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hey hey guess who's back back again

Ally's back tell a friend hey everyone

how you doing it's been too damn long

since I saw you so M I've missed you you

know I've missed you have you missed me

I hope so but I understand if not mmm so

welcome back we're doing live classes

again every Sunday but this time the

live class is alive 3:30 p.m. to 4:30

p.m. every Sunday but they will only

stay on my channel for 24 hours after

that I will delete the video you can't

see it again so you have one day to

catch up on anything you missed so hey

guys hame Indonesia I was just in your

country it's fantastic it's really

really nice hey Bangladesh I haven't

been to you yet but I want to one day

and hello to everyone else just joining

also if you are a YouTube member you

your messages have priority so I will

see your messages also if you want to

become a member under the chat there's

like under the video rather there's a

button that says join you can join this

channel as a member your messages more

clearly so any questions that you have

about English that's what this is for

we're going to study together the whole

point of this class is English and chill

so any questions you have any homework

you have send them to me we're gonna

look at them all together okay so let's

begin I want to begin with some

questions that some people ask me one

question I got was what is the

difference between where are we here

I whoops I live in London

and I'm living in London are they the

same are they different what what's the

difference who knows I don't know what

am i a teacher yes so I'm gonna tell you

the difference so you can say both in

general both are fine they're completely

fine and they mean in general basically

they mean the same thing but yes there

is a tiny tiny difference let me show

you okay so let's imagine where is your

home base everyone write in the comments

where do you live where do you live I'm

seeing a bunch of different countries

Singapore you live in Singapore Candice

how you doing and it's 10:36 in

Singapore is that night or morning ma'am

email do I have a cold yes I do actually

this is not tea this is um we call it

lemsip it's like medicine when you have

a cold I've had it for like a week okay

Chris Chet says I'm live in China be

careful don't mix this with this I live

I live in China Italy Russia Tokyo

I love Tokyo I don't I don't need


temptation to go back to Tokyo I love it

there and I want to go back right now

okay okay

Kenny Moreno Kenny Moreno says I'm

living in Norwich it's I don't know why

you're living in Norwich it's a very

boring part of England

Kenny Moreno I'm talking to you this is

just me and you no one else can see this

Kenny Moreno where are you from which

country are you from originally and for

example where would you where would you

consider your home where is your

comfortable place

Kenny Moreno who lives in is living in

Norwich the most boring part of England


Kenny Kenny my best friend today okay

wait Kenny Moreno right so that was your

name right I'm trying to look for your

name or the comments going way too fast

I'm trying to keep up but I can't keep

up because I'm really rubbish okay um

animated David I live in Georgia you

don't mean the state in America do you

mean the country Georgia I assume yeah

that makes sense okay so until Kenny

Moreno gets back to me I will assume

Kenny Moreno that sounds like a Latin or

something a Spanish name I'm gonna

assume he's from Spain so he said I'm

living I'm changing Norwich to London

it's more exciting Norwich is kind of

boring sorry Kenny marina but you live

in a boring place so kenny Moreno said

I'm living in London but Kenny Moreno is

originally from Spain right so he could

say well I live in Spain that's my home

right I live in Spain that's my home but

this year this year I'm living in London

so this one it's the continuous tense

and if you follow my lessons I always

mention it continuous tenses put

emphasis on there now on the right now

the current situation so I'm living in

London now this year this month I'm

living in London for a few months it's

more current it's more now whereas I

live in Spain

that's just general that's where maybe

you grew up that's where he considers

his real home right so that is the

difference between those two okay

I also asked on instagram what your

questions were so I'm going to dig into

those see if there's any fun ones

oops there yeah okay have a look


ooh okay yes one okay so on Instagram I

got a question from our dot voeckler if

that's you cool thank you for your


he's asking what's the difference

between was my camera I can't see

anything now we are oh that's really bad

lighting isn't it I'm sorry about this

lighting ah I feel like I could change

the light oh and my face my face looks

of weird color looks like I have some

disease maybe I do maybe I should go to

the doctor I look ill um yeah but I feel

like if I change the light here the

whole thing might crash I won't take the


okay so our dot the ECLA says what's the

difference between like and I like those

of you wondering I was in Indonesia I

