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Hello RuneScape, WIll Miss It here with a new video and how is everyone doing?

RuneScapes had millions of players come in and out of the game over the past decade,

and some of those players have managed to stand out and impress Jagex to such a degree

that they ended up being added to the game.

Therefore, Ive put together this list to show you 10 NPCs based on players in Runescape.

Players who at some point have been or are still a part of the game in one way or another.

Lets get started.

Number one.

Kathy Corkat.

This NPC owns a rowing boat west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, allowing players to sail

up to Piscatoris Fishing Colony.

The NPC is named after an account with the same name, also known as Mrschrystler, the

player who suggested the addition of a boat in order to sail to Piscatoris, allowing the

quest Swan Song to be released earlier.

Mod Ash, one of the developers of the quest, named the NPC after her as a thanks for the


Number two.

The crew.

This is kinda a lot of players opposed to just one, but its a fun one worth mentioning.

In 2008, the Gnomecopter Tours were added to the game, allowing free to play players

to view members content through a guided trip using gnomecopters.

During this trip, the player would be able to see a series of player spoofs, being player

NPCs playing the various content.

About 11 of these NPCs were named after staff from the then popular Runescape fansite,,

also called Rune Tips.

The names were all variations of the original names, but were clearly named after the fansite


Number three, B0aty.

Were heading on over to Old School RuneScape for this streaming icon, who was immortalized

in the game as an easter egg together with number four, Faux Freedom, in October 2014.

When Ironman Mode was released in Old School, three NPCs were added to Tutorial Island that

allowed new accounts to switch to the mode.

The NPCs are named Adam and Paul, references to the real names of B0aty and Faux.

This is because they were among the first to play an unofficial custom version of Ironman

before it was introduced into the game.

Number five, Saber Six, also known as Erin.

In May 2014, just a few months before Adam and Paul, this girl got an easter egg dedication

in the form of a small duck that was named after her, which resided in Falador Park.

However, the Old School community went into a frenzy over this on social media and the

forums, creating a massive controversy around the tiny addition by accusing Jagex of favouritism

towards certain RuneScape streamers.

Jagex responded just days later, removing the duck all together, and so ended the tribute

to the streamer.

Number six, Durial321.

Youve very likely heard of the Falador Massacre that took place in June 2006, being

unquestionably the most famous bug in RuneScape History.

In June 2016, on its ten year anniversary, Jagex released an event that recreated the

massacre with a massive NPC that players could fight.

This NPC was an exact replica of Durial321, both in outfit and name.

His examine text was a reference to Planet Hell, a song by the band Nightwish, which

is the soundtrack used in the most well-known Youtube video of the Falador Massacre.

In addition to Durial321's NPC, you could also visit the house of number seven, Cursed

You, whose 99 Construction party triggered the original game breaking bug that led to

the massacre.

An NPC bearing the name and outfit of Cursed You was also created for the event.

Number eight, Larryr.

In 2006, Larryr was on the top of the Hiscores in the Runecrafting skill, having five times

the experience of rank 2.

Unfortunately, Larryr quit the game at 157 million xp, and never returned.

In 2011 however, Jagex removed the Runecrafting skillcape from its seller Aubury in Varrock

and gave it to a new NPC in the Runecrafting guild, a Runecrafting expert called Larriar,

named after Larryr, the original master.

Its also worth mentioning that the NPC Wizard Finix is named after Phoenix Odin,

the first player to obtain 200 million experience in Runecrafting.

Number nine, Prezleek.

The player Prezleek is known in the community for her art and comics, several of which include

pack yaks, which she calls Baroos.

For this reason, Jagex decided to immortalize her in the game during the 2017 Spring Fayre

event, where an NPC with the same name and iconic outfit ran the Yak shop, selling Pack

Yak items to players, and sporting dialogue options that referred to some of her past


Finally, number ten.

Though this isnt really an NPC, its one of the most interesting additions to the

game as a result of a player.

And some of you will already have heard of The Old Nite.

The veteran players of Runescape will recognise The Old Nite as arguably one of the most famous

players in the early ages of the game.

Up until 2006, he was one of the few players able to closely compete with Zezima on the

hiscores, until he unfortunately passed away just weeks after maxing his account.

After his passing, several players spread the word that Jagex had immortalized The Old

Nite in game with a sculpture called "Statue of a warrior".

The statue was placed in the Wilderness on a green hill with flowers around it.

When examined it says, This person was of great importance.

After a while, the community started to believe the statue was of Camorra, a hero from the

fourth age in RuneScape lore, or some other unannounced character.

However, Mod Osborne confirmed for this video that the statue was indeed added in memory

of The Old Nite after his passing.

And thats it!

10 players who in one way or another got their legacy in the game.

Its worth mentioning that though these 10 players stand out in their own way, a handful

of others have also been immortalized and are still viewable in game, such as the Ironman

achievements which can be viewed by talking to Mr Ex, and winning clans of previous Clan

Cups that can be viewed on the clan plaques around the game.

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