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Its here...

...Free Milkshake Day.

Its free milkshake day!!!

Everyones going, right?


Put me down for one medium vanilla!

Im getting chocolate! No wait, mint! No wait! Im getting them all!

Ginger, Free Milkshake Day isnt just about gorging yourself

on free milkshakes. Its about friends celebrating the magical day

each year when the Diner cleans their freezers and gives away

the ice cream they were going to dump in the garbage.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever, lets just go!

Ginger, Free Milkshake Day doesnt start for about...

Four hours, ten minutes, and two seconds.

What!? Noooo! Thats forever!

Well, until then, lets take out our curly straws, and raise

them in celebration!

All for milkshakes...

And milkshakes for all!

Uah! My straw stinks.

Didnt you clean it last year?

Wait, you can clean a curly straw?

Hello, I noticed your door was owned by me so I opened it and came in.

Presenting... the Landlord!

And then Ill just crop out your filthy wall... add a dramatic filter...

and now a caption...

Hashtag fixed-it. Hashtag handyman-saves-the-day.

Hashtag muscle-Monday.”

You just posed in front of the sink holding a wrench.

You didnt even fix anything.

I know, right? But my thousands of FastaPic friends will think I did.

Ahhhh, ding-ding-ding, I love that sound! Its like a tiny little

high- five, only in a heart shape with a ding sound.

Ooh, I found the Landlords FastaPic page.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, he only has 750 friends? Loser.

Hank, it says 750-K.


Kmeans a thousand.

Oh, one thousand, seven hundred fifty friends? Getting better.

No, 750Kis 750 thousand friends!

Oh, ok now that makes more sense.

Check this out. Not only is he a handyman... a yoga expert...

and a very snappy dresser... he also plays the banjo!

He may be the coolest person Ive ever met.

Cool? You think hes cool. Huh-huh. You wanna see cool? Watch this.

Yeah, very interesting Tom.

Hank, admit it, Im cooler than the big shot Landlord, right?

Tom, you better keep it down.

Do you want to end up like this piece of wood?

You know why I dont have as many FastaPic friends

as the Landlord? Because I dont have a FastaPic account.

But thats about to change!


Happy Free Milkshake Day...

Limit one per customer. Some flavors may be spoiled.

Not responsible for explosive diarrhea, parasites, or brain-freeze. Yum.

Not yet! Free Milkshake Day does not start until Tom gives

his traditional opening speech.

One little sip...


What if Tom never shows up?

Tom has never missed a Free Milkshake Day in his entire life.

Then where is he?

It seems, hes on a snorkeling trip.

Oh no, I didnt know Tom was on FastaPic. This is bad.

FastaPic is dangerous. the treacherous sea

Hank, Tom is not at the sea! Hes at home taking fake pictures.

Wow, he already has 900-K friends... What comes after 900-K?

A million...

Correct. Although a simpler way to express one million is:

one times ten to the power of six-

Ben, stop! Dont you guys get it? If Tom gets a million FastaPic

friends we may never see him again!

I heard from a kid at school that it takes over your brain

and sucks it into the app.

That is just a playground rumor.

Oh no, it is way more than a rumor. I got to go.

Hey, where are you going?

Oh, so close, so close!


Tom? Tom, where are you?!

Over here! In the Paleolithic era.

Listen to me, Tom. You have to delete the FastaPic app now!

Where are my floating hearts? Come, on! Where are my floating

hearts? Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.

Ah, okay, there they areahhh. Sweet sound.

Tom! Youre letting FastaPic take over your life!

Oh, Angela I have a great idea for a shot, do you have

a kimono and a flame-thrower?

Well, yeah. It depends what color.

Wait, no, no, nevermind. Listen. FastaPic friends arent real.

Your real friends are waiting for you at the Diner.

You know who else is waiting for me? Cheese!

My one millionth FastaPic friend.

Tom, dont post that selfie!

Hash-tag doing it.


Welcome to FastaPic, Tom.

What? What is this place?

Its anything you want it to be.


Oh, so many floating hearts. Its beautiful.

Hash-tag amazing.

I cant reactivate my FastaPic account! But I have to...

I dont know what else to do. Okay, here goes...

Ill be right there, Tom, “hashtag real-friends-4-ever

Hey! Tom!

Angela! Wait, are you real? Hashtag Confused.

Nothing here is real. Thats why Im taking you home.

Well, look whos back. Angela!

Lets celebrate with this sweet memory fortoss-back-Tuesday”.

What? No!

But look at all the faves. Your friends love it.

Tom, youre my only friend here.

Wow, thanks, Angela. Hashtag Thanks-gela.

No, but you...

Ooh, hashtag Hang on a Second.

Now were FastaPic friends too. Hashtag BFF.

No, Tom! We were already friends - real friends!

Dont you know the difference?

Sure I do. Oh, hey look, theres my friend, KayakFan72.

What? You dont know anything about that guy!

We have got to get you out of here.

Why would I want to leave this place? Hashtag new home.

Hashtag homes where the hearts are.

Because its keeping you away from Ben and Hank and Ginger -

and from me, me, me, I mean, milkshakes!

Hashtag Oh no, I forgot about Free Milkshake Day!

If we leave now, we can still make it!

Dont leave, Tom. You can have a hashtag-milkshake right here.

Oh, great idea, right okay, go ahead. Taste this hashtag-milkshake!

It doesnt taste like anything.

Its not a milkshake! Your real milkshake is waiting for you

at the Diner with your real friends.

But your FastaPic friends really like how you look drinking

that milkshake, and thats whats important. Right Tom?

With a milkshake it kinda matters how it tastes. So, you know what,

Im just gonna go. How do we get out of here anyway?

Get out? Didnt you read theTerms and Conditions?”

It says once you have one million friends you belong to FastaPic...


Watch out!

Angela, what do we do?!

We have to drop below a million! Well, time to lose some friends.

Hashtag How?!

Were gonna have to post some bad selfies, Tom.


Its not working! Were too likable!

Be disgusting! Complain a lot!

Hashtag: Oh no! Clogged toilet. Hashtag bring-a-plunger!

Hashtag brown water! Hashtag overflow. Hashtag gross.

Hashtag too far.

...tag Angela, and post.

Wait, what?

Angela, it worked! You saved me - Angela? Angela, wake up! Oh no.

Milkshakes! Come on!

Let me go.

Ginger, not yet!

Just hold still.

It wants me to drink it.

Alright guys, Im so sorry I am late.

Finally! Just do the opening speech so we can drink our milkshakes!

You waited...

Yes, and I regret it because now our milkshakes are warm,

melted and disgusting!

Sounds good. Tom, just give the opening speech.

Where do I start? Theres so much I want to say -

I cant take this!

Just say anything. And make it short.

My friends, as we plunge our ceremonial bendy straws

into our free milkshakes...

Alright, were closing. Everyone out.

Wait. Can I finish my speech?

No! Now get going! All of yous!

Nooooo! But, you cantbut you... it wasn't. We onlyMilkshake Day!

Ah, man, what did you do TomCome on...

Wait, is that...

The ice cream truck!

Another Tom saves the day moment, hashtag icecream hero.

Undo, undo, undo, undo! Nooo!

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