was in Bali and I fell off a scooter all

of this skin off my hand came off very

painful but that's healing well I think

I'm an x-men my healing abilities are

pretty cool I know so what's the

difference between a like and like so if

you're just joining us we just answered

what's the difference between I live and

I'm living give me your examples so yes

over and table blue said a temporary


that is a great explanation so let's see

let's see let's see let's see go see our

Eagle says I am from venues but now

living on Venus

but now living on earth so Grusha is an

alien that's pretty cool I like that

Alexandra fun free day hi how you doing

you are a member of the channel and I

love you so okay like in a like when I

teach this I want you in the comments to

try your own examples of these if you

get the idea try your own examples I'll

correct you Liana my area yeah my hand I

I fell off a bike basically and I

scrapes all this skin off it was very

disgusting later I'll put photos on my

Instagram if you like if you really want

me to but I'm healing pretty much like

Wolverine from the x-men so I'm pretty

happy with it

howdy hello I'm living in Indonesia so

okay howdy

great great sentence now I think maybe

you live there forever

maybe it's your house your home that's

fine but it could be understood that

it's a temporary situation yeah not

sorry not not Tunisia I was in Indonesia

in Bali to be precise yeah

okay so Magdalena he looks like me we

look alike that is a great example okay

so let's see

yeah so a like implies there's some

similarity of something so something

looks similar tastes similar smells

similar so that is basically the

difference that's really really Brahe

isn't it

let me try you know I'm gonna try and

correct this I'm sure I can

it's that luck no no no doesn't work

either it's really annoying

oh god that's terrible you know I mean I

am gonna try because I feel confident


ah there we go much better

okay bit darker but it doesn't look so


right so they both can mean similarity

in depending on which context we're

talking right so how can we use these

two sentences okay well we could say the

exact same thing with let's say he is

saying I look like you I look like so

remember not just look could be smell it

could be taste it could be any of the

senses sounds you know so if two songs

sound similar change the verb this

sounds like this song and he could say

we look alike so all that we changed

there is the pronoun right here we've

got this looks like this fine but with a

like that is like when you use each

other we look alike so they mean the

exact same thing but look how the

pronouns change that is the only

difference I'd answers your question

okay next one let's move on just keep

this ball rolling also under the chat

you can see there's a thing called super

chat if you get annoyed at me in like re

you're not answering my messages why

aren't you responding to me personally

you see how many people are in the chat

right now there's over 600 I can't

answer every one so I'm sorry I try to

answer every one but I can't but if you

have a very important question maybe for

a class or something you can use the

super chat option which is just under

the chat it also supports the channel

when you do so feel free to use that if

if I'm just annoying you cool okay so

let's have a look okay we did one from

there and we did one from oh no that was

our declar I hope I answered your

question sir or no you're a man sir

hello Teresa hey Chauncey hey ascend

Prince hey Victoria ain't what does it

mean Haitian oza and I made a video

about ain't look at just type Papa teach

me contractions Papa teach me

contractions I have a whole video that

explains much better than I can right

now okay Victoria says they work like

exactly she used they so you say it's

inclusive of more than one person or

more than one thing okay juice Annie

root says you and this is a very very

interesting for a Grammy nerd piece of

language you and me look I like okay

we're gonna do a quick little poll here

who wants this who's gonna be the

grammar nazi who says that there's

something wrong here someone someone

point out a mistake in this sentence I

know you someone is just like oh my god

oh my god this is terrible

well tell me what's terrible about it

you and me look alike okay so yes

there's two pronouns but it's inclusive

of the two here as the subject right

much the same as we okay there we go

there we go there at there the comments

go right so um Igor I'd a que deus you

have a great name sir um donators

punch Bob I don't believe spongebob

really needs to learn English but I'm

appreciating that you're in there in the

chat hey spongebob just data are saving

so yeah everyone has written it you and

I not you end me okay okay okay okay so

I'm making a video about this at the

moment there is a huge iik disagreement

let's say among English teachers some

say that you should teach the grammar

rules those are the rules they will

never change and that's it but I

disagree I very much disagree because

types of language change all the time so

the start I mean the style of language

everything we say so yes we've the

grammar rule you would you would change

