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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #23

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- Oh, it's time to learn ya somethin'!

Here are 50 amazing facts to blow your mind.

A study done in 2011 shows that the brain

responds to emotional pain the same way

that it does to physical pain.

So when people say rejection hurts, it's quite true.

When "Thor: The Dark World" came out,

a movie theater in Shanghai

accidentally used a fan-made photo

as the official poster for the film.


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world.

It can grow up to 91 centimeters in a single day!

Because he didn't like to sign autographs,

Marlon Brando's personal checks became collector's items.

People often didn't cash Brando's checks

because his signature was worth more

than the checks were made out for.

There is an environmentally friendly spray-on coating

for pavements called Starpath that makes pavement

glow in the dark, and not only that,

but even adjusts to the level of natural light available.

The darker it is, the brighter it glows.

Ducks have accents. Seriously.

Just like humans, they're influenced by their environment,

and this affects their communication,

making them quack in regional accents. (Duck Sound)

Lillian Weber is a woman from Iowa

who makes a dress from scratch every single day,

so that a child in need can have something

beautiful to wear.

She has made over 840 dresses in the last several years

for an organization called Little Dresses for Africa.

In 2014, scientists at MIT designed a device

to help the blind read without Braille.

It's called the FingerReader, and wearers can use it

to scan a line of text with their finger

and receive audio feedback of the words.

In 2011, a third of all divorce filings recorded

in the United States contained the word "Facebook."

Divorce attorneys say that social networking

in divorce proceedings and child custody battles

has been well on the rise.

There's a place in California called Glass Beach,

where years of people dumping garbage

into an area of the coastline has resulted in

the development of smooth sea glass.

Believe it or not, tourists in the area

like to collect the glass, so now there's actually been

a movement to replenish the beach

with discarded glass.

Architects in Australia designed a concept home

called the Cliff House.

The concept shows a five story house

hanging off a cliff on the Australian southwest coast,

with amazing views of the Indian Ocean.

And that's not something I would ever live in,

because I am terrified of heights.

Germany is a graveyard for unexploded bombs

left over World War II.

Disturbingly, an average of 2,000 tons of buried munitions

are discovered there annually.

Yeah, so careful when you're goin' out

for just a casual stroll in Germany, 'cause...

Might go pow!

The Charbonnet Labat Funeral Home

became famous in 2014 for displaying

the bodies of the deceased in upright poses.

Disturbingly, the phenomenon of the sitting dead

actually first appeared in 2008 in Puerto Rico.

The fun is goin' worldwide!

Apple generated 43.7 billion dollars in sales

in the first quarter of 2014.

That was more than Google, Amazon, and Facebook combined.


The Hawaiian island Niihau is also known

as the Forbidden Island.

Elizabeth Sinclair bought it in 1864,

and now her descendants, the Robinson family, own it.

The island is completely off-limits to everyone

except the island's owners, relatives, and invited guests,

except I don't know why you'd ever invite

a guest to this island, it's creepy.

Even though we're laughing when we're being tickled,

it's actually our body's defense mechanism

kicking into gear and responding to panic and anxiety.

Madagascar houses some of the most exotic

organisms on the planet.

About 90 percent of all plant and animal species

found in Madagascar are endemic,

meaning that they're unique to a specific

geographical location.

During the first World War, there was

a Christmas truce in 1914.

In the week leading up to Christmas,

German and British soldiers had a series of

cease-fires where they entered no-man's land

to mingle and exchange seasonal greetings.

That truce is seen as a symbolic moment of peace

during one of the most violent events in history.

Most of Wikipedia's entries are written

by 1,400 individuals who do little else

but contribute to the site, and over 50% of the edits

are done by only 524 users.

The KGB once tried to blackmail the then

Indonesian president Achmed Sukarno

with tapes of him having sex

with Russian women disguised as flight attendants.

Except the president was not upset by being blackmailed,

and, in fact, asked for more copies of the video

to show back in his country.

Yay for the mile high club!

About 70% of the world's spice production

comes from one country: India.

New York City has the area code 212

because rotary phones were used at the time

and the number uses the shortest dialing time.

In January of 2013, the finance minister of Zimbabwe

announced that his country had only 217 dollars

left in its bank account.

Mike Tyson was arrested a whopping 38 times

by the that he was 13 years old.

He was sent to a boys' home where he found out

that he could box, and he started training professionally

with a former boxer, and the rest is history.

There is a charity organization called Food for the Poor

that gives over 95% of their proceeds to the poor.

