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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Try Guys Live Like 80-Year-Olds For A Day

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- [Narrator] Previously on The Try Guys Old Age series.

- [Zach] Today we're trying on

an old age body simulator.

We're gonna talk to one

of the foremost professors on old age.

- [Joe] The age lab team created Agnes.

- [Zach] Agnes? Who's she?

- [Joe] Age, Gain, Now, Empathy, System.

- [Keith] Oh God, this is awful.

- [Ned] I can't use my hands,

my neck is hurting.

- [Zach ] It was fully debilitating.

- [Keith] Oh my God,

This was just a few hours.

We have to wear these for an entire day.

- [Presenter] You are a real dick sometimes.

- I'm 80 bitch!

- [Presenter] This is going to be

the most relatable Try Guys series ever.

- [Joe] Old age is made up.

- [Participant] I'll never get old.

I'll never die.

- [Joe] We all expect to live longer

and we're demanding to live better.

- [Participant] Let's get old!

- [Joe] I want you to think about the following,

from zero to 21 years old

is about 8,000 days, right.

- Yeah I'm just trying - So from 21

- to keep track of it. - to midlife crisis,

46ish, 47 is about 8,000 days.

From 47 to about 65 is?

- [Group] 8,000 days.

- But think about this,

when you retire to about 85 and change

is another 8,000 days.

We have to invent an entirely new life stage

and we have nothing to say about fun,

where you're going to live,

what you're going to do?

Every person is the author of their own story.

Your story is a 100 years, start now.

- [Camera Man] Have you ever gotten

to do one of these?

- No.

- Do you want to? - Sure.

- Rhoda, interview take one.

- [Presenter] Marker.

(Marker Clicks)

Yeah, nice.

- And I am Rhoda Issacs

and I am Zachary Kornfeld's grandmother.

Do I consider myself old?

No, I do not except by the numbers.

You adapt and adjust to a new way of life.

- [Joe] So Agnes. is a suit that allows the user

feel the fatigue,

the friction and the frustration

of what it means to be old.

- Today we are trying an old age simulator.

- [Participant] We're trying it for the entire day.

- Participant] We're going to wear this old age suit

through our daily lives.

- What's the longest someone's worn Agnes?

- Three hours.

- Oh!

- It's scary!

- It's World War III.

- God, you God damn kids get off my lawn.

- [Participant] So we're planning on wearing Agnes

for a full day.

- [Joe] I'm betting on Agnes

that she's gonna wear you out

before you wear her out.

- What a minx.

- I think it's fair to say that I've never

been slowed down by my body.

I'm always the one who's the first ready to go,

the last to go bed,

I can move like a shark.

I've never really imagined

how I could be incapacitated

by my own physical form.

- I live with chronic pain so already the things

that I can do are limited.

Honestly, I'm just excited for today

for the other guys to understand,

like holy shit,

this is what it's like to be in Zach's body?

- Well I mean I'm a dad now,

so I have to like represent having a dad bod.

It's just something I have to do

for my son actually,

it comes with the job.

- I know that there's gonna be something wrong

with my eyes as I age so I wanted

to do a little bit more opaque version

for this day so I can see what my experience

would be more like.

- My first instinct is I want to go to bed.

- [Participant] So it's me and Miles all day?

- [Miles] Yes, it's just you and me buddy.

- [Man] Think of Miles as like your son.

- I don't know.

- I looked both ways because

I have no peripheral vision in these glasses,

so I have to fully look.

It's kind of like the bird box challenge, but real.

- Oh, my legs are so heavy!

- I don't want to upset you Dad.

- Don't call me that, it's not

- I want you to think of me as Wes.

- Don't, I do not like this.

- The difference between light and dark is drastic,

but I can't see any details at all.

- [Joe] So if we're successful

you'll start seeing the world,

even after you take Agnes off,

in a different way.

- I'm excited to spend some time with Agnes.

- Some quality time.

- Get to know her.

- [Eugene] Now we're talking about Agnes

like she's a lady and it's very confusing.


- [Man] Time to wake up!

(Participant groans)

- Kick, 20 pounds on my chest,

you may say that's not so much.

To which I would say,

fuck off Jacob?

You're a kid.

You don't know my struggle.

- [Joe] So Agnes, the Age, Gain,

Now, Empathy, System

is designed to give you the physical feeling

of what certain chronic conditions feel like,

or how they reduce your function?

- How do I,

how do a sit up?

