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Good Morning everyone. how's it going ?

so as you can see, we had some massive snowfall yesterday

its white everywhere

and today we have to go to an Indian grocery store

because today Demi is going to make choorma ( Indian sweet dish )

so, we have to get ground jaggery powder

so we have found on Indian grocery store

its called Swadesh

so, firstly , I am gonna start Demi's morning routine

I am gonna give her extra virgin olive oil and then coffee

then pamper her a little bit and take her out

now I am gonna make black coffee

so here we are at Swadesh, let's go inside

do you know in cooking?

I feel lazy, but I find making the kneading the dough easier

making roti for two people is anyways not difficult

you make it happily

the dough is looking awesome

you are an expert in kneading

ya, i even make good rotis

you make amazing roti and that little hack that you found.

baby, you changed clothes twice just to make choorma

I make slightly thicker roti for choorma , don't know about other women.

the shape is not important today, we anyways will crush them later.

so this is Demi's new hack, coz roti don't fill up air like this on flat cook top

first one filled up with air

when you cook on flat cook top put this grill tray

so baby , now , you put shakkar( ground jaggery) on top of roti


putting clarified butter now

see, everyone has a different way of making it.

as long as it tastes good.

your method is super hit

I am into quick fix

no issue darling

as long as your method is a hit

if there is a need, we can add more ingredients later.

it's very hot right, so , I am just gonna leave them your hand is burning with heat

eat and let me know if you like it

kiss later, what if it doesn't taste good

be honest, just don't be nice for the video

i need a critique

it's awesome

I am honest.

are you serious ?

it's really amazing

you know

along with shakker , the addition of salt is creating the right balance

are you kidding , is it really good ?

you know guys, last time i made halwa, i screwed it

its been 6 months he never asked for halwa again

I mean

let me also taste

even though its an authentic choorma

but next time we can experiment with some almonds

i really nailed it

do you guys mix something in it like almonds ?

how do you make choorma, pls share your recipe

ya , if you have any other recipe, we can experiment

but again, choorma must taste like this

i love it

awseome , see guys next vlog, let's see what she cooks

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