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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Швейцария Грюйер | Музей и Бар Гигера | Дизайн Фильма "Чужой"

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Hello guys this is Sergi Reva

welcome to Life in Switzerland Channel

today we are visiting quite unique place

and we will visit one of the most famous museums in the world

soooo let's start

today we are in a small town Gruyere

canton Fribourg, Switzerland

and we came here to visit Museum of

Hans Ruedi Giger

here we call him as H.R. Giger

one of most famous and popular

designers and painters of Switzerland

and he created and designed Alien concept of the Alien movie

so he was founder of bio-mechanical movement in art

just in frot of the H.R. Giger Museum

there is a Giger Cafe or Bar

and its interior reflects

bio-mechanical Alien's concept

we should go there after the Museum

and look at this floor next to the museums's entrance

bio-mechanic art is on the floor

soooo let's go to the Museum

we were in the H.R. Giger Museum it is forbidden to film inside the Museum

but I recorded small videos

inside the shop which is right under the Museum

in that shop you can see

smaller versions of museum exhibits

also you can check different posters and reproductions

but actual paintings, sketches and exhibits

for example big statures of Aliens and different furniture pieces

all these things located in the Museum

so I recommend to visit this Museum if you like such art

or if you like Alien movie and Alien Design

tickets were not very expensive

there is a link under this video with all the information

so you can check where H.R. Giger Museum is located

opening hours and when it's better to visit

and ticket prices

right next to the Museum there is an HR Giger Bar and there you can take photos and record videos

and we will go to check it

what do they have inside

what can you order in the HR Giger Bar

you can have a hot dog

have some bread for the cheese plate

also there are cocktails and shots... where is my shot

this is a menu

no so many food options

prices are OK

and there are plenty different cocktails

we got an Alien Blood Shot

that's the shot and also I've ordered

HR Giger cocktail

with gin, green vodka and lemon

that's the cocktail

let's try it :)

this is how HR Giger Bar looks from the outside

so if you pass by you will definitely recognise it

because of it really looks like

"inspired by Alien"

also there is another restaurant nearby

and souvenir shop

and if you go down you will reach Gruyeres old town or the city center

Gruyeres old town or the city center

at least somewhere we have a snow


looks like in Gruyere it's still Christmas

or they are too lazy to pack Christmas decoration

ok guys, that's it

I hope this video was interesting for you

I think it was very interesting for those

who like Alien movie and design from it

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and see you soooooooooon

and here we have swiss cats, they are looking for the drone

and they can't understand where is it

fatty and furry

hello - privet!

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