(Participant groans)

- That's a core exercise.

- That empathy part is it gives you

that psychological like,

damn this shouldn't be this hard!

- I need one of those like pulley,

oh God gee!

- I think I'm actually the strongest now

that I've ever been.

And I'm two years in to being diagnosed

with a chronic illness.

- [Man] There you go,

wasn't so hard.

- That was harder.

- Let's start with the grocery store,

my favorite place, Albertson's!

So I go to the grocery store five

to seven times a week.

I'm gonna keep that up.

I think it's good.

As an old person I'll be walking to the store,

I'll be buying my groceries and walking back,

I'll be healthy.

- Believe me I'm not Jane Fonda,

but I think it's true for everybody at every age,

the more active you are,

the healthier that you stay

and the more nimble and agile.

- L.A. is pretty known for they just built

all their sidewalks over tree roots.

And then the roots grow

and they break up the sidewalk.

It's super unsafe.

- The world we have now,

is it incompatible with being old?

- Yeah, I think since I am one I can blame us.

I think we can blame the baby boomers,

because the baby boomers said,

everything's got to be about the young!

If you're between 18 and 30,

we love you.

If you're after age thirty please just go away

and frankly go away quietly.

- But look at this,

I could easily break my leg on that.

- [Joe] By 2047 there will be more people

over age 60 on the planet

than there will be kids under 15.

How are you going to spend that time?

- Why do we stack them

on top of each other like that?

(dog barking)

This is a very large package.

My grandparents still played sports

into their old age so I'm hopeful

that they'll be okay.

- I don't plan on slowing down at all in my life.

I want to be able to do all the things

that make life worth living.

Where are my dogs?

I don't even know where my dogs are.

Is this why older people have cats?

This is why older people have cats, huh,

because cats do what the fuck they want.

You know what I mean?

- The only thing I would suggest is

that you pace yourself.

- So my morning routine,

make some tea,

make a smoothie,

take Bowie for a walk.

Every morning I do stretches for my chronic pain

and I imagine when I get older,

I'm going to have to do that too.

Oh, this is so much harder!

Oh, that one's hard.

- Oh my gosh this is exhausting.

- Oh no, not like this.

- By working harder against the system,

- Ow.

you'll win at first.

- Let's go (struggling groans)


- But kind of like old age itself,

it will catch up to you.

(participant breathing deeply)

- You guys ever watch Supermarket Sweeep?

- [TV Presenter] Contestant number one

is a 90-year-old sorta vegan from Tennessee.

Please welcome, Keith Habersberger!

- Overwhelming.

Okay, I gotta find my frozen fruits.

- No, I think the little things that add

to the friction,

if you will,

of daily life,

a lot of us have it,

is the vision issue.

- This one is 3.99 but it's 16 ounces,

10 ounces.

- [Joe] Everyday things, whether it's going

to the store or making a meal,

it's not impossible but we can make it better.

- $7?

I can't read which aisle.

- Oh, thank you so much.

- Essentially when you're wearing Agnes,

you're an age explorer.

The mall and the store doesn't change,

but suddenly it's harder for you

to see the signage or be able to reach something

on the countertop.

- I think the market is for young people.

They're the ones who go out all the time.

I'm not sure that they spend the most money,

but they spend it more frequently.

- They changed this whole layout of the store,

they changed everything I used to buy.

- Retail shopping, they're great

if you can walk long distances

or shelves that are really high.

Not so good if you're a 60,

70, 80 and beyond.

- I don't know that they're sensitive enough

to the needs of older people.

- So hard to reach up there and grab this stuff.

Why is it even up here?

I don't have the energy to be upset about it.

I'm just like,

well, that's how it is I guess.

I guess it sucks, doesn't it?

All right, pups,

let's be active.

Okay, don't yank so much.

Daddy's not as young as he used to be.

Yeah! Water that plant!

- Where did this modern idea of old people

as old people come from?

- It's actually relativity speaking, pretty new.

- Is she doing it,

the yoga pose?

- [Man] Yeah, I think so.

- [Participant] Yep, that's how she poops,

isn't that funny?

- [Joe] We didn't old folks in factories

because frankly, they're not as strong.

Humans were just another cog in the wheel

of making stuff in the factory.

And so you wanted to have this long line

of young people to take out the old guys,

put in the young guys 'cause they're faster

and they're stronger and the like.

- These already suck.

My movement's good,

but my eyesight is really fucking me up.

- [Joe] Work is getting less and less manual.

