Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Politie #PRO247 BTGV na schieten op woning

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"BTGV" (Approach Technique Dangerous Suspect) after shooting at a house

The colleagues have surrounded a residence. Within the building, there is a suspect of a shooting which had just taken place in Delft.

Yes, thank you...

3200 this is the 00-91 speaking;

The negotiators are on their way, making great haste

Arrest Team (SWAT) is also on its way, so we will do nothing for now

This man is armed, we only keep watch...

...and if he starts driving, then we don't have any other option intervening.

But as long as he is inside, we will do nothing.

** The colleages have blocked all exits. The suspect can not escape. **

Attention! Attention! He is going to drive.

Text: A plainclothes officer sees the suspect exiting and radios this in

He is now getting on his motorcycle

** The suspect is trying to leave, so the colleagues will have to act themselves. **

Block. Huh, what?

Yes, received. Marius, attention!

He is rolling backwards, in the direction of the parking lot.

Yes, Mark has visual.

** The suspect is driving towards the colleages on his motorcycle. Then things happen quickly. **

Weapon on him, right?


* And he's rolling away *





Get lost! Go, go, go, go away!

** The colleague is trying to keep the residents on a safe distance. **

Spread your arms!

Roll to your left

Keep still

** The colleague takes the firearm to a safe place and guards it. **

You are hereby under arrest

You do not have to answer questions

You have the right to an attorney

Do you have your own attorney?


We will take care of that shortly

Do you want his gun hands , or..? (Gun hands = term for gunshot residue on the suspect's hands)


** The colleague from the K9-unit is also specialized in firearms. **

Sir! You may listen to me.

I am going to take gun hands from you. That means: I am going to put bags around your hands...

** taking gun hands: Getting evidence from someones hands in a prescribed manner **

I am going with him


** The colleague from the K9-unit is also specialized in securing firearms **

** He does this using a special procedure, to ensure safety at all times **

Its, oh ah, okay.

** The gun turns out to be loaded. **

It actually was...

It was loaded

It was, yes...

It was cocked too, right?


The suspect was transferred to the police in Delft and they have further investigated the case.

The suspect was sentenced to 24 months of prison, out of which 6 months on probation, for the shooting and gun possession.

Police District Rotterdam; Team IJsselland


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