this to you and I look alike

right of course you would why would you

say you and I not you and me well let's

cut down the center cut down the

sentence if I said me look alike me went

to the pub that sounds wrong because

that's a that's an object pronoun but to

be honest in conversation you will hear

oh you and me really look alike yeah you

might hear that and to my ear it doesn't

sound like oh that sounds really awful

bad grammar that just sounds like okay

yeah supposed to be you and I but I'm

not gonna be a dick about it you know

so traditionally yes correct correct

grammar in a test yes use you and I if

you want if you want to be correct all

the time use uni verb continue of

continuation of sentence but in


we'll hear Oh yummy should go out

sometime that's fine don't don't be a

grammar dick that's that's the MOT

that's the there's my mantra did he say

the D word I did dick please don't leave

me advertised this adverts Hey

hey Cathy cat thank you for the super

check Cathy cat which is correct

stuffed dog animal toy or dog stuffed

animal toy good question D oh yeah I

forgot there that happens well just look

at that look at that is this not the

best life class ever get a little gift

thank you Cathy for that super check

there and I think you changed the do you

change the color of my light when you

send a super jet that will change

depending on the level of super chair so

Cathy thank you and to answer your

question the stuffed ok so you're

talking about why am I looking around I

don't have one you know the toys that

are like a dog or a an animal and it's a

toy and it's stuffed it's you can sleep

within it's comfortable it's lovely how

do you say that well let me write it

down for you just so we absolutely clear

you would say a stuffed animal or a

stuffed toy stuffed toy and then you can

continue it stuffed toy dog stuffed toy

cat whatever you want so that is how you

would continue that um not the other way

around so Cathy what do you have do you

have her stuff yeah right so you wrote

stuffed dog animal no it would be

stuffed animal or stuffed toy dog or

stuffed toy that one

so that that's how that would go Kathy I

want to know what is what is the thing

that you own

well you said Cathy cat that's your name

right so I'm imagining it's a cat please

pronounce Jean I shall hire em okay

mister question yeah the way English

people say it is genre genre that is how

you'll hear English people pronounce

that word genre yes but it's French and

we like to murder every language and

never pronounce anything right

so genre that's how we pronounce it but

I know that we pronounce it wrong

everyone knows we pronounce it wrong if

you're French forgive me but Jean hire

sure it's something like that right but

that's how we pronounce it genre um

Alexandre Fon Freda says how do you

pronounce lousy lousy that is a great

word lousy means it's rubbish

something's rubbish it is lousy usually

when you say a person is lousy it means

they're not skilled or maybe they are

low energy you know free I'm only

thinking of examples I can't say live

you're a lousy cook there we go that's

fine um for example if I offer to make

food for you and I make the worst dinner

ever you would call me a lousy cook or a

lousy chef yeah you're lousy so the

pronunciation lousy okay

Alexandra's Marcos Marco palace guard

Greek names are so cool difference

between home and house okay well I think

this goes back to our little earlier

discussion of this home in house

remember that this could be temporary

right so maybe you go to university in

London but for what two years you are

living in London in a house a house is

just the shape of the place that you

live but your home that is where for

example for me my home is where my

parents are it's where it smells like

where I grew up your home is where you

feel comfortable and you feel like I can

relax this is mine

it's my home I permanently live here

hey 3.99 English your amazing

inspiration I'm Lovejoy fatty in some

I'm looking at your avatar it kind of

looks like you are I'm not gonna lie


thank you very much is very kind of you

to say so yeah um there's a song

actually there's a song that says oh was

it something about let's turn this house

into a home in other words we bought a

house let's make it comfortable raise a

family than they're together

Francesco DiDonato hey Ally what do you

suggest for learning words in which I

stumble across in a homemade fashion

without apps I think you mean when you

hear a word in daily life how do you

remember it that is a great question



so yeah you hear a word and how do you

learn it right okay every teacher will

be like don't get dictionary just

learning English

don't go dictionary no you mean you shed

because this exact situation so yeah of

course grab a dictionary um but here

this this this is the important thing

when you learn a new word whether in

class whether outside class on the radio

on a podcast whatever learn the

definition of that word what I like to

do is I'll make a silly like a memorable

example of that word for example and

dududududu okay I want to remember the

difference between like and alike so

