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Hi! Hi! Hi!

I really love Pierogi.

Isnt it lovely?

I love it!

Thats so funny...

Hi guys! Welcome to my channel.

Today as you expected I am going to answer your questions.

And in the end I am going to do unboxing of the first thing I bought in 2020.


Lets start!

Zofia Kamińska: Where are you from?

I was born in Angola.

Angola is a country in the south-west of Africa.

Boardering with the Atlantic Ocean, Congo, Zamnbia and Namibia.

Do you have kids?

I dont have kids. Not yet.

My girl is here. Please, dont ask me such questions...

You never know. Maybe got a kid somewhere in the world.

Do you like Pierogi?

I really like pierogi.

but lately my girl has been asking me to make pierogi for us to eat so often...

That I cannot enjoy it that much anymore...

How old are you?

You see my beard. Its like 20 + ...

So, I am not that young anymore...

Guess what is my real age?

Whats your full name?

Vin is my nickname from my surname Vicente...

People think my name is Vincent, but its really Vicente.

So, my name is Milton Vicente.

Vin Milton is just my internet name.

Is it true that Ponki wont come back?

I wish you good luck with the new channel.


I dont know... I dont know if Ponki is coming back

Do you like to shoot videos with Ponki?

I really liked to shoot with Ponki. Especially with Dakann. I really miss that guy.

I miss the fun we had during every episode we would shoot.

Ok, next person... Polish Song

Do You like Ski Jumping?

I am not that interested.

But I do watch When I am with my girl.

Kamis: I wonder since when I like it?

I watched with you at home. Well, probally by accident...

So, we did support the Polish National Team during the finals...

How did you come to Poland?

Can You tell something about it?

I came to Poland in 2007. 12 years ago. Wow!

I Came with my Mom and my little brother.

We joined my father who had been already living here.

And I liked Warsaw. Then I stayed to study and work here. So its cool.

Warsaw feels like home.

My parents still live here. And its really cool.

Are you going to do Rap Songs Reactions?


Thats a good idea for an episode...

You know... if you convince Jabson to be on one of my episodes... why not?

Generally I dont listen to polish rap songs

and this would be way too funny...

First of all I than know if I would understand what they rap about...

When they do it so quickly in polish

Because I am just not used to even howit sounds

So for sure we would make something out of it

Thanks for the idea

Are there going to be some parodies on the channel or is it going to be a vlog channel only?

There will rather be some parodies

I am going to try everything

So I know what you would like to see on my channel

For you guys to be satisfied and happy with the content I have.

And of course you can comment now

What you would like to see on the channel

I will remenber

I am going to read each comment

and try to meet your expectations

Is it you in the GoogleBox tv Show?

Yes, its me. I dont know why I am still there

because I stoped working with them

2 years ago? 3 yeras ago?

And I am still there... I dont know how... they dont pay me for it anymore

Thats just funny

Which counties did you visit this year?

This year in 2020 I was only in Barcelona for New Years holidays.

Last year Iwas in Amsterdam...

I was in London...

And I was in Miami and Bahamas

Was it easy for you to learn polish language?

No... and Yes.

Yes and No... because when I got here my mouth would heart for trying to speak anything in Polish

When I tried to say Hello! for the first time...

Hello! Hello! Hello! Then I felt like

My mouth hearts

I had to do alot of exercise in the beginning

but I got used to it

I remenber during Highschool I would go to Polish Lecture even tho I didnt have to

I was just there every time listening to the language

My polish in the beginning was horrible

but it was so funny that I got encorage to speak no matter how bad it was

My friends were always happy listening to me speaking polish

So I was never limited or afraid to just speak

And untill now I just speak the first words that comes to my mind

Thats probably why I still make alot of mistakes

I dont even know how to say Mistakes properly

What are your episodes going to be about?

Its gonna be about Me and My friends

My everyday life

Even when Iam at african Barber Shop

I would like to do alot of challenges

Maybe I will start to do Prank again during summer time

and thats all as it comes to Q&A

I did promise that

I will do unboxing of my first shopping this year...

I was in Barcelona shopping

and shopping

My girl bought alot of things

and me like every man ofcourse

was just looking for the one thing I really needed

I just couldnt helpmyself not to buy it

I just bought this cute thing

From the Prada store

Now you can go click Like,

Subscribe the channel and recommend it to your friends to watch untill the end when Iam opening...

Of course

And we do the unboxing.... Just look how beautiful it is

This is gorgeous. I like thigs like that

Here another box...

This really came like that

You can see the labels certified

We open and

Thats of course... ulalaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

My first white pair of sunglasses

I chose this one when I could choose orange or green

But I really felt for these white ones

I couldnt buy anything better

Let me put my hat on

Do I look good?

I am going with this look to Paris Fashion Week

Those are the last pairs of sunglasses from the Prada Show


I love it! Thank you for staying with me untill the end

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See next time!


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