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OSHO International Foundation presents

Osho: Why is Communication so Difficult, Particularly between Lovers?

These discourses are the foundations of your meditation.

Sitting with me in these discourses is nothing but creating more and more meditativeness in you.

I don't speak to teach something; I speak to create something.

These are not lectures; these are simply a device for you to become silent. -- Osho

Why is communication so difficult,

particularly between lovers?


communication as such is difficult.

Of course it is more difficult between lovers.

But first you have to understand

the general difficulty of communication.

Each mind

has been

conditioned by different parents, different teachers,

different priests, different politicians.

It is a different world in itself.

And when two minds try to communicate,

as far as the ordinary mundane things are concerned,

there is no difficulty.

But the moment they start moving beyond things

into the world of concepts,

communication starts becoming more and more difficult.

For example,

Gautam the Buddha

does not have any God

in his philosophy.

He is far more

free from God than even Friedrich Nietzsche.

At least Friedrich Nietzsche

states that God is dead.

The implication is clear that

it used to be alive, now it is dead.

Gautam Buddha does not talk about God at all.

It is so irrelevant

that he does not pay any attention to the subject.

Now to a Christian, or to a Hindu, or to a Mohammedan,

it is impossible to conceive of a religion without God.

God is the center of most of the religions.

Only three religions are free of God.

One is Gautam Buddha's,

another is Mahavira's,

and the third is Lao Tzu's.

When for the first time Christian missionaries came in contact

with Buddhist scriptures they could not

even conceive of the idea that a religion can be without a god.

What kind of religion will there be if there is no God?

How are you going to pray? To whom?

Who is going to send his prophets and his only begotten son?

Who is going to send saviors for you?

Who is going to judge

whether you are

to be sent to hell or heaven?

God removed,

hell and heaven are also removed.

God removed,

punishment and reward are also removed.

God removed,

the very idea of judgment is removed.

Then there is no sin,

and no virtue.

Who will decide it?

And they were even more surprised

that Gautam Buddha is

known by his disciples --

and now even by those who are not disciples --

as Bhagwan Gautam Buddha.

Now 'Bhagwan' means God.

This was very puzzling.

Gautam Buddha does not believe in any God.

How did he even allow his disciples

to address him as Bhagwan?

The same is the situation with Jainism.

They are even more strict

about the absence of God.

Buddha simply ignores the whole subject.

It is not worth any consideration.

Jainism does not leave it,

because there is a danger

of the whole thing cropping up again,

once Mahavira is gone.

He wants it to be clearly stated that there is no God,

and there has never been any God,

and there is no creation

because there is no creator.

It is an evolving world.

What Charles Darwin found

two thousand years afterwards

was known to Mahavira, that it is not a creation,

it is an evolving world.

It has been forever here and will be forever here.

The whole concept of creation and a creator

is just idiotic.

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