We're realizing that we need some

of those knowledge workers.

- He gets shy.

He's still a baby.

Bowie, sit down.

- Somehow there's this miraculous age

of 65 and that's retirement.

It's a story that you're told to do.

Old age is made up.

- Bowie, good boy!

- Am I crazy or is she totally hitting on me?

- One year?

- One year. - You're gonna grow?

- Don't tell Maggie,

she'll be upset but I feel like we vibed.

(dramatic drum bang)

- This is absolutely incredible.

I have never in my life.

It's like I'm playing Mario Kart.

Wow, this is awesome.

This is awesome.

This is so cool.

This is so cool.

Look how fast I can go.

This is the best!

I've never seen the world from this height before.

Yeah, is this what this is like, Zach?

How fast am I going?

(cart reverse alarm beeps) Oh, come on now.

Wow, I wanna shop forever now.

Hello, there.

- Hey, how you doing today?

- Good, how are you doing?

- Is it good? - Yep, you're done.

- Okay. Okay.

- I appreciate that.

- All right. Thank you.

- Thanks.

I wish I could take this thing home with me.

That was awesome.

(dramatic drum bang)

- So it's nice to have something to lean on,

so this stroller actually really helps.

- There's one group of merchandise

that is made for the elderly.

That starts with walkers and canes.

- You've heard of meals on wheels,

well, this is wheels for meals.

I'm going to get myself some lunch.

Thanks Trader Joe's.

- It looks like it's only a physical experience,

it's an emotional and mental experience as well.

- All of a sudden one day I was aware

that young people just sort of looked through me.

If I'm standing in line to ask a question

at a counter and three other people walk

over and they will speak to them first.

And then I found out that my friends

of the same age have had the same feeling,

feeling invisible to young people.

That was shocking to me and that was very painful.

- Sorry it took so long.

- No man, you're good dude.

- Next time I'm having them delivered.

- As technology has gotten simpler do you find

that more old people are using things

like meal delivery services?

- Not only do they use it but we did the numbers,

it's actually cheaper,

more convenient to use those services,

enabling them to stay in their homes

than it would be to go into assisted living.

- I have a digital door lock,

you guys know about that?

Yeah, so watch.

It's not a key.

See, you can open it this way.


- We don't wanna make an old person's house

or an old person's car

because nobody wants to buy that,

including old people.

- Alexa!

I'm home.

- But if we make things safer,

cooler, convenient,

easier to use,

does anyone complain about that kind of product?

- [Man] Whoah!

- Do you guys not do that?

- Remember the, help I've fallen,

can't get up service?

You know the bracelet from hell sort of thing?

Less than 4% of the population

that actually needs that device actually buys it.

Do any of us wanna walk around with a little pendant

that says old man walking?

Because that's what those devices say.

- You see, that means I don't even have

to clean my floors.

Wait a minute,

I've already set up my apartment

to live like an old person?

- [Joe] We buy things not just for what they do,

but what they say about us.

- The technology in my life,

we have computers,

iPads, cellphones.

- Younger people and older people

have a lot more in common.

The story doesn't allow us to think that.

- What's the thing that I read my books on?

- [Man] The Kindle?

- Yeah.

- [Participant] I'm gonna buy at amazon.

- [Man] Oh my God,

we're in the number one best seller?

- [Participant] What?

Oh, now I can read it,

number one best seller.

Wow, cool. Thanks everyone.

- Do I look like the stock photo

of the old lady on the computer

where's she's like this?

- Business does not look to older adults

as being a market.

They have the myth that older people

don't like the new.

- Alexa, Google Home.

Great systems for older people

and super cool for young people.

That's accessibility right

there, huh? - Simon,

I'm not sure.

- Shut the fuck up Alexa. (laughs)

- So if we can get rid of the story

of what we think old age is and frankly get rid

of the story of what we think young is

and really just talk about quality of life,

we're going to make a world that's better

for everyone from zero to a 100.

- Alexa,

I love you.

- [Alexa] That's really sweet.

- I'm 80, bitch!

- I love playing high intensity sports

like soccer and in my back of my head

I imagine that I'm just not gonna be able

to do that in old age.

- Yeah, you might want to dial it back,

not so much because you won't be able to do it

for a short period of high intensity,

but boy if you get hurt,

you're going to know it for a long time.

- As I get older maybe I'll play less soccer,

maybe I'll play more golf.

Oh, God.

I always used to play golf with my grandfather.