I'll think of a really crazy example or

a really funny example something stupid

the stupider the funnier the crazier the

more likely you are to remember it so we

could do like um okay yeah so let's

imagine me and Jason Statham I could be

like oh I I look like Jason Statham

Jason Statham and I look alike right so

for me that's memorable and that's funny

so I'm more likely to remember that so

the key is you have to make an example

of that using something funny something

crazy something silly that's the best


okay oh let's have a look on Instagram

see if there's other ones

cabe's oops yeah

asthma underscore n00 says what is being

posh like and so I don't really want to

go into it

I don't like posh people they suck the

shop at Waitrose which is a very like

expensive supermarket which sells the

exact same things as everywhere else but

they prefer to spend more money because

they can to be posh it's so I'm not

going to go into it now but it

essentially it means the rich people who

act rich who act fancy I don't see it as

a good thing I don't see being posh as a

good thing

I see as kind of dumb to know my own

IELTS score is really important well

that's a good question um sharek says

yeah it's important to know my IELTS

score depends so IELTS that is mainly

for university if you're coming to

England the USA Australia for university

yeah you'll need IELTS for that so for a

job no a lot of people ask me um do any

dials for my job no not in England

especially no not in England no in

America nor in Australia if you have an

interview for a job they will never ask

for your IELTS certificate or what is

your score in IELTS they will never ask

that and I would recommend don't bring

up but for your own studies sure I mean

it's always good to monitor your

progress and knowing your score can help

with that cool

okay let's move on it's no we we've had

the two from there let's have yours okay

Francesca better smart than posh I'm


but then I also I also don't really like

the whole I don't know sounds small this

no just just be nice to people that's

all you need to do just be nice to


okay how to use as great question okay

Megan Maddy I'm sorry my Russian reading

is just not that good but I'm trying so

how to use as let's have a look as did

you do we can have as usually as a

comparison right so um did you do trying

to take my own advice we're gonna make

some something funny you know what let's

it's crowdsource this give me a noun

give me a person it could be a famous

person who I know and a noun and

anything anything's fine it could be

some food some drink and the person

could be anyone an actor singer whatever

so we're gonna make this we're gonna

make these examples together Putin and

joke I feel like if I say something

about Putin someone's gonna kill me so I

I'm gonna try not to pineapple okay okay

so I'm going with pineapple and Harry

Potter okay thank you it's so we've got

far soon since this is pineapple thank

you for that one and Jose Antonio says

Harry Potter perfect okay those are the

two things I'm going to use and what how

do they look like

Oh God Oh God

I never remember which I is so

we give them a strong jaw because

goddamn he deserves it okay give me

another noun

give me another fruit actually embryo I

like where your head's at not pineapple

and piece it together guys

honestly I mean I keep going back and

forth on this but I'm gonna go ahead and

say it pineapple on piece is fine tastes

good get over it it's fine I understand

if you don't subscribe after that okay I

am Missy bananas there we go yeah

thirsty no thank you

bananas cool okay so we've got got a

pineapple here god this Harry Potter

looks really dumb sorry guys so if I'm

ruining childhoods and this pineapple

looks rubbish - okay and banana

okay so he could say this I know this



which I think a few examples okay right

you know what no no just this pineapple

just pineapple in general never make

people very annoyed okay

pineapple is as delicious on pizza as

banana take that as you want I

understand if now what do you think that

means though now when I say this is as

bla bla bla as this what does that mean

when you put as on both sides of

something like that what do you think

my Harry Potter does I'm it does not

look like the real Harry Potter this

looks like I don't know I told what it

looks like but it's definitely not Harry

Potter well give him his signature

glasses did I was bad

yes so when I put as blah blah blah as

what does that mean yeah we go frozen

music thank you

they mean they are the same exactly so

when you put this is as bla bla bla as

this it means they are the same this

adjective so the same delicious the same

amount of this so that means it's the

same okay but also okay I think I know

where some of you are going with this

this whole ads thing so did you do oh I

know okay give me a job title a job

title and another person not Harry

Potter this time ten points to ravenclaw

i'm Ravenclaw i did the tests and i'm

ravenclaw okay question for you and so I

did the test and I'm ravenclaw but

here's the thing I cheated I looked up

the answers but here's here's my

justification I think that that is the

