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I am a little behind, traffic is a bit busy but I am with them.

I am with the rickshaw.

Assalam o alaikum! Ladies and gentlemen, today I am present in Dohraji.

I will tell you the exact location after sometime.

But what I am going to eat here today is very interesting.

That I haven't tried for so long, which is ''khausa''. It is very popular dish among memon's.

And I haven't tried it in a long time, so I have no idea what it exactly tastes like.

I wouldn't be able to give a proper review, so I have brought a ''khausa'' expert with me, who is a childhood friend of mine.

Used to study with me at university since first semester.

Her name is ''Shamila Rashid''. She recently started food blogging and her Instagram is ''@Shamila.R''

You have to follow her food blogs.

Now we'll go inside and we have to try ''Khausa''. Let's go!

So, we have ordered two kinds of ''Khausay'' and I don't see any difference between them.


"Khausa'' is called ''Memon's dish'', but actually it is Burmese dish.

I don't know how it became Memon's dish, I will find out soon.

But it is called ''Memon's dish'' and I lived with memons for 12 years.

But in childhood!

So, I always ate ''Khausa'' in their homes, did not eat it outside. So,

I don't remember how it tastes, therefore I brought a ''Khausa'' expert with me.

There are about 10 ''Khausa'' expert in the world and she is one of them.

She comes on top and I don't know the rest nine and her name is Shamila Rashid.

Ladies and gentlemen! This lady here is the ''Khausa'' expert. So, what did we order?

So, basically we ordered a ''chicken khausa'' and a ''thali khausa''.

And in ''thali khausa'', we have both options, a fusion of chicken and of chicken tikka.

So, both are really nice.

-In thali, things are given separately. -In thali, things are totally disassembled and here they have given it as whole.

There is curry obviously, the pulse based curry, then there are slims, namak paray and noodles obviously.

With a lot of spices and vegetables and all.

-Chicken also. -Yes, chicken. Ofcourse!

-So, It's an amazing thing. -Yeah! It's yummy.

-Do you like ''Kausay''. -I love ''Khausay''. I have it, I think every week.

-So, this is why you are here. -Yeah.

"'Khausa'' expert.

So, in order to eat, I don't know if we have to mix all these things. "Khausa'' expert will do it and we'll see what we have to do.

-So, what do we do now? -I hope I don't drop anything now.

-Next level thing. Put some more. -More? -Yeah! more.

Okay! We'll put this here.

-Now we'll mix it. -What about chicken? -Yes, we'll put chicken also.

-We're making it like this. -Exactly!

-Oh wow! -In that, work was for free, so it's not similar.

-Now, we'll just put our chicken in this. -Put them all.

-Very fantastic! Can I put this too? -Yeah! put it.

-Like a loaded ''Khausa''. -Just, look at this.

Chicken, noodles, this curry, slims in the corner, it's looking like a very next level thing.

There are a lot of noodles. So, there should be chopsticks as I am used to chopsticks.

I've gotten used to it. After going to China, I am used to eat with chopsticks.

So, I think you can eat them with chopsticks more easily, as you can see.

It's really good. Curry is really spicy and flavorful without being overpowering.

So, overall it's really good. It's not too pungent and taste is like really good.

Spicy, lemony and very nice.

This is my 200th bite, Masha Allah!

I put a lot of lemon in it, therefore it became more yummy.

Well, the taste of curry is like the taste of curry in ''curry rice'' but this one has a lot of spices in it.

Those who love to eat spicy food, it is a treat for them.

Okay! secondly when we put slims or other kinds of chips in it, it becomes more crunchy.

So, it's a very good thing.

I don't think you can eat it as a main course but you can eat it as a snack on the way, in the evening or at noon.

It's amazing. It's an incredible thing. And I think if we'll make it more popular

then it will spread in every corner of Karachi besides memon and a community, as mostly Memons live in Duhraji.

And I think it's acceptability should be strong because it would be easily acceptable for everyone.

Pizza is from Italy, but people eat Italian pizza everywhere. So, it should be eaten everywhere also.

Location is very easy. A little ahead from Rangoon palace auditorium, in the street of Jamal noon hospital, the ''Memon bite''.

Very easy! I think ''Memon bite'' is also on Google maps.

-Sir, what is your name? -My name is Umair memon.

-Umair memon brother! Firstly, tell me. Is ''Khausa'' basically a Memon's dish? -No.

It's a Burmese dish.

-So, it's a Burmese dish, from Miyanmar Burma. -Yes, we catched it from Burma.

We changed its material a little bit and named it ''Memon's dish''.

As you know most of the Memons in India live in Junagarh, but Burma is very far away. So, how it came here?

-Actually Memons also live in Burma. -How long has your shop been here?

-I opened this shop about a month ago, I used to sell it on cart before. -So, It has been one month. -Yes.

-I used to sell it on cart. -Where? -Here, in this street.

-But its name was ''Memon bite''. -Yes, ''Memon bite''.

-So, for how long it was here? -For about a year.

Masha Allah! Allah has blessed you with so much success in a year.

Question is that how you maintain its taste or what is the reason for it being so popular? As, it is very popular, Masha Allah.

Sir, as I eat good and clean food myself, I also want other people to eat like that.

So, I maintain my quality.

I would take 20-50 rupees more from people, but I won't compromise on quality.

You told us a very interesting point. Ok! Thank you, umair brother. Very interesting and amazing thing you told us.

-Thali's price is 650 pkr and the small one with chicken is of 200 pkr. -It's really cheap in 200 pkr.

-So, please. -You give me this.

Discount! Discount!

Ladies and gentlemen! I will appreciate them a lot.

I would appreciate them because we count it in street food. They've opened a stall and they don't compromise on quality because its owner, Umair brother is educated.

Okay! He said that he wants to give same quality to his customers which he himself eats.

So, they've taken good care of quality, taste and price is in accordance with that. I don't think its really expensive.

-No, it's really reasonable. -So, it's reasonable right.

So, what do you think in which things we should give them points? Which things you liked?

Cleanliness was amazing, variety was good, quantity of food was amazing. I haven't eaten this much quantity of ''Khausa'' for this money.

-We were three people but a lot of food was still left. -Yeah! A lot of left over, we have bag.

And overall it was amazing. Tastewise perfect!

And what are the areas we need to improve in?

-I had to think a lot about it because nothing came in my mind. -Literally!

Wherever I go I try to definitely talk about improvements, or I'll try to.

Because everyone needs to improve, what they need to improve is, to serve ''Khausa'' with chopsticks also. So, some people can eat it with chopsticks.

-Otherwise, like you said extra topping can be done. -Yes, topping can be increased.

-Topping can be increased. -There are two but they can put three to four after experiment. It would be interesting.

These are trivial improvements, this is not like a big problem.

So, in my opinion it is highly recommendable.

So, you come here, also with your family. So, do come here, eat and tell us about your experience.

Okay! So, be happy, remember us in your prayers. Fi Amaanillah!

-Fi Amaanillah, from your side as well. -Fi Amaanillah!

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