Ironically, their CEO's name is Robin Mahfood.

Get it, like, my food, Mahfood.

It's clever.

President Andrew Jackson managed to pay off

the United States' entire debt in 1835.

It was the only time in history that the country

was completely debt-free, and it lasted exactly one year.

My, how things have changed.

Marie Antoinette's last words were,

"Monsieur, I beg your pardon."

She was apologizing to her executioner

after she accidentally stepped on his foot

on the way to the guillotine.

There is a popular tourist destination in Chongqing, China,

where part of the pavement is devoted to cell phone users

who are too busy to looking at their screens

to bother looking where they're going.

And right beside it, another section of the road

completely bans the use of cellphones.

I feel like we need this in North America.

There's an island in Alaska that's reflected in such a way

that it looks like it's just floating in air.

Mother Nature's a mad scientist!

A survey conducted in 2011 shows that

the American pizza industry serves about 100 acres

of pizza a day.

Mmmm... Pizza...

Route 50 in the United States

is also known as the loneliest road in America,

because of the large desolate areas

the road goes through.

The most important organism in the world

is marine algae, because it produces about

70 to 80% of our oxygen.

The word "electrocute" comes from the combination

of "electro" and "execute," meaning death by electric shock.

So, technically, if you survive an electric shock,

you aren't electrocuted, but just shocked.

When filming Mission: Impossible 4,

Tom Cruise vandalized the world's tallest building.

He climbed to the top of the Burj Khalifa

and etched his then-wife's name, Katie Holmes,

into the spire.

My, how awkward that is now.

Peacock flounders are masters of camouflage,

and can match the color of a checkerboard

if they are placed on one.

Greenland allows its inmates huge liberties

as part of its open prison system,

aimed to rehabilitate prisoners.

Inmates are allowed to leave the premises during the day

for work or school, and even go hunting with rifles.

Believe it or not, some of them even hold

the key to their own cell.

The world's ugliest animal is the blobfish,

a deep-sea fish that can live anywhere

between 600 and 1,200 meters below water

because of its lack of flesh and muscle structure.

And it only becomes blobby when it's out of water.

According to a study conducted in 2012,

people who complain actually live longer by about two years.

This is because by complaining, they release their tension,

which increases their immunity and boosts their health.

It's hot in here, I'm tired, and I need a drink!

Oh, hehe, I got one right here.

The highest flying bird in the world is

the Ruppell's vulture.

There is confirmed evidence of one flying

at an altitude of 11,300 meters above sea level,

during which it collided with an aircraft.

In 2014, an entrepreneur named Mu-Chi Sung

developed a facial recognition software for cats.

(Meow) It's aimed to help cats maintain their goal weight

by recognizing their faces and tracking their food intake.

Nobody likes a fat kitty, meow!

In 2008 as part of a fundraiser,

Father Adelir de Carli of Brazil

tied 1,000 balloons to an armchair

in an attempt to break the world record

for the most hours flying with balloons.

Unfortunately, the winds blew him off course

and he lost contact with the ground.

And sadly, he was found dead in the sea weeks later.

But hey, balloons!

Studies show that just one week of camping outdoors

with only natural light is enough

to reset the body's biological clock

to normal sleep rhythms.

So, in other words, if you're having trouble falling asleep,

just go camping.

The Tesla Model S car aced all of its national

highway traffic safety tests.

In fact, it's so safe that it actually broke

the crash testing gear.

Pineapples were considered a status symbol

in the 18th century.

They were seen as a symbol of wealth and power,

and in England, people were able to rent one

for a night to show off to partygoers.

We generally don't think of foods as too sweet

until our bones stop growing.

This is why kids tend to like sweets

a lot more than adults do.

A wild pig in Australia once stole 18 beers

from some campers, got drunk, and then

got into a fight with a cow.


Coca-Cola has made over 3,500 different kinds of beverages.

That means that if you drank one per day,

it would take over nine years for you to try them all.

Fennec foxes mate for life.

The male foxes become especially aggressive

towards each other when mating season approaches

in order to protect their mates.

Russian billionaire Vasily Klyukin

wanted hospitals to be more welcoming,

so he designed one to resemble a luxury yacht

called White Sails Hospital, that a Tunisian businessman

plans to build over the next 15 years.

After Hurricane Katrina, the Emir of Qatar

donated 100 million dollars to help rebuild housing,

hospitals, and schools.

He visited the area a few years later,

after the disaster, to check on its progress.

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