most ravenclaw way of taking that test

you know oh God Trump please no I hate

that guy okay so

spongebob for so I'm going with this one

puzzle guy spongebob and photographer

yes yes you win and thank you so oh how

do it your spongebob dudes I can't

remember how okay this is gonna be

my I'm gonna have to take artistic

license with this this is gonna be my

own take on spongebob how does he look

she's got panties and he of course

SquarePants something like this okay and

his job is photographer this the saddest

spongebob ever okay so yeah he's a

photographer camera I've gotta control

anything other than eyes and a mouth

okay you just have to use your

imagination this is a camera okay yeah

so what would he say

I work hmm photographer what is the

missing word

I work as or like a photographer what do

you think what is the correct answer

I work like a photographer or a work as

a photographer what do you think what

thank you everyone who has mistyped it

as ass he's getting filtered in the

comments as okay 98% also the same thing

and 98% of you are correct yes

as so I work as a photographer but let's

imagine that he works extremely hard at

his job because spongebob he's um he's

very hard-working I think we can all

agree Kathy can't you became a member

welcome to the family I love you already

is it too soon to say I love you it's

never too soon Thank You Kathy care and

welcome to the Papa teach me family yeah

okay Lacey pair has a great example um I

work as a photographer

oh no I've lost you I've lost no either

yeah like a ninja nobody ever notices me

taking the pictures that is a great

example lazy pear well done yes like

again it's that similarity so I work as

a photographer because that's the real

job that's the name of his job

photographer but I work like

and ninja I've really liked that what

did she say no one notices me

yeah so I work like that means similar

to so I have heard a lot of people

saying am i work like a waiter I work

like an office worker but no I work like

that similar so you're it's usually like

you know for similes when you want to

compare how you work I work like a horse

or I eat like a horse rather because

horses eat a lot I eat similar to a

horse how can you become a member Hamid

Tim under the video press the thing that

says join you can become a puppet each

my family member I have a lot of new

things to announce by the way I didn't

have remind me at the end I have a lot

to announce and yep the join button

under the thing and there'll be

worksheets and you'll have free access

to my book when it comes out yeah I'm

writing a few books right now and

they'll be free for members and patreon

ok ok so yeah like it's you're comparing

how you do something how you eat how you

work how you live and as that is saying

the actual work the job that you do ok

and qinger sure it has that one

exception where it works both ways I

work like a waiter at home I'm really a

mother yeah so yeah actually when I was

growing up as I was a bad son my mum was

kind of like a waiter I was a terrible

son I think um yeah so in that case it's

not the real job but it's how you work

totally well done yeah really really

good cool ok so and we're gonna end this

soon but I have one thing to a few

things to announce Jesus so there are

some giveaways coming up soon I'll

announce it next week but next Sunday

I'll give the link

in my Instagram and on here I'm doing

it's a new type of like a one-to-one

class but it's very condensed and we

take photos together at the end it's

gonna be really really fun so I will

post the link to that you can read all

the details right after this ends um oh

dang so thank you for the super sticker

dude are they adding new ones thanks

dude and you're from Mexico hola

we'll just gracias por - super sticker

it's very kind of you thank you very

much hey Cathy cat see you've got that

little thing next to your name now I've

been loving you for some time so it is

too late

banana chill yeah it's too late where

you are where are you which country you

in Cathy cat and who's this guy hello

from Russia I love your vids

spasiba cat fight it's very kind of you

thank you very much yeah thanks very

much my thing isn't working but thank

you yes so I'll give the link for that

after this thank you someone elseís

reminded me Kara stop yes

Brazil de buri I believe and this is

very early to be announcing this but I

think February me karina from english in

brazil and coke english teacher we're

planning is very early so they might be

angry at me for even mentioning but we

are planning some kind of really cool

huge event in february in a few cities

of Brazil so I'll give you more

information when I know this will stay

up for 24 hours so you can watch this

for 24 hours and then I will take this

down so if you need to recap anything

you only have one day thanks for

watching guys I'll be back next Sunday

same time will I be back next Sunday the

same time I think I will we're doing the

meet-and-greet I'll give I'll give you

the details after this thanks for

watching I'll see you guys later love

you all bye





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