Maybe I can do this.


Wow! - [Man] That wasn't bad.

- Maybe when you're older you get better at golf.

- All right, so the dogs have gotten their exercise

and now grand daddy's gonna get his workout

in as well.

- Okay gentlemen lets do the tour.

- Hello. - I see you've aged.

- I have aged a lot.

- Oh, this is going to be interesting.

- Do I look like how I

normally look? - That's really real good.

- A lot of young people frame the idea

of health and diet

in a sort of visually oriented, cultural way.

Like they don't think about it in the sense

of investing in the quality of their body.

- It's more important,

I would argue,

than saving for retirement.

Because if you're good cognitively

and good physically you can probably keep working.

So you can,

shall we say,

push off whatever that retirement year

is supposed to be.

- I lift some weights,

light ones, but I lift them.

You just feel better,

physically as well as emotionally.

Mentally, you feel like you've done something good

for yourself and you have.

- Squat down and then you're gonna squeeze

that butt as you come up.

One foot on.

- Oh, wow.


(playful trumpet blowing)

- Ow.


I don't even care where it goes anymore.

Miles, actually,

can you hold that?

- Not a problem, Dad.

- Don't, please don't call me that.

Why didn't we get a cart Miles?

- [Miles] They didn't have any.

(Participant groans)

- Pull it up. There we go.

- Whoop, there goes my feet,

there goes my old people feet.

Okay, okay Crocs.

- Come on now,

oh my God, my knees.

Oh God. Oh God.

This would be a lot more fun with a golf cart.

- Can we just get a sweat shot?

- Ruben, what are you doing?

Whose side are you on?

Ow! (Ruben laughs) God dammit!

Ow! Shit!

- Let's go, down

- Ow, my leg.

- I am exhausted after only three holes

and I'm ready to go home.

- It's tough, life is hard.

- [Ruben] There you go.

Yes, now we're cooking!

- Ow, why?!

Okay, you got it.

You got it.

I've never had to do anything like this

with exercise where I've felt immobilized.

- I'm ready to be done with this suit.

- So with aging though,

it seems like I could also get away

with playing video games a lot,

'cause you're talking about me using me using Postmates,

me using Uber,

so I'm just hanging out at home.

- It's Smash Brothers - Sounds like,

It's like vacation.

- Yeah. - Sounds awesome.

- This is pretty good.

This is the same experience that I'm used to.

Oh, I dropped Yoshi.

Oh, the king. Boo!

- After a while sitting there that long

is probably gonna get a little bit dull.

- Okay, well I don't have to be trapped at home.

I can go to arcades.

Here we are at the Family Arcade.

I've been wanting to go here since the first time

I saw it and Becky's always said,

no Keith, we can't go.

I'm about to prove her wrong.



Oh my God.

Oh my God.

We're going to the arcade, it's awesome.

I play a little Simpsons.

I play a little Time Crisis.

I have to lean really close to the screen to see,

but I'm doing okay.

I'm hitting Guitar Hero.

I'm not good at that game.

I'm playing basketball. I'm pretty good.

I think there's a lot of fun I can still

have in an arcade when I'm old.

I'm saving the best for last.

It's DDR, baby!

I did win a DDR tournament

as a junior in high school.

Weird fact about me.

I normally play on like the pro level.

I'm really good at DDR,

not to brag,

but I have finished MAX 300.

I got to tell you,

it's like watching somebody type really fast

with their feet.

I guess I've never thought like,

what do old people do for fun?

- My idea of Saturday nights used to be a dinner

and then you went some place for after dinner drinks.

Hopefully some place in a bar

where somebody was playing music

and went home at about 3 o'clock in the morning.

Now that's almost getting up time for me.


- Fun is never brought up with older adults.

- I go to concerts,

movies I go in.

- [Joe] You don't think about play,

you think about cruise ships and Pickleball.

There's got to be something else in between.

- Movie time, I love seeing movies

and I feel like I never have enough time

to go to the theater anymore.

So in retirement when I'm old,

I'm just gonna go,

just entertainment all the time.

- I'm really excited,

we're gonna see Roma.

I love Alfonso Corona,

he's my favorite director.

I'm gonna check it out.

Theater 12.

Oh, fuck.

(dramatic music)

A great adventure awaits.

Oh my God.

This is the biggest staircase

in the history of staircases.

Are you kidding me?

(Participant burps)

Oh my god.

(breathing heavily)

I've never been so winded from stairs.

