike ride so let's go


now i'm going to end my video here i'm going back home

and thank you for hanging out and thank you for watching and see you next time i just


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