Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TV Anime "Servant x Service" PV 2 (English Subbed)

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The year is 20xx.

There was an organization called Bird Get who tried to rid the world of greenery.

In an attempt to save the world from Bird Get, five warriors with adoration for the sacred seeds were chosen to protect nature: Gerbera, Rose, Hydrangea, Lupine, and Mimosa.

Momoko Hanabatake is a junior high school girl who lives an ordinary life.

One day, when Momoko was watering a withered gerbera, she found one glittering bud there.

Momoko gently touched the bud, and a living thing who called itself a herald of flowers came out.

You have been chosen.

Like being led by the words, Momoko turned into Gerbera Pink and pledged herself to fight against Bird Get.

The girl meets 4 friends and deepens her ties with them. In order to protect the precious greenery, they face off against Bird Get.

Hey, Chihaya.

What is it?

What are you introducing?

Magical Flowers, of course!

Thats not right...

The TV anime Servant x Service will begin broadcasting in July 2013.

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