Oh my God.

Oh my God.

(dramatic instrumental music)

I feel like Rocky,

you know, from the movie Rocky?

See, this is why places need to have other options

to get upstairs, you know?

- [Man] Right.

Turn the spotlight up

And get dirty on this stuff

Breaking down the door. ♪

- Every time I go in an arcade and they have DDR

I play DDR

I still love that game and I always try

to see if I'm as good as I was as a kid.

I want to be an old guy at the arcade, crushing DDR.

And all the kids are like,

who's that old guy?

He's better at that game than me.

(upbeat dance music)

Oh, God.

- Game Over! - What? What?

What? No!

Look, it says that I only missed three!

I missed four.

I missed four and that's a fail?

I've never failed,

not on medium.

- Game over! - And that's it?


My mind could follow the patterns

just like it always could,

but in this body I just could not keep up,

and you know,

I lost.

I mean there were a lot of frustrations.

Pinball was hard to see,

which sucks 'cause I love pinball.

Can't see, the ball's reflecting all other lights.

You put your dollars in down here.

You're grabbing the balls from down here.

It's like it was built for children or something.

I can't read the subtitles at all

and the whole movie's in Spanish.

(Speaks in Spanish)

I can't do this!

- You guys use ice to make yourself less sore, right?

I'm not very good at medicine.

Ugh! Hurts everywhere basically.

- It really just makes me want to sit here.

- The things we used to love to do,

now are not as important or as much fun.

- I'm exhausted.

I mean, every time I've come back

from each of these little adventures

I've been so beat.

Oh God!

- No, it's a loss.

- [Man] Oh yeah?

- Yeah, it is a loss when you can't,

for instance, I used to play golf,

I don't do that anymore.

And that was a loss.

- I've never have been one for naps,

but today I feel like I could fall asleep

at any minute.

- I'm just so exhausted.

I just, it takes such an effort.

I just need a break.

I just need a rest.

- I'm just going to lie here for a second.

- I just need a minute.


(yawns loudly)

- Alexa,

turn off all the lights.

- [Alexa] Okay

- Fuck yeah.

- I think you and I talked about it,

it's all what you want to make of your life?

Who wants to be miserable?

It's a lot nicer to have fun and to be friendly

and to enjoy life.

- Hey Wes, I was thinking

it would be really fun if we sat on the couch

for a little bit.

- Cooking is something that I've always enjoyed

and I hope to never lose that ability to cook.

So I'm gonna try cooking in this getup,

and see how I do?

- [Man] Eugene!

- Hmm?

- [Man] Hey, it's time to do your favorite thing,

go to a gay bar!

- (mumbles) the gay bar?

- [Rhoda] One of the things I think

that's an advantage of being older,

there has to be some,

is recognizing with age actually does come wisdom

if you allow yourself to accept it.

- I know that when I'm old I wanna be surrounded

by my family,

just like this.

Or I guess in this narrative you're my grandson.

- God dammit, Miles.

- I'll feel better after I eat some potatoes!

I may be old but I still know

how to make a root vegetable into a good vegetable.

- Alcohol tastes 20 times better old.

and no flossing, no flossing!

- So wouldn't you know,

Roma's playing on Netflix.

Roma, talk-to-text baby!

Sorry, I hit home.

- Also we don't have talk-to-text.

- I'm faking it for the video.

- So if we're successful then you'll start

seeing the world even after you take Agnes off,

in a different way.

- I've never experienced a disconnect

where mentally I think my body can do something,

but physically it can't.

Oh my God.

- I've always been this social, open person,

so even as I age I'm going to be the same me.

I needed a little help but I wasn't helpless.

- Oh wow, I can hear everything.

I'm really gonna try

and have a lot more patience around older people.

- Oh my God,

I've never loved my body more

than in this moment.

I think it's really on us to figure out ways

to make life as accessible

for all people as possible.

- Look at me and look at the other elderly people

and see yourself and think about

how you would like to be treated with respect

and dignity, that's so important.

- [Joe] We can make it better.

If we make it better for them we will become them

and we'll have a better place for it.

- [Group] Wow!

- MIT,

I want to go to your class.

- You know what,

I'm going to apply to MIT.

(upbeat rock music)

- So are you seeing anyone?

- Gross Dad!

I'm seeing this robot,

she's pretty cool.

- 2085.

- Yeah.

- Make sure you use protection.

- I always carry my laser gun.

